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ANZ's first 787-9 delayed by 12 more months

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 12:48 PM

Air New Zealand, which is launch customer for the Boeing 787-9, has revealed that first deliveries of the stretch variant have slipped by another 12 months to early 2013 - more than two years later than had been originally scheduled.

The Star Alliance carrier was the first to commit to the larger -9 variant of the 787 and has eight on firm order. It originally expected its first around the end of 2010, but the programme has seen several delays

2013 - the date when the A350 if airbus actually have a miracle and 1 project doesn`t fall behind (ho ho ho) enters serial production and first delivery

Boeing really are having problems - the 787-8 hasn`t flown yet, airframe number 1 looks a mess after being ripped apart for all the fasteners to be put back in and if airbus actually get something right then the A350 will in the market first :O

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