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Requesting Another Ruling Bloodline Disclosure

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posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 04:50 PM
Some thing HH did say was he loathed the humans for blind belief a.k.a. religion.

When I read his thread I was disappointed to see he already left before I could ask some questions. The speed in which he replied and the format did impress me, although he started to repeat himself near the end.

Amazing ideas though, the game which is life, where people act out their contracts to evolve and learn from each other as souls. Yahweh being the evil one not imposing free wil on his 'animal farm'. Reconpilots thread, saying that HH is truly evil etc. Great moviescript

Anyway the whole (alien?) bloodline thing can't (right now) be proven so it's futile to demand it. What you can do is ask yourself what you should do with your life. Those stories started me to think differently about surroundings and the weird part was last week a minor thing did happen.

Usually I never pay much attention to little things or dreams, but there is this person I disliked, he probably dislikes me as well. But in that dream we had the best times. The next day I saw him and when we looked into each others eyes there was a brief moment of where it seemed if we were asking each other whether we had the same dream... that day everything was ok between us. Made me think about 'the game'.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 05:14 PM
One of the hardest things for people is confronting their deeply held world views with the possibility that they might have been wrong. The truth is far uglier than they can imagine, and it's true that a lot of them probably couldn't handle it. But there are also people who are open-minded, and my guess is that as things start to happen in the lead-up to the age shift then more people will be open to these things. But for now, it's not easy.

I don't think the way to reach people is by screaming like a lunatic and presenting everything as gospel as Alex Jones does. The best way is to slowly turn them on...give them bits and pieces that suggest that there may be something more, and gradually as they begin to see it and understand it for themselves then you can direct them to things that are more to the point. No one likes someone who presents things in an evangelical fashion, unless they already believe what is being said. It really can turn people off to a message that is very important. But people are passionate about this, so it's natural to expect some to act that way.

Nothing can be done, and we will not see the change we're looking for until more people realize what is happening. So right now, we need to focus on waking other people up, but not doing it in such a way that they are turned off. I can say with all assurance that almost every single person I know would take one look at an Alex Jones broadcast and laugh or reject it. And the reason I make references to him a lot is because he is one of the most well-known figures within the community of "truth seekers" and "fringe thinkers."

2) I think my answer to the first question also applies here.

3) It is a person's free will to do such things...those CIA operatives had a choice, and they chose something that is absolutely negative and wrong. My guess is that the highest ruling bloodlines view such things with neutrality or part of whatever duty it is that they think they're doing.

It's getting hard for me to keep answering those questions because new things have come up. So I have to say something here.

After reading some of the reconpilot thread (thanks for that) I am being forced to confront what I believed about Hidden_Hand. I still think there was a lot of good info there, and much of it was true, but now I'm also beginning to agree that perhaps he was also trying to paint our oppressors as benevolent. I still think he is who he says he is, but not so much the deal about what they are doing as being the best for our spiritual growth. It's complicated, I need to read more and think about it. But I appreciate your insight, and all that you have said, even your insults and attacks, have forced me to think more.

I have said several times in this thread that I will be the first to admit that I could be wrong. So consider this as that. I think that I latched on to H_H's message a little too much. I made the mistake of trusting too much in one single perspective, which is something I have aways tried to avoid. I fear that I came across at times as an ass, and that I was really blindly believing something. I was, to some extent. But any time that has happened (it has before) it has benefited me in the end because I was forced to re-evaluate myself and keep searching for the answers. I am still reading the reconpilot thread.

Thanks HiAliens for your "help."

I want to try to focus now on this new development...

JoanTheBlind - I will try to U2U message you. If it doesn't work, I'll just post here.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 05:42 PM
reply to post by suterlaben

What a mature way of thinking you have displayed in your last couple of posts.

One of the things I love about ATS is when thinking is expanded and one is able to stop and reflect in a manner that encourages growth rather than stagnation.

Very honest and refreshing!

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 04:44 AM
reply to post by HiAliens

Thanks for your answers Joan,
They are well written and interesting but I need to ask for a few clarifications... Please do not just repeat yourself, I am asking you to get deeper into the subjects if you can.

