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You Are Interested Into 2012???, then let me ask: Anybody here who had a vision about 2012?...

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 06:09 AM
I've had many "visions" about the future.

Ever since I can remember I've had a problem visioning myself in a "normal" life past my mid to late 20's. I've also had a problem making sense of the world. Why it seems so careless with no direction. "2012" or whatever you want to call it fits perfectly.

From an early aged I've always been a bit fearful of the future. Not because it was unknown. Because the visions of widespread disease, centralized control, powerlessness. I'm talking before I knew about any of this whole conspiracy realm. Hell before the internet or puberty.

I never bought into school. Not because I thought I was too smart for it, no I'm not that naive. Because people lie, I grew up with a close relative of mine almost everyday of my life. He's the salesman of all salesmen. You know the type. I learned a lot from him. School also didn't make sense, the things we were taught, the way were taught, ect ect...

For a while there I just thought I was either crazy but smart enough not to let it get a hold of me or knew something was up but didn't have enough clues yet.

Then 9/11 came and that opened the door to the conspiracy realm. It was a big relief actually. Finally there are others out there that are asking the same questions. But I also carried over that knowledge, that skepticism that lead me down this path.

Here's what I've come up with. Deep breath....

The whole NWO conspiracy is just a cover story to up security and radical actions to prepare for "2012". Alex Jones and Project Camelot are not necessarily disinfo agents. They just kept getting fed what they want to hear. This whole global enslavement theory cracks me up. They already have us where they want us. Why push the masses into a corner? Why risk a perfect empire for less control? The seed bank project, the library in london being stored in caves, the vatican archives being closed, the denver airport, the land purchases by the bush family in south american mountains, the cia moving to denver, the rotting away of our infrastructure. Something is going on people. Hope you can swim.

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 10:23 AM
Not sure in relations to the 2012 date, but some dreams of mine had zombies in it and I felt I was the only one left to defend myself. They have subsided now, but I remember some of JC prophecies stating that near the end times that the dead will rise. His prophecies can be found in the lost books of the bible.

but I have a vision and that this thread will probably be moved to the dream section.....

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 10:32 PM
I made my ATS account today, i visit this site alot but never bothered to sign up until just now,this topic made me do it.

All my life i was really into dreams,remembering what i've been dreaming about and the meaning behind dreams. I remember all of my dreams every night, i just forget most of them just because they are not interesting enough to me.

I had this dream just last month. The keywords for this dream are:

- WATER (tsunami's, floods)
- BEING WITH UNKNOWN PEOPLE, that i will get to know in my dreams.

In this dream i was in a foreign (tropical) country, accompanied by my girlfriend. My father was there, too, but im not sure if he travelled with us to this location at the same time. I remember that in the dream days went by, i was not just dreaming about the events that happened on one day but it was about a long period of time and in different places.

It started off just fine; The place where i was had the looks and feels of a vacation. I felt happy and worried when the dream begun. Happy about being alive surrounded by people i love,worried because something drastic was about to happen and the people on earth were not properly informed about what was about to take place. Drama and the will to survive and group with people occurred when the event took place;

The town was being attacked by building size tsunamis that moved over the land from the sea and went back into the sea within a few seconds. It was not just one tsunami, it were numerous tsunamis in one day that just seem to hit the town at random times, an interval event. As days went by i remember hearing that an alarm was going off every time a wave was about to hit the town. This was installed to warn people but the alarm was not always there to either warn us or warn us on time.

I developed a simple tactic to survive every time a wave would strike in just by; Holding on to something solid like steel balcony bars or steel stairs, closing my eyes and holding in my breath for atleast 15 seconds. Me and my girlfriend were very good at this, because we survived several waves and talked about our survival strategies with eachother and thought them trough. My father was physically struggeling to perform these strategies, which is normal because he is in his 60's and thus not as strong as we are since we are in our 20's. I remember losing him in a wave attack,not knowing if he survived or not,he just wasnt there at a certain time anymore.

I remember feeling all the emotions vividly.I felt feelings of hope, happiness, pain and desperation.I remember doing fun things and enjoying life even though i knew a wave could come in at any time. I remember being depressed about the situation i was in because many lives were lost and the situation never seem to end. I remember going slighty nuts and just purely focused on survival after i lost my girlfriend in a wave attack. This wave attack was different then the previous one's; i was with my girl in a another foreign country, in a hotel. A wave attack was about to take place. It seemed as if we just arrived at that location, and it was on a higher place maybe somewhere in the mountains of China or something. The wave didnt struck in with a large force, i could just see the water approaching the building and the level of the water was rising after it reached our hotel building. My girl and i went in survival mode executing our tactics and strategies. But when the wave broke trough the stained glass windows it ignited a spark what caused the water to catch fire. The water seemed to contain some flammable substance. Me and my girl were clearly not prepared on this and we tried to escape by jumping out of this building and run over rooftops,my girl missed a step and fell into the water. I tried to save her but failed. Days passed after that, i told people my story and tried to be positive.


posted on Oct, 26 2010 @ 04:03 PM
i had a dream about russians invading ... but i wasn't sure where i was ... very vivi in my has been on my min ever since....this dream happened a year orr two ago

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