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DSM's Solar System Theory

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 03:33 AM
I don't know whether this topic fits here, but, I've had a theory since I was little and I still believe it now that I'm older. It goes something like this:

Our Sun is fairly young as stars go, but, it is getting older. As it does it gets larger, hotter, & darker red (almost crimson). We can tell that by other suns in the Universe.
I believe that Mercury would get drawn to it and become as Icarus/ Vulcan is now as it gets more compressed and takes on a faster orbit due to the Keppler effect.
Venus, like all the planets, due to the chain effect of gravity, would be drawn closer to the larger, hotter Sun which would cause the gases to burn and the thermal effect would cause Venus to be as Mercury is now.
The Earth in like manner would become hotter (which I believe is the real cause of Global Warming. That, and I'm well aware of Submarines equipped for Ice-picking operations which lead to intense glacial melting to sell their GW symptoms, not thecause) which would cause our planet to be more of a swamp- gas ball like Venus.
*** To this end: I see Revelations as being a scientific prediction guised as a religious one to protect the scientists of the time. The crimson Sun would cause a crimson reflection on the Moon, therefore, the Moon would be as blood. Waters would dry up and the dead, as well as, the gases would lead to the bitter waters and the famines and all the plagues described. Just a thought***
At any rate, Mars would heat up and it's internal glaciers would melt creating an atmosphere and liquid surface which might well create a biosphere and pave the way for life on Mars and become as like Earth.
If the heat reached the Asteroids it might accelerate heating of the outer planets like a bake oven. And solidify Jupiter.
Jupiter would heat and it's gases would likely expand and it's gravity draw in the asteroid material and cool the planet to freeze the gases within the the planet to become as Mars, and, like Mars, the Great Red Spot of storms, as the chemicals involved fall from the highest point to the lowest point on the planet, may affect the coloration of the newly formed solid to make it a Red planet also, while the lower blue clouds may become trapped as ice beneath the surface.
Saturn, following this same heating cycle, would become as Jupiter with it's thin band expanding to push away from the planet as do Jupiter's which would accelerate the solid particles within the bands and draw this increased reaction into the similiar storms within Saturn's atmosphere as Jupiter's and further increase their activity, the upper atmosphere of Saturn's red cloud storms might become so excited as to acummulate and increase in size and intensity so as to become like Jupiter's Red Spot. And heating gas would increase the planet size as like Jupiter. Further the solid materials would compress more and increase the activity of the rings, expanding them like Jupiters'.
As the heating process continues, Uranus's dark ring's would lighten as like Saturn's and it's large solid material would compress to become smaller, like Saturn's and increase the activity of the rings so a thin band may begin, like Saturn, to form around the equator. The increased activity would cause the gases to expand the planet like Saturn. It's methane, heated, may give way to more hydrogen and helium to become as Saturn. And with it's methane layer burning away the bands of clouds would become more visible and active as like Saturn. It may even straighten up by the increase in Sun's gravity so as to no longer lay on it's side.
As heating goes on, Neptune's methane would begin to burn off and the heated gas would expand the planet as like Uranus. The rapid winds would begin to slow as they forced the methane into an upper atmosphere and the lower atmosphere would begin to increase it's storm activities so as to be similiar to the prior gas giants with a culmination of activity at it's Great Dark spot. It's small irregular white cloud (aka "the Scooter") might rise and make way to reinforce and possibly expand the planets' rings. Although the Great Dark Spot appears to be transitory due to the volatile nature of the planets' storms it does not change this theory at all. The solid clumps within it's rings would compress and it's rings, still dark, expand and as like unto Uranus it becomes.
Finally, as heating reaches the dwarf planet Pluto, it would burn off the ice and methane so as to become a volatile methane ball like Neptune and may develop it's storm bands and dark rings and the ice breaking off may well become trapped and it's material held in the newly formed dark rings as solid clumps of material so as to be like Neptune.
Maybe, the moons of these planets follow similiar patterns as the evolving planets, either being cast off, drawn in, or who knows, so each takes on the same arrangement as the prior in the Sliding Planetary Scale of our Solar System.
Maybe, Icarus/ Vulcan is drawn in so close it explodes and as it gets further from the Sun it takes orbit to become a new asteroid belt, as the old asteroid belt is consumed by the gas giant Jupiter which expands with the Sun to cause the reaction need to solidify the planet and make it a cooled solid on the order of Mars.
Maybe, another dwarf planet is drawn in to replace Pluto as each planet takes the location of the former due to the gravitic relocation of each planet in succession of the other as described here, so slow a process as to have not yet been noticed or measured by man. That, or the planets don't change position, but rather, the growing Sun equalizes and balances the effects in relation to distance and position, as though the planets had moved.
And maybe, the action of Icarus/ Pluto exploding, together with Mercury drawing in to take it's place, thereby,transferring Mercury's material to the Sun (as Mercury evolves from a burning planet to a compressed hot mass like Icarus/Vulcan), and it's increased orbit about the Sun, generate the materials and processes needed to refuel the Sun and keep it alive. Maybe, we are the decendants of Venus when it was as Earth and before it became as it is now, due to planet hopping ancestors which gave birth to the early records of mankind and mythologies.
Maybe as the Sun slow's it get's colder and the process reverses until the planets close to the sun are drawn in to refuel and reheat it in predictable cyclic waves of succession. Which explains Global Freezing.

