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Massachusetts Legislature Debates Different-Sex Marriage Ban (satire)

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posted on Apr, 9 2004 @ 12:42 AM
Here's an interesting way to look at the marriage debate!

Boston, MA - After weeks of fevered debates, the Massachusetts Legislature has yet to rule on the different-sex marriage ban. Various forms of the ban have proposed, but Representatives have yet to reach an agreement.

House Speaker Thomas Finneran, an openly straight Democrat, spoke passionately against the amendment. "This debate shouldn't be about what religion or political group people may think is right. I love the woman who has been my partner and helped me to raise our two daughters, and I hardly think it's the government's place to tell me that our partnership is invalid."

...Statistically, nearly half of all different-sex marriages end in divorce. Divorce has a deep negative effects on children, which has led some critics to insist that dissolving different-sex marriages is essential to promoting effective child-welfare.

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