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You Are Interested Into 2012???, then let me ask: Anybody here who had a vision about 2012?...

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posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 04:28 PM
Don't know if this relates directly to 2012, but....I was fully awake during this, and all sound stopped, it was surreal...

(01/04/09) I was sitting watching TV, with the volume turned down and I laid my head back for a little meditation to sooth my troubled mind.

Suddenly I saw the Earth, in a great plain it was, and everything man made was gone, in place of it were rolling hills in different colors. I saw that I was on a high place, like a tall hill, with like a castle on top, with a wall.Looking over this colorful landscape, and that there were other like me there. Everything was in levels, from up to down, and in the center was a floor, round it was, and it seemed like a playing floor.
The rest sat above this, like in a circle.

Then I saw that there were "tribes" represented there, I could see that in different stations of the levels various tribes were in place. Then I saw that up above me was another place, all bright and floating there. I saw a few lights go up into this, it was so bright to see! Then I heard a loud sound, like music played very loud for a few seconds. It came as a blast.

I saw that there were people being killed all over the world. As each one died, a spark went up, and when a lot died at once, it was like a flame, and there were many of these. I raised my hands before me, and in a loud voice shouted, "NO!" "This has the stop!" The rest at my level looked in my direction, and I realized that I had the floor, to speak and be heard. I spoke for a few minutes, to the assembly, talking of peace and prosperity, and an end to war and strife. I saw the people then of Africa, and their suffering touched me, and my soul cried out for them. "See your masters, people of Africa!" I shouted, and it was like they all heard me, their eyes turned up as if to listen. "Cast them out of your land, "I said, and they did. I saw people all over the world suddenly rise up and say, in one great voice, "Stop," and everything stopped. The whole world just stopped it's motion, and all came to a standstill.

I felt a great surge, like being right next to a big generator when it fires up, and I felt a magnetic draw, it made my hair stand up. I saw the light above get brighter, and as it got brighter, it became bigger, and it was becoming a lot larger than the bottom part. Then I saw the two parts, the light, and the dark part, begin to come together, then the light drew the dark into itself, and in one great surge, the top and the bottom came together, and the force of it made the whole thing rise up, I saw. As it rose up the levels, I saw that the people in the levels shouted with joy, and clapped their hands.

I saw a great spacecraft then, it seemed to form from nothing at all, and it began to take off from that place, but I could see that in it was the evil men of the world who had lied to us, and subverted us to poverty while they lived in luxury.The craft was exploded then, and the explosion was magnificent to see, it went is all directions, and was very bright. I had a very peaceful feeling, and felt that I had risen up a level or two.

As I looked at this wonder, I saw that is was covered with people, there were even a few hanging on at the bottom, I could see their arm and legs hanging there. To me is seemed like the light and dark parts of this world were collected into two separate parts, a clean division, then the two were sucked together in a great vacuum so hard that the whole thing rose up with the force of it. On the levels I could see that there were many people there, representing the tribes of the world today in all of the universe at once. In my mind, calling upon my learned knowledge from reading and studying books, what this meant was the end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new cycle. I realize how close this all seems to a Matrix Type environment that we seem to live in.

this is not the only vision i have had either, if there is enough positive response, I will post the others.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 05:19 PM

Originally posted by autowrench
I saw that there were people being killed all over the world. As each one died, a spark went up, and when a lot died at once, it was like a flame, and there were many of these.

Interesting you say that, I had a vision similar to that one.

Can you describe the color of the sparks, the background color and where to they were going?

I would like to know if it's similar to what I saw.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 05:25 PM
reply to post by thomas_

The color of the sparks was red, mixed with orange, and they just went up and disappeared. the thing is, there was a Light world and a Dark world, the dying were from the Dark world, and i guess were going to the world of light. what do you make of this? I went through some changes over it.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by autowrench

Mine was bit different but nonetheless similar in some aspects. But it's kinda hard to describe the scenery.

The each sparks would vary from color, from a bluish green, blue to purple and from yellow, orange to red.

At the top was a "inverse" sphere of pure white light. In the middle everything was pure black, below it looked just like our plane and people were simply turning into sparks of light that were propelled into this black "vacuum" towards the light. But some of the sparks were absorbed by this black "vacuum" right away or by mid way. Mostly the red and orange ones.