1) So you are saying the NWO is here, established, irrevocable and benevolent? Is that correct? I don't want to put words in your mouth.

Well established and irrevocable, yes, for a time. That time depends on human beings. Benevolent?

I went to the doctor's the other day. He talked to me for 30 minutes, more like at me...through me. Benevolent? Who's benevolent these days, really? To be honest, indifference in some situations can be peaceful.

2) "So unless your DVD's have like cash in them...." Don't understand this phrase. Please explain.

It was a light poke at the Principle of Radience. However practically Terrans are pretty smart these days, they've learned to pay a bit now to get more later. I read somewhere that there was a scientific study on chimps that they realized that their minds don't understand that concept. We've come a long way. My point being is even if you gave them DVD cases stuffed with $10,000 bills they wouldn't sell what they have now, unless they could trade for a better idea. I am not aware of any better ideas that would actually work. Marxism, maybe, but humanity isn't that advanced yet.

3) When do you think this "cycle" ends?

Actually I was surprised. It happened when they said it would 2012 +/- 10 years. I'm not used to life being this precice. Gives me the creeps when that happens. I would be surprised if a lot of these physical things will happen. No disrepect to Master HH, but I found it strange that he said what he did about the physical changes. LOL, that's one thing we have in common HiAliens, always wondering what the illuminati is up to. However I've wised up and learned to turn a blind eye to it, but I still wonder when I see a heirophant just standing there lost in thought...what he's up to?

4) "something pretty amazing was going to happen where the houses were going to give you guys a free lift up and see how you would do things."--- So you are talking about a rumour that the "houses" were going to willingly cede power to the "truth movement". Again, I don't know if I've understood this right.

Correct. Rumor, might be just disinformation, but I've seen stranger things. Cede a portion of power, enough happened during the 20th Century that the Houses they aren't taking too many chances. However it is known far and wide within the Mind of God of the honor of the Truth movement. You are sincere. That fact is not the crux of the dispute. Here's the question though, do you trust a man who is 100% sincere of low ability, or do you trust a man who is less than 100% sincere of high ability. The later has been found to actually be more prefereable in practice, strangely enough.

5) "Why are light-bringers these days handing out soup, and meditating, and just generally chilling out (as much as it is possible to do with things as they are)? If I were you I'd get some answers to these questions." Could you provide any answers to this? It certainly interests and confuses me.

Yes, I know (that it confuses you). It pertains to the fact that there are 4 types of House: those that rule, those that are ruled, those that will not be ruled, and those who cannot be ruled. The truth movement is in the 3rd catagory, and it is mysterious to me. My Mind finds it a mystery. However, the Truth movement has shown that cooperation is possible even with this kind of group. LOL, I'm half expecting a "million-man" Austic march at some point because of what I've seen here.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 04:45 AM

6) "About these conspiracy theories, I mean, its enough for me to see that two airplanes hit two buildings and they fell down 45 minutes later." So you don't believe that factions within the U.S. gubberment planned and carried out 9/11?

I do not. The system is not set up for that type of conspiracy. However it is well suited for other types of conspiracy. There have been some direct hits from the Truth Movement on these other types of conspiracy.


Q: What's the deal with Pakistan geostrategically?

A: My Mind doesn't have that strong of an opinion on Pakistan.

Q: Do the Loominati plan to start WWIII this year?

A: No. This is a question I would ask Master HH though as I am unaware of what the Offical Statement is on this as far as how his House wants to handle this question. I am curious myself. I have opinions but a topic of this magnitude should be answered by a hierophant under minimal pressure, followed by light accussation leaving the conclution open.

However the Sethian Mind has run simulations and scenarios on this topic using Sirian techniques, and some of the answers have been interesting and I hope useful. However the conclutions are sobering. I will probably comment on this subject at some point. They will probabally be of interest to Master HH as well.

Q: What do you guys think of Alex Jones?

