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Teenager dies after being tased by Martinsville Police

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 11:30 AM

Originally posted by TravisT

Originally posted by TeslaandLyne
Can't think of any situation where guns were needed by the police.

They have been shot first in most situations.

Its an Illuminati money maker, same with the taser.
And won't go away at any time in the future.

Now if things could be put to a vote.

Then Blumberg would nullify the law.
I think this is the first post from you that I didn't see the word "Tesla" in it.

OP: I didn't think a taser could kill? Did the kid have some kind of condition like epilepsy that was already questioned in this thread?

You got to be kidding? Who's technology was the Taser built on?
Seemingly most of the mysteries and technology of today is an
Illuminati ripoff on Mr. T

First in Atom smashing and first in anything else.
But we need no reminders.

A Taser might come in handy for powering a tiny model UFO.
I think we have seen them in action on YouTube videos.
The Illuminati can't build solely for one thing and the Taser
guts make perfect cover for tiny invisible UFO bombs.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 11:53 AM
The basic ethos of American Policing is what is at fault here.

America has forgotten that the duty of a Police Officer is to protect and serve, not control and disable.

It seems that every week there is another story about an American cop using unacceptable force against someone who could be handled more carefully.
There are constant reports of cops limiting your rights to assembly, your rights to protest, your rights to freedom of expression, and nothing seems to be being done to change this.

Are American police now being trained to control and disable people rather than to protect and serve? It certainly seems to be the case.

Why is it that at every protest march where police are involved tey all have riot gear, batons, pepper spray? While here in the UK these things are only brought out if the situation calls for it?

Why am I seeing increasing instances of plain clothes officers being discovered within protest groups intending to cause violence and increase arrest rates?

As Eddie Izzard once observed, every Empire eventually collapses, like a flan in a cupboard.
In my opinion, the police becoming anything more than a service to the public is an early indication that things are certainly not right.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 12:25 PM
Having responded to MANY drunk teen calls..I will say this...17 is NOT a "kid" as most would think. I have arrested 17 year old "kids" who stabbed others to death, shot others to death, and yes BEAT others to at 17 you BETTER treat them as an adult or you could find yourself in a box as well.

Now, of course none of us were there...I have no idea what the TRUE facts in the case are but I will say this. If he WAS just a drunk teen and decided he wanted to come at me in an aggressive manor, I won't be pulling my taser...this "kid" is going to find out real quick that loosing teeth and getting your --- kicked is what happens when you act like a fool. Then after I make his friend pick up his teeth for him...I'm contacting Mom and she better be a PARENT and give him hell too for drinking under age and acting like an idiot. I'm old school...I will go hands on LONG before deploying a taser or asp...but if I must I will not hesitate to use my other tools either.

It is a shame the 17 year old passed away, but a taser is a LESS LETHAL weapon...not NON LETHAL as some of you think....but it has been proven in court that all the deaths associated with the taser were because of PRE-EXSISTING medical conditions that obviously CANNOT ever be known by officers unless they dealt with that specific person before.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by TrainDispatcher

I agree. There is mounting evidence that Tasers are not even half as safe as they are advertised to be, or once believed to be.

I also find it incredible when Police taser someone, then immediately tell them to move! The taser has disrupted their C.N.S. and it is impossible for a person to immediately move. Many police officers issue this command, and when it is not carried out---due not to the person wishing to defy the police, but due to a physical impossiblity--they then taser the person again,
creating greater paralysis, and often issue the same command and expect immediate response.

This is due, I believe, to police officers not being fully informed about the taser (despite having witnessed its power personally)and its effects on the C.N.S. and/or police who are simply being cruel.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 12:38 PM
Any one try to defuse a taser with a ball of aluminum.
And aluminum magnifies high frequency and high voltage.
Any one working with a laser manufacture try this out.
This would be great for youtube.
Aluminum must be a reactive metal as in magnifying transmitter.
Just wanting to know.

I just got some photos of solid aluminum hemispheres making a beam,
which means putting one on a taser is the next step.
Beam you away next on the 2012 horizon no doubt.

Who will stop the Illuminati from making bad things out of science.
So many great energy patents are bought out of existence by the

A beam never before seen by me from a device confusing to all except Tesla.

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