Some went really really slow towards the light like if they were facing some kind of resistance to reach the light. Others would go really fast or gather together to gain speed and be able to overcome this black "vacuum" so they could reach that light.

The best reference as a imagery that comes to my mind is a sperm trying to reach an egg (the egg being the light).

Don't know if it means anything, but at least the dream was visually impressive

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 07:26 PM
This was a vision that I had while taking a trip in the jungle two years ago.

I saw a great geometric grid just underneath the surface of the Earth. There were lines, tunnels, that came together in chambers with 5 or 6 intersecting tunnels.

These were energy lines, just below the surface of the Earth, and in them were lines of ants were carrying a golden DNA honey through the tunnels.

I saw the Earth as a giant ant Queen, and her whole abdomen was the Earth. The colony lived inside her abdomen.

I saw there were little white parasite termites embedded into the walls of the tunnels. They would pull the DNA honey from the working ants as they rushed through the tunnels. The working ants didn't have time to stop them because their chore was too rushed and too important.

The Queen, the mother Earth, of course, was completely aware of everything happening -- she picked it up through the vibrations in the tunnels. She was getting ready to "shake the nest" ( that's the exact wording I got ) and knock the parasites off of the food lines. The parasites had tiny, underdeveloped legs and mouths, and wouldn't be able to move or feed themselves once they fell away from the food lines. The strong worker ants, however, would be able to hunker down, hold on tight, survive the tumult, and continue their important work.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 12:21 AM

Originally posted by NW111
""-California super-quake (Mainly because everyone has talked about it but it hasn't happened yet) ""

... also new for me (i am europe).. can you explain this a little bit please?

California hasn't had a "major" earthquake in a very long time. When I say major I mean something like a 10 or 12 on the richter scale.. Meanwhile the plates continue to move, pressure continues to build, and we haven't seen such a disaster (yet).. It is a common myth that California will eventually sink into the pacific ocean though. The nature of the tectonics don't make that possible according to USGS experts..

Question: Will California eventually fall off into the ocean?

No. The San Andreas Fault System, which crosses California from the Salton Sea in the south to Cape Mendocino in the north, is the boundary between the Pacific Plate and North American Plate. The Pacific Plate is moving in northwest with respect to the North American Plate at approximately 46 millimeters per year (the rate your fingernails grow). The strike-slip earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault are a result of this plate motion. The plates are moving horizontally past one another, so California is not going to fall into the ocean. However, Los Angeles and San Francisco will one day be adjacent to one another!

It's made all the more scary by the possibility of energy focuseres like HAARP to actually initiate earthquakes and volcanoes as well (which many people believe has already happened in the form of real world testing of HAARP resulting in last year's huge quake in Japan). There is already a plethora of ATS threads about this.. Here are a couple.
Earthquake in China is HAARP.WWIII
Clouds in China prior to Earthquake Possibly Haarp?

And for those who don't know much about HAARP.. You are in for a treat:

Originally posted by NW111
""-CERN creating some kind of black hole or "strange matter" which eventually completely envelope and destroy the earth (though nearly 100% of physicists say this is impossible). ""

... HA HA HA!! please dont remember me on this.. i am living in the alps.. 150 miles air-line away from cern.. so if a desaster happen.. i am one of the first who will see the black-hole

Well, actually, they say that if such events do take place (which most likely won't happen) the black hole would theoretically sink to the center of the planet.. The problem is that any black hole that CERN could potentially create would essentially "evaporate" or dissipate long before it could do any damage.. This is because we are talking about microscopic black holes.. Not the full-blown deal.. Black holes give off "hawking radiation" which causes black holes to lose strength over time.. For big black holes it can take an unimaginably long time.. For microscopic black holes it happens in the fraction of a second (we're talking planck time here too).

Originally posted by NW111
""-Self-replicating nanobots taking over the planet and destroying anything in its path. (not to mention any kind of other AI that would probably be developed beforehand which could potentially take control of our governments and militaries from the inside out just like in the terminator movies).. ""

... i guess this is future-thinking.. but before this will happen..we will have a big war about the oil or any energy.. A.I? is it really future? or is it happening allready?

1-Even if we don't have an energy war before that point, it will inevitably happen afterwards.. Remember mad max?? It sounds stupid doesn't it.. Well, it's not so stupid when you consider the already unimaginable cost of energy now while we're producing it on a mass scale.. People would probably kill for it if they were desperate enough.