A: Apparently he has quite the following amoung some of my spirit peeps. They see him as an interesting figure. Strange that they don't have much of an opinion of him other than celebrity status. I personally find him slightly illogical, but I can understand how he has drawn a following. He is an important teacher and strangely has the blessing of more of his "enemies" than he knows. I think he might have found a dead zone in the Mind of God, lucky bugger.

Q: How far up is Dr Brzezinski in the ranks? How powerful is he?

A: Not aware of that name.

Q: The NWO have openly talked about drastic population reduction. Do they still wish to carry it out, how and when?

A: Actually Seth has talked a lot about this conceptually. Having learned about Isralite genocides, like the one under Joshua in about 2000 BC, Ceasar in 76 AD and Hitler in 1945 AD, there has been an idea come forth that if such group movements to the other side could be done preventitively through use of human reason combined with birth control, that it would be preferable.

The context in which this was talked about was "Does humankind have to have the types of wars its having?" Much war is caused by poverty and famine. If levels of human beings on the physical plane get too much higher we are going to have more than Globle Warming on our hands. The point is that we can either act of our animal nature, and be subject to the natural cycles (which includes starvations and death) or can human intelligence and wisdom be further utilized to allow us as groups to morally use Birth Control.

I mentioned that the current population growth rates in both America and Western Europe are below 2 children per couple. In other words the Chinese measures aren't even necessary, that through a tiny bit of sex education and avaiability of condoms that people have just spontaneously choosen to do it.

It is possible however that the UN has become concerned that some groups are doing this, and others are not. What this would lead to over time is a different distribution of people over time. It grates on the nerves of some people when they realize that even with their sacrifices of their population, that others go on willy nilly. Personally I think a large part of the imputus for this comes from the East and not the West or the Illuminati. Like China saying to India, Hey guys something needs to be done here.

Because seriouslly, I'd rather send a population a box of condoms and some instructioncal videos, than sell them a bunch of M-16s. Really.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 04:47 AM
The UN interest is natural. They want India to start doing birth control especially. They just want population reduction to be fair and accross the board. UN councils might even find it desirable to send instuctors to various places to increase their birth levels in low areas. I am of the strong beleif that such a thing can be done through prevention and education and especially through volentary, grass-roots action not legal controls. Why? Because that's what's happening right now! The only reason why the population of the united States has been increasing is because of immegration, the birth rate here is on 1.9 children per couple. The US has figured out how to do it, without a draconian adoption of Chinese law.

Q: Is it at all possible to make the ruling houses lose their power?

A: LOL, the ruling houses have been trying to figure that out for years. There has been some progress in the understanding of how this is done naturally, and (like birth control on the physical plane) has quite a bit of adherance within the ruling houses at a grass-roots level. Its a complicated idea, and from the point of view of the physical plane, you can't just do it responsibly.

Let me share with you a mystery pertaining to the Mind of God. When the ruling houses have had a desire to do this, the Mind shifts. When average men feel of it, they go mad and kill each other, and monsters rise to power and the Earth is in chaos. Its been found that some groups live well and cooperatively within its sphere, and yet even at power levels 1% of what it is in some of the Houses, it can lead to nasty, barbaric behaviors.

So the answer? If you have to rule, you'd better rule, because chances are you are the best one to do it.

Q: How could we beat the ruling houses?

A: You wouldn't want to or the Mind of God would shift to areas where people aren't used to it. Paranioa would run rampant, wars would be fought, murder would increase AND it would hurt the Mind of God. And when it was all said and done, the shadow that lies behind the Illuminati would just rest somewhere else, bruised and torn, upon a broken human group. It is how Master HH had said, about his Russian Doll analogy that its "shadow" upon "shadow". Right now, it has settled upon a sufficently calm group, and the world work fairly well. I think the question is more like "Can we find a better ruling house if we do beat them."

For example, it took Ba'al and Ashtoreth millenia to get their Minds straight. Luckily they did well, and they are now wise and fit.