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 07:02 PM
In essence, The closer to the Sun the hotter it becomes, the further away from the Sun the cooler it gets.
Simple enough, either a celestial body will become a solid, liquid, or gas depending on it's distance and amount of time at that distance from the Sun or in it's absence. Ie. The Moon is not as the Earth as the Earth shields it from the direct effects of continual Solar bombardment.
The Frozen liquids, as they draw nearer the Sun from frozen Sun deprived space, become gaseous and expand.
As the gases pass through the material solids, as they expand and orbit, Ie. Asteroids, Moons, other Celestial bodies, debris, and detritus, etc.which are made as a direct result to heated and/ or frozen liqids and/ or gases and vice-versa, they take on a more solid structure, cool, and contract.
As they draw nearer the Sun the gases trapped beneath the solid shell (which is replenished by the solid particles within the gaseous core being heated and pushed outward toward the solid shell) begin to liquify. Whether the Celestial body retains an atmosphere may be the direct result of gravities ability to retain one.
Closer to the Sun still, the liquified core begins to liquift the solid shell which in turn creates a more combustable atmosphere.
Coming closer to the Sun, still, the core and the shell are as one hot, molten liquified layer which combust the gaseous atmosphere leading to a fireball effect.
And closer still, the Sun's gravity causes the orbit to increase exponentially and possibly alters the orbit as well. The "fireball" consumes itself until a non- combustable solid forms.
Closer still, the Sun either consumes the non- combustable solid, taking it unto itself, or else it causes it to explode casting it, in whole or in part, away from the Sun to become further altered in it's atomic structure dependant upon the condition it finds itself in after the explosion.
Also, the ring of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter may have an impact on the heating and cooling of the planets as well. Ie. Perhaps at one point, Mars was as Jupiter, but passing through, or drawing in,or because of the young Sun's growth and maturing causing, some asteroids to blend with it cooled and solidified to what it is today. Maybe, all planets passed, or will pass, this phase.
Unless the Sun grows large enough to consume more material from the nearby Celestial bodies and shed off the waste by- product it's already formed to continue the cycle, or gravity cycles these Celestial bodies through the Solar Machine, I see no hope for mankind. Regardless of anything man does, the Sun is a star, and unless it has these Predictable Cyclic Waves of Succession of Planetary Sliding Scales, either due to Solar Expansion or Gravitic Contraction, as I've put forth, the Sun will die. If that occurs one merely needs to calculate the near- precise date of the Sun's creation, calculate it's growthrate and development period, and determine whether it's growing closer to us or whether we're drawing nearer to it, and guesstimate how long until our core, our shell, our gravity, and our atmosphere, etc. would become enough like that of Venus to guarantee our estimated time of irrevocable destruction, provided no other extinction catastrophe befalls us. The Sun is getting older, it will kill us. It is the only Armageddon Scenario we can calculate and are guaranteed, unless, we learn to planet hop, as our ancestors (and Dieties) may once have done so long ago. the more Earth becomes like Venus- and it will- the more Mars will become like Earth. Maybe, it will even develop a similiar, humanoid species which we can cross breed with to ensure survival of the Race of Men as Ancients once claimed happened here on earth. Maybe not. I see waiting as the worst mistake we could ever make.

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