2-Effective nanotechnology for warfare/medical purposes would require nanobots to self-replicate... Some scientists say that nanobots can actually be designed to digest and extract energy from biological material like plant and animal cells.. Thus fueling their ability to self-replicate at unimaginable rates.. If such a nightmare were to escape and start eating plants and animals in nature, eventually it could result in what scientists call "grey goo" which is basically just countless numbers of nanobots (to the point they are actually blocking out the sun and destroying anything in their path like homes and cars). If you've seen the recently released version of "The day the earth stood still" you know what I'm talking about. It would be very bad..

3-Nanobots could actually create miscroscopic nanobot factories which could basically mass produce other nanobots that could be used to build bombs, weapons, whatever.. It's like if you could imagine a bunch of nanobots killing a few hundred people and then using that energy to create a bomb seemingly out of thin air.. And if you include the capacity of AI.. We're talking about self-replicating bots that can think on their own and make decisions. They could actually produce their own global radar network, block all our communications, maybe even eventually build their own cruise missiles and nukes .. Maybe even travel to orbit on their own and build a satellite network. When you combine AI and nanotechnology the possibilities are pretty scary. We honestly don't have any idea what a rogue AI nanobot would choose to do (if anything) but the most logical outcome would be a smarter, faster, larger, and more deadly versions of itself.. on a mass scale.


posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 12:39 AM
I had a dream, but I don't think it really correlates to 2012 in anyway shape or form and posted it in another thread. For the most part it just seemed like a dream, but as I took notice of the scenary that was around me (This was after I had woken up and basically started to remember a bit more about my dreams) it seemed quite barren. A lot different from the town I am currently living in (Which I am living near farmland, but as I go into town none of the buildings look anything remotely like the ones I saw in my dream).

For example let's just say that in my dream I was basically in a town that is similar to new york, while the town I am in is pretty much a medium size down that is starting to lose it's luster because of various jobs leaving and development is practically gone.

I finally figured out that you can simply just link another post from another thread here without having to copy and paste it
. Which is really neat because well the post almost hits the maximum number of characters really.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 11:11 AM

my name is erik, coming from germany.

Its weird and i dont know where to begin, so i just tell what happend.
Since a few weeks i knew about the theory of "Niribu" or "planet X" or that kind of stuff all around 2012. The first time i read about this theroy make me remember a dream i had 2005. i do remember so exactly because this dream was so ****** real and frightning, i did tell the dream to a lot of person and some can also remember that i told them.

I dreamed, that i wake up in the Guest-Bedroom in the house of my grandparents. i stand up and looked out of the window and see a huge giant planet at the horizon. it was so unbelievable, i was so scared.
the dream was weird because we did looked throug a telescope to the other planet and we saw Planes flying from earth to the other planet. and i did knew "they" will left us back. (!?) whatever, in the dream i did see a television news man saying: Earth stopped turning because of the gravity of the other planet, he sad its 3am but the sun was shining, for over 4 hours at the exact same place. weird i know. but please believe me.

there where some thing else who happend but i cant remember, than i wake up and was shocked about the realness(?dont know to say ) of this dream!

i know it sounds like i read to much about 2012theorys but believe me i did have this dream 2005 allready, and i didnt know anything about these theory's befor two or three weeks.

not a vision, not really but i feel that soemthings going on out there.

WFG erik

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 02:21 PM
hi, i am 14 years old and and i have had this one problem when i was little. back in elementary school and middle school, i had this really bad habit of going outside and staring up at the sky for hours, i felt like needed to wait for something. i always went outside in my backyard and lie down on the grass at the same time everyday watching the sky. i did not do this out of my own free will. a lot of times my grandmother sometimes did not allow me to go outside due to bad weather when my mind told me i needed to watch the sky, every time my grandmother told me not to go i remember a lot of time i went mad and one time i tried to kill myself. after major events like those my family decided to give me couseling and therapy, but nothing really truly helped.