Leadership of this world I think is kind of like the bacteria in one's intestines. If a person ever goes "Wow, I've got e-coli in my intestines?" a nut will go out and buy some antibiotics on the Internet, down them and say "Cool, got rid of all the nasty e-coli." Then what happens is other forms of bacteria that aren't e-coli, go "Cool, what a nice house all wept and garnished" and the move in and the state of this guy is worse that the first. But the e-coli was supposed to be their in the first place, right? It keeps other forms of negative bacteria from moving in, its well suited for the task, the only thing it really asks is you don't be a nut fixating how you have a bunch of deadly bacteria in the lower half of you.

I guess its possible that the best revenge is to live well.

You know what though, this is a good question, and I'll explain why. Through looking at how to beat them, I can teach how it works at the same time. The interest on how to beat them will carry the discussion, and by the time we're done you'll get a good insight into how it all works.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 05:33 AM

I cannot PM you directly yet, need a few more posts.

I usally would try to contact you again to see if it was proper for me to post it here, but I see that there is little personal information here. I will therefore post it here. If I do get any U2U's from you of a more personal nature I will be discrete and only contact you via U2U.

If this was improper please tell me and I will adhere closer to my original personal policy.

response to Suterlaben's U2U

Okay, I guess my test message went through, so here we go.

S: I'm going open this by saying that I was warned by some ATS members that by starting the thread I was inviting any array of hoaxers or people with too much time on their hands to answer my request. So, seeing as how I have no way to verify your claims, I am skeptical as of right now. Your appearance was pretty convenient.

J: Actually, to save time, I think I will describe myself as hoaxer. The nature of The Game is such that it matters not to me if I am seen as saint or demon, or hoaxer. As Master HH said, its the message not the messenger. So I choose to be seen at hoaxer. Simpler, and sometimes a lie expresses the actual truth better.

S: That being said, I'm going to "suspend my judgment" and treat this as though you are who you say you are. I've read what you've posted in the thread so far.

J: Hoaxer is fine.

S: How long do you think our discourse can last?

J: Good question. Let us leave that open for now. However I am somewhat bound by some of the constraint's Master HH mentioned. I think it will be for a period of time rather than become part of the ATS "house".

S: How is it that you are permitted to speak now? Did you get permission from your masters or are you just doing this on your own? I am really curious to know how it is that you can come here now and do this when both Hidden_Hand and Insider stated that when such an event takes place there needs to be some sort of mass decision that it is acceptable.

J: I don't think you have thought as to how "mass decision" happens. It happens one person at a time. The proper way is for Noblemen to come to the forefront, and lead to the slightest of polarizations within the group. Either the group reacts positively, or not. If positively, then Noblemen are choosen organically and there is a shift to enki/luciferic/positive ruling. If the process is more chaotic, then the group will choose enlil/Jehovic/negative ruling. If even more chaotic than that, anarchy will happen and the people will disband and possibly choose chelaship with either an enlil or enki group according to their personal character.

Usually a large minority chooses enki leadership. The majority will choose enlil leadership. I think that enki leadership is more civilized and is the society that I like.

S: You said that Hidden_Hand "played us like a fiddle" (or banjo?). How so? What intentional disinformation did he give out and what, as you understand it, is true in his postings?

J: LOL, I just meant he was very entertaining to you, but educating you guys properly in the process. What is disinformation? I will tell you a secret of House Lucifer (but don't get used to me speaking of another's house in this way), Luciferic power is only controlled and maintained by telling the truth atleast 99% of the time. It leads to House instability, if this is not done. It is both their honor and their burden.

House Seth on the other hand is free to choose how they treat truth. I for one will lie occationally.

S: A lot of other people (who are claiming to be various things) are convinced that our oppressors are just trying to paint themselves as benevolent. What is the true nature of Lucifer? Is it really a sixth density soul group that descended in order to help us spiritually evolve or is that disinfo? How did Lucifer come to be on this planet, and what are the true motives?

[edit on 18-1-2009 by JoanTheBlind]

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 05:40 AM

J: I think it is the nature of all people to be benevolent. Its a mild tendancy for treating people respectfully. I think the truth on the benevolence of the Illuminati is too large for you to see. Is the United States beautiful to you? If it is then you can see the benevolence in the establishment of systems of education, commerce, and political thought. You do know that a site like ASF is impossible in less free cultures.

Do you like to be told what to do? There are many that sense this as benevolent. However if you like a choice (like myself) I see the being offered that choice a benevolence.

S: Can you explain your understanding of the Annunaki? Are they still around? Did they create us?

J: I respect the Annunaki very much. I have suffer long at the hand of them, but I see in them brothers deserving of my respect. Having discovered much truth I realize that they too are benevolent in the same way the Illuminati is. If you could see what I see, I think you would come to the same conclusion.

They are Summerian in origin when the Mind of God settled upon their fair people. There were mistakes made, but I know that the Annunakki pray daily that their "children" will not have to learn as they did. At the same time that I see many of the old mistakes being made, because we are human and this has not changed in the last 7000 years. I have worked with and for Annunakki Lords and Masters from time to time. The trick is not to hate and allow hate to take root. They have learned this, and for whatever reason so have I.

They are still around. I think it improper to say where. I don't want their people subjected to accusations and incivilities from people who thing they know how to judge righteously, but have no understanding of such things. Their artistic abilities are advanced, perhaps more so, than the Illuminati's facination with technology. I hope to see many of them choose to rise in power on the physical plane so that they can add to the mixture that keeps us all balanced and prosperous. Their experience is vast, and should be added to the pot.

I think science indicates that the Annunaki did not create us in the way some people think literally. I beleive in Darwinism, and that the Homo Sapien race has been around for 200,000 years, as per scientific thought. It would have been difficult for a civilization from only 7000 years ago to create something that has been around for 200,000 years. These are questions that parallel the same debate that surrounded Darwin and The Church just a little while ago.

It will be interesting to see if we, as a group, come to a conclusion on the matter, or will live with it an open issue.

S: This question isn't as important...but what sort of level of technology did the Atlantean civilization possess? Was it on par with what is being used in the "public" sector right now? Less advanced? More advanced? Just curious.

J: Whatever level of tech they had, they found it as normal as we do with our computers, indoor plumbing and electric power.

It makes sense to me that it would be lesser. I am sure we would have dug up quite a few microchips if they had an equivalent technology. However we have not.

However Atlantis as an idea, a reality in the higher realms of the Mind of God, is filled with advanced magicks, the reflection of tech on our physical plane. They know much we do not know.

s: Is the information about December 21st 2012 being the date of "Harvest" correct? Is H_H's information here more or less accurate? And just out of curiosity, is your house planning on joining Lucifer and others in 4th density negative? I'm assuming yes, but I'm not entirely clear on how the "Sethian" House fits in.

J: No, it is currently in progress and should be finished by about 2012. It however ebbs and flows, and it never halts completely. I have had the opportunity to witness it myself and to discuss with various beings their thoughts on the matter.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 05:41 AM

What Master HH presented was what should be treated as a hypothosis. It does not directly effect my personal intents on where I, as a Unit of Life, will end up. It is abstract information that gives some insite into how The Game could end up.

The Sethian House is an enlightened middle-class. They are skilled at administration and activities pertaining to Noblemen. House Lucifer is more like the Royal Family of Seth. We minister to them, and will be summoned by Heirophants like Master Hidden Hand in the same fashion that I have arrived.

8) What role, exactly, in the Family do you perform? You indicated that you're some sort of servant. Please elaborate.

My personal role? Lol, that hasn't been asked of me in some time. Not used to the same individuality that humans usually possess. I have the rank of Nobleman (or in english, noblewoman, I suppose). Teacher (not heirophant), medic, soldier, tech, Sethian initiate.

S: I have many more questions which are more to the "core of the matter" but I would really appreciate it if you would answer these first. Thanks. I am eager to see how you respond. Your presence intrigues me, to say the least.

J: I will not be as instructive or entertaining as Master HH, but I am here in a support role. It is custom in my house to swoop in after a Heirophant and pick up the pieces, neutralize the process, and answer questions. It is done in a natural way, like how a vulture knows to go where the Lion has been. It is my proper place in the grand scheme of things. As it is done and properly, it will lead to correct formation of the new houses, if I may call it that, in the proper places, and minimum chaos will happen in the Mind of God and humanity generally. When it works this way, it is proper. However, nature does not care whether it happens through much chaos, or order, and the sun still rises even if it should find us fighting with swords and guns.