it wasn't until august 2008 when i finally stopped looking at the sky. u see, i was in a drug store very far from home when this young crippled girl came up to talk to me. This girl looked like she needed to be in a hospital. normally people would stare at someone who had a similar condition to this girl, apparently no one seemed to pay any attention to her but me. she told me i was going to get hit by a car in a couple pf hours and i wouldn't get hurt because i was "one who watched the sky" (i am not really sure what that means) later on in the day i was hanging wit my friends and i crossed the street and a car hit me, i remember flying the air landing on my skull. i then opened my eyes and i saw many people looking at me in amazement. i wasn't bleeding at all and i had no broken bones. only one tiny scratch upon my left hand, that wasn't even bleeding...

the next day i was home lying down on my bed after being the hospital for a couple of hours and i received several text messages from the crippled girl who confronted me. there was no phone number just a question mark and every time tried to send a text message back it said no service. her text messages told me a lot of thing which can not be revealed to anyone now but in time. but after that incident, i didn't need to watch the sky, for some reason i just stopped watching it, i'm not sure why....from that day i felt a sense of freedom, but deep down in my heart i felt, and i still feel now there something i have to do..

so that night i had a dream about the end of the world which i heard might take place in 2012 . i remember in the dream that i saw 7 churches and obama's face on a newspaper in the street. a lot of very emotional things happened which i also don't feel like looking back too. but at the end of the dream everyone who watched the sky gathered together.

i kno u probably think i am crazy and that is ok, but if there is anyone who is interested or knows about people who watch the sky or "one who watches the sky" or even if you are one please contact me, i really need your help:
email adresses:

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by ravenshadow13

I had this dream- I was stood with my children and lots of people I didnt know. The sky was red and I could feel my face getting warmer from the heat and we all were just waiting. I even smiled at my kids as it got so close. Embracing an inevitable death I guess.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 03:09 PM

Originally posted by tothetenthpower

Originally posted by NW111
thanks for your statement :-)

I got a all-caps.. what ever this means.. but you show them that its not totally crap what i ask with this questions.
there are many people who had visions about. or?

tothetenthpower :-) you tell me with your words that the 2012 "thing" not really must come out of the universe..

the reason is the human-population.

thanks again :-)

.. any other dreams, visions etc???


To tell you the truth i've been having these kinds of visions for years, even before i'd heard of the 2012 prophecies. I can't say that what i've experienced and 2012 are connected, i have no proof of that, i just see a global change of some sort happening in that time frame.

As far as the world ending and there being some sort of catastrophic event...meh, we'll see. I preach the gospel of I don't know.

thats the thing isn't it. I myself had had dreams throughout my entire life of apocolyptic scenarios and extreme natural disasters, before i even knew the word apocolyptic. I put it down to Geography Lessons and TV, inbedding my brain with the images. I dont think that if people dream of these kind of things they are foreseeiting 2012. People have had these types of dreams for ages, 2012 is giving people something top try to explain there dreams. My advice woyld be to interprit the symbolism in your dreams and see if it is your subconcious trying to guide you. Don't take dreams literally as you see them, they can have deeper meanings. I didn't believe in dreams until recently when i analysed dreams and night terrors from my childhood. I was surprised how accurate they were in relation to events from my childhood that affected me.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by NW111

If you want to know about visions into 20 twelve, then ask Sylvia Browne, a physic, she has a book "The end of the world Predictions and Prophecies" It explains in full detail her visions of 2012, and let me assure you, our race will not end in 2012.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 06:00 PM
ok, I'll go back to 2005. I was sad, depressed, and angry. My Grandmother had died, but that was actually a kind of blessing i suppose. But it got me thinking of my own death. A lot happened, but suffice to say, I got through with a renewed feeling of power, which has only ever so slightly been used up.

HOWEVER, one of the things I did see was that of the future. I suppose I really wanted to know the future so I could plan for it. One vision was me running up a hill. This hill was not familiar to me. It was an urbanized hill, with apartments. The scene was red and orange tinted. It was like watching a movie, but I suddenly took control of the person whose eyes I was looking through. First think i wanted to do was see where I was, so I turned, and I saw fire. After some focusing, it was a burning New York City, viewed from Brooklyn. But it was closer than normally, like a scope was in my eye. I saw the nearly finished freedom tower and a futuristic Manhattan, all aflame. Fires everywhere, though not on the freedom tower, but around it, in adjacent towers. and seemingly on the street. Something kept beating into me the year 2013, but I forget what it was. Suddenly, I came back to self-awareness. I looked at my hands and noticed I was holding an assault rifle, but what kind I don't know. I also was wearing a trench coat. I saw other soldiers, also wearing trench coats and holding similar equipment to me. They were all running in one direction, up the hill, so I followed. When we got there I suddenly lost control of this body in my dream, and zoomed, but at the same time still looking through the eyes of this soldier. They were shooting at other soldiers. I saw Russian flags, but they morphed into A blue flag with 3 stars (like the North American union). They shot at me, so this being I had no control over shot back. A battle occurred.

At a later date, I had another dream. I was in some car. I was short, and a man was acting like he was my father and I his kid. he put me in the car and told me to stay there, disappearing soon after. I got out, grabbed a rifle or something, but then started walking involuntarily towards a hill. This hill was green, with grass. This time I saw people running down the hill, wearing the same flags as the guys I was shooting at in the last dream, but slightly modified. They were wearing soldier uniforms though, not trench coats like before. When I got up the hill, I saw a plane with a slope that was gradually increasing. This was to my left side. I watched as APCs and soldiers ran. The people chasing them got me very confused however. They had flags like those running guys, but different. They also had Mexican flags, and US flags. They had bigger tanks, and futuristic weapons. I don't know what year it was, as nothing told me like in the last dream. One of the soldiers who was going forward spotted me and out me in his APC, as I saw his compatriots shoot at those running guys. They were going for a fort. I'm not sure if they were running from it or were defending it, but something told me it was Area 51 or something. They were taking it over for their own interests from the people who were running.

I've had other dreams, weirder too.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 09:52 PM
I had 2 end of the world dreams last year (some time in 2008, I didn't write down the dates). They are the only 2 end of the world type dream that I have ever had or remembered. Both freaked me out to the point when I woke up I couldn't go back to sleep and though about them all day long. The first one went as follows:

I walk out into the street of a city (looks a little like New York City, I live in PA) And everyone is outside in the streets looking up (I don't recogonice anyone). All i see is a man shaped figure (arms outstretched, and legs together) very high in the sky and giving off bright light. The illuminated figure begins to slowly move forward and trace a path of light in the sky leaving a trail that does not fade. I ask an old black woman in front of me what is going on and she says "That's Jesus in the sky and when he's finished tracing a path around the earth the world will end."

I woke up right after that. It was quite shocking and seemed very real in the dream. The second dream is a lot different.

My Family and I (consisting of my mother and my younger sister) went to some kind of tropical bird solarium on a coast (never been to a place like it, and I have no clue where it was). The building was like a giant all glass green house with plants and tropical birds in it. We were walking around and watching other people hold and feed the birds. When suddenly a gust of wind opened up a small window near the floor of the solarium. Fearing that the birds would get out, I quickly went to the window and closed it. As I looked out toward the ocean I saw that it was slowly rising well above the rock sea buffer outside and began flooding around the glass solarium. I went back to my family, In shock we all looked up in the sky and saw that it was starting to be blotted out by a huge tsunami wave (if I had to guess it would be 5-10 miles high) We all knew what was about to happen, and my little sister and mother began to cry quietly. We hugged each other as the water flashed in. Still holding on to my mother and sister I was completely enveloped in water. The fear that I was really going to drown hit me.

I woke up right after that. This was the most realistic and terrifying dream I have ever had. It shock me up so bad even people at work as me if something was wrong (of course I didn't tell them what it was).

Well I can't say these are prophecy's, but they were very scary and real dreams that I will remember forever. And I have never before, or since had dreams anything like them.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 10:20 PM
I am Chinese. On 18 Jan 2009 night, we went to temple prayed to God and Goddess, sent them to Heaven. This event on every year 二十三 for Chinese culture.

On that event, few of them walked-in. One of them (SUN WU KONG, monkey God) told that some catastrophe will happen in 潤五月 (水災), in US calendar it means on around June 2009.

The catastrophe is related to WATER. Prossibly Tsunami, but he didnt tell which country.

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 10:32 PM
About a month ago I lay down for a brief nap...I'm not even sure that I was completely asleep.

I can't say that what I experienced was a dream because it was merely my seeing a scene....sort of like what a wide-angle lense would display, only this was in real time.