Always thought nature was kind of cruel for its indifference that way. I am doing my small part to avoid a lot of suffering that the Annunaki went through what we are going through now. We can learn the easy way, or the hard way, and I am all into comfort and easy.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 06:12 AM
This is a hoax pure and simple.

Think about it, HH says his family has been around forever, and he is just fulfilling some "task" to disseminate information to us plebs at this time.

Ok, so how did his ancestors disseminate information 1000 years ago or whenever in the past? They certainly didn't have the luxury of hiding anonymously behind a computer screen and posting their "Perls" of wisdom.

If they did inform the masses, I am sure it would have been well documented, and their shady involvement wouldn't be so shady.

This is a joke.

ps. To H_H, if you are who you say you are you will know who I am and where I live. So I invite you to drop by for a coffee and a chat and I am sure I will philosophize that smirk right off your face!

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 09:07 AM
Hi, this is Joan's channeler comming over to tell you that we are having technical difficulties. Kind of strange how she would walk out like that, especially when she was enjoying it so much. I could feel how much she enjoyed talking with you guys.

She didn't say much when she left, other than a few tasks that I should do around here.

I know this sounds crazy, maybe part of why they call it the game. Just a little history, Joan is a pretty recient visitor.

To be honest I'm a little anxious about how you guys are going to respond to this development. If you are finding her interesting, I can request that she comes back for a while and finish up her talking with you.

I'm autistic so its difficult to think without Joan. I apologize if my words seem kind of strange. My peeps are helping me to type this. She definately was interesting and knowledgable. I'm getting a bit tired channelling Joan so I'd better play some xbox and eat something.

I thought that I'd let you know this in case she doesn't come back. She's not disrespectful that way.

She really enjoyed her time here and she likes you guys. I kept a close eye on her to make sure she didn't get into much mischeif. You know these spirits, you have to keep your eye on them or they'll get you in trouble.

I realize this could cheeze some people off, as it looks like a joke of some kind but I can't control Joan, she does what she wants. Its not a joke, really. She just poof left.

Oh, one of the things Joan wanted me to do before she got back was to tell Little Star how she respected her much and that she wanted to compliment her on her grace, wisdom and saying the right things. I think I'm getting that right.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 09:47 AM
Oh forgot some things that I just remembered.

Little Star, a piece of advice from Joan. She recommends that what you do as you are reading posts here and elsewhere, that where you find a paragraph interesting, or wise, or resonates with what you beleive to cut and paste that paragraph into a document on your computer. After a while you'll have like a books worth of teachings that resonate with you, and you can read them over and over again. I can't tell if I'm writting this correctly, but that was the intent behind what she said.

Also, Joan said that she was talking to an Arcturan diplomat, and I'm supposed to get over to reconpilot and give him a message. I need some help to do that. Do you guys have a link to his thread where he is talking so I can do a post over there?

LOL, my peeps are all saying I'd better get these things right. They thought it was funny how I got so smart all of a sudden. It was pretty cool while it lasted though.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 12:05 PM
i was wondering if it is possible to speak to Arcturan diplomat instead of Joan as he might be needed

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 01:15 PM

Thank you for the message from Joan. One thing from your post that doesn't really relate to anything of a spiritual nature from what you wrote, but it speaks to me. I have a friend that is autistic. She was joining a new social site and asked me to suggest a name for her. I suggested Lil Peeps. She chose Peeps. So, maybe there is something in the fact you used that term, maybe not. Just found it a bit of a validation. I will follow her advice.

However, Window, if you are going to continue channeling entities, you have to be careful. Please take note that as soon as someone asked her if she came in the name of God and Jesus, she checked out. Negative entities cannot lie about this. So, while I sensed that much of what she said was true, and that she was cool, she was an admitted liar.

Further, entities can post things in what appears to us to be a benign, even benevolent manner and yet, behind it, there can be an effect that is not readily detected by some people. I know some people that had a very negative sensation when they read the stuff by HH. Someone described it as nails on a blackboard being broadcasted in an public hall. I received something positive from it because I was intended to receive something good. So, before you allow someone "in" so that you can channel them, ask if they come in the name of God and/or Jesus or the Light. Whichever fits your belief system. But, unless you are open to allowing something dark inside of you that could harm you and/or others, always ask this. Usually they will go away if they are not. Also, make sure you enclose yourself in a protection of light or something before praying and channeling.

Hey, I just noticed something, Joan referred to me as a "she". I just so happen to be a "she" in this lifetime. Could someone, if they feel so inclined, check what I wrote to see if I said anything that reveals my sex? Or, is it I just come across as a woman? It could be the name. Not many guys would call themselves "Little Star".

[edit on 18-1-2009 by Little Star]

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 06:47 PM
Little star,

A tip for you. When you edit a post more than once you can delete the previous editing each time during your edit so it appears you only edited once.

Just delete the prior ones while you are in there making another edit and it will clean the post up a bit. If you have questions about making that happen u2u me.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 08:14 PM
Thank you for the tip.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 11:34 PM
I'll be brief so as not to derail the thread. Thanks for your clarifications. Perhaps I didn't need to be so vitriolic, so I apologise if I went overboard. My point about anger at our indifference still stands though. People are dying and we're pretty much letting it happen. I think all this "higher level" stuff is just a denial mechanism. But I understand you want to be active.
Re: Alex Jones, yes- he can be a bit abrasive, so his ideas need to be filtered for each community and individual. He's said a million times he doesn't want to be the big fish. He's leader by default, because of other's indifference. The digital ego rant was a reference at you taking my "I'm doing this cos I love you" comment too seriously. But anyway. It's forgotten. So good luck and enjoy the discussion.
And thanks for reminding me about W.Cooper. He has some very interesting views.

Joan, Thanks for your answers. Someone posted the title of the Reconpilot thread a page back. He's left the board now...

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 06:21 AM
I see that an interesting development has happened since I last posted. I hope that WindowClosed said what he did trying to help, instead of muddying the waters.

I have been reading Master Maban's thread, Shards of the Illuminati, and I have a desire to engage him in conversation. I think I like his vibration and way of teaching. Doing this will probably take a portion of my attention from this thread for a time, but I am still interested in pursuing the original offer of Suterlaben in starting another thread where I can be asked questions (the symbol of which is "Accusation" in the parlance of House Lucifer). However, it seems that that this is already naturally developing here, and this may be suffienct for both Suterlaben's and my own needs.

I see that WindowClosed has decided to talk to Little Star about somethings. I think that I will address Little Star's questions next to keep a continuity, a flow preserved. I would invite more questions from my fellow users, as it helps me to understand more about your needs and desires for knowledge and wisdom.


LS: I am extremely glad to see the poster BlindJoan on here. I have read her posts and appreciate what she is adding to the discussion.

J: Thank you. I appreciate the vote of confidence here, and the intent behind it. I am impressed with the balance, and serenity, behind your own post, Little Star. You live the basic rules of the House Seth better than most.

LS: BlindJoan, Can you explain to me why I, as a result of reading HH's posts, am experiencing an awakening.

J: Actually I think I can shed some light on the subject, however with your current viewpoint on the Mind of God, that of having a Jehovic upbringing under Master Jesus, I think that some of the things that I could say at this time would be counterproductive to your proper development of the impulses and insights that this "awakening" has caused.

Suffice it to say now, that several of the Houses, especially the ruled ones, like that of the House Jesus have the ability to oscillate between enki and enlil leadership. Names, it has been said by Hermes Trismegistus (of the House Thoth) are of importance for the lives inside the Mind of God to understand itself. I bring up the importance of Names because I am deviating somewhat from the formal definition of House used by Master HH. For the purposes of this question, I will use Names instead of House.