I recall looking up into the daytime sky from my yard and noticed that the sky was filled with what looked like the Aurora Borealis in green. I remember being puzzled and wondering what it meant because 1) I'm deep in the mid-west part of the country and 2) the A.Borealis isn't to be seen during daylight hours and 3) the weather during this time was warm: not conducive to ice crystals and A. Borealis.

I didn't feel fear but I do recall thinking "what does this mean for our country?"

I think I was allowed to "see" something that's to happen, future-tense....but I don't have a clue as to what that may be.

Anyone have thoughts on this they'd like to share?

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 11:12 PM
reply to post by NW111

The thing about 2102 is not about disasters or aliens or whatever.

It is about a seperation. It will be at first barely visible you might see glitches in how things move or holes that appear then dissapear.Right now the astral layers are collapsing,more like compressing,and so you have shows on TV like ghost hunters to acclimate people to this,the idea of disembodied spirits becoming visible here,and the occasional UFO report even on news channels that quickly get forgotten to remind people other entities are around,and they too are being compressed. This is because the astral layers as they collapse where do these beings go? Here,the information on the hologram gets further compressed, and they pass through one another,soon it will be two layers,and the consiousness of those two layers will become clearly incompatible,one layer is revealed to be parasitic off the other,a cancer like consiousness.

As the one layer leaves the other parasitic one behind,the parasitic one,unable to sustain itself withers,it experinces all the natural disasters,great shakings and such.

As for the non-parasitic layer of this hologram that moves away,it has a different base consiousness driving it and so it won't experince the"great shaking, and disasters predicted of 2102,it will seem like nothing happened.It will seem like things are getting better.You can't do anything to improve your personal chances of which reality you will be awake in,this choice is made by the very fabric of reality itself,your consiousness will shift by where you go,some people will be more whole some less so,and may form different information in the hologram than they did in the mixed holograms.

2102 is the time of the end of roughest part,otr the beginning of it that happens right before the passing through when these two holograms seperate. First they almost align,they collide than these realities pass through one another,and become 2 seperate holograms.Each pixel of the hologram finds it's homing signal,and it will for consiousness going through this feel like your mind is breaking apart for a time.It will be alot of psychic pain and confusion because of this switching of places.Afterwards your consiousness will either find itself intact or in part in the next world or it will be trapped to die with the old one.
It will seem like eternity, this lead up but when it will happen ,it will be instantaniously fast. Like coming up breaking the surface of water..
There are many new species being discovered all of a sudden,as many become extinct this too is a sign of the mixing of two realities as they pass through each other.

That's as close as I can get to explaining what I saw, it was very abstract and visually intense I couldn't discribe it easily here.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 12:45 AM
Before 2012 there will be natural cataclysms occurring around the world. Then the north American power gird will be taken down by a solar eruption which will generate widespread panic. People will become more spiritual because of these events.
On dec 21, 2012 snow will start falling for a long period of time.
After that there will be a substantial technological breakthrough.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 11:01 AM
hey girls and boys

sorry that i am not able to answer now your posts.. i am sick and dont feel ready to sit long in front of the pc.
but i will read them all.. and until i feel better i will answer..


posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 12:53 PM
Hope you feel better soon Nia

I had a dream a few weeks back that really had me feeling awful the morning after, don't know that it would be related to 2012 or any kind of premonition though.

I remember seeing from my window a fireball, which I had an idea was taking place in London, and for me to see it where I live it would have to be a pretty big fireball.

I felt a wave of heat coming towards me and realised that something was very wrong. I started calling for my boyfriend to grab the bags and get to the river. (It was as if in the dream an event such as this had been anticipated and we had a plan ready).

Anyway, this wave of heat sort of faded as it got close and I could see the edge of the blast/heatwave as it stopped literally in the middle of my flat. We had escaped somehow by a mere few metres.

There are 2 things that I found a little strange about this dream. The first, which I did not realise initially, was that I had this dream on the 21/12. infact it was my brother who pointed this out to me, he's very much a 2012'er.

Now the second I realised after I found a google map thingy this week where you can select a location, a weapon (nuke) and then nuke that location to see the blast radius, damaged caused etc.

Being curious I thought I'd drop the Tsar nuke on London. This I where I got a little spooked, the very outer edge of the blast stopped exactly where it had in my dream.

I believe the Tsar bomb is the largest nuke ever tested, so feeling a little nervous now, I hope it wasn't a premonition and nothing more than a powerful dream!

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