A Being's Name reflects their connectivity within the Mind of God. The choice of a Name is important, in order for a correct flow of information and spiritual lives to flow within the Mind of God. For example, your Name at this time, Little Star, is Jesus. Rather you belong to the House Jesus, or as is said there, The Body of Christ. As I belong to the Sethian Life Force, you belong to the Body of Christ.

However, it has not always been this way. Many of the Names at the time shortly after the death of Jesus of Nazareth were changed as people made choice. The House Mithra was an interesting case. Even though they saught for enki leadership, they found that the teachings of Jesus were compatible with their nature, and the whole house accepted the name Jesus. Several of the Names spontaneously collapsed into the Name Jesus. There was a movement called Gnosis, that tried to shift the mass in the direction of Light, however, as we have seen, they were unsuccessful and eventually all of their numbers were absorbed into the Body of Christ.

However this absorbtion of the various Names into the Name Jesus did not change the underlying dynamics of the Mind of God. Just because you beleive a certain thing to be so, doesn't necessarily mean that it that way in Reality.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 06:23 AM

At this time of your awakening what has happened is you have found yourself to be a bit of an oddity, in that you do the things asked of you by Jesus (rather as it has been explained to you in the schools of Jesus, The Churches), yet there is something else happening as well. Good Christian ladies don't go to alien web sites, talk to powerful beings claiming to be Lucifer, and then try to defend those things that he said that you thought might be true. I am being a touch facescious here, because your idea of the ideal of Jesus is just different, not wrong.

You are trying to understand this awakening. There is insufficient information within your current religious understanding. I am in exactly the same quandry, Sister. I just wanted to come here and share with you some of the ideas that I have found to be correct along the way that have helped me to further understand my awakening.

LS: For instance, I was steeped in fear due to some of the life experiences I am going through. After reading the HH posts, this has lessened; and, I am able to see that what I am going through is a time of rest, so to speak, during which I am to further "develop". In your posts you did not say that HH was attempting to deceive us or had negative intentions. Do you think HH had negative intentions and if so what do you think they were?

J: One of the sacrifices that was made by those that decided to surrender to the Name Jesus, is that they had to accept a Universe concept that many times was smaller than what they needed. It is taught in Christianity that if you look at things in terms of good and evil, that it is good enough. If a spirit or a man should tell you something that is not what you believe, he is evil. If a spirit or a man should tell you something that is what you beleive, then he is good. It is a very simple was of looking at things.

The concept of Love and Light is an attempt to reconcile how "evil" beings (for example, Master HH), when you examine them with a clear mind and an absence of judgement, actually have much good in what they are saying. Master HH left us with much to think about.

It is in these situations that the importance of Names comes to the forefront. At times of spiritual upheavel Names need to be developed, so that those tidal forces can better be handled. For example, the Name Seth is a temporary configuration that will probably be reabsorbed into the Name Jesus at some future point. I am OK with this. It is why the Sethian Group was formed by the Gnostics in the centuries after Jesus's death. It was also why Sethians, Mithrians, and the hosts of other sects were absorbed into Christianity after those forces subsided. It is also the reason why God gave Lucifer the right to rule in this World. Lucifer agreed that Christianity was sufficent for his needs and bowed, and directed his attention to other matters like the NWO, capitalism, democracy and banking.

Personally, I am of the opinion that Master HH had both postive and negative intentions. He said that he did. He said that if we choose to go negative, this will happen. If we decide to go positive, then this will happen. And he left the choice up to us.

LS: Also, I have had numerous experiences throughout my life which folks would label spiritual. On some level, I now see that some of these were "spriritual" in nature and some of them were a matter of receiving messages from those that are here with me (mostly unseen) to help guide me to the purpose I am to serve in this life.

J: I am struggling with these same things myself.

However, with the way you have described them, I can tell that you had both postive and negative spiritual events. Christianity as a whole describes normal human living as good, and what you have described as evil. It is why witches we burned at the stake.

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 06:25 AM
Yet, you are good are you not? Do you not always seek to advance the causes of Jesus? Yet, you have your unseen friends, you beleive in helping even those that have declaired themselves evil knowing it is wrong to not do such, and you come to strange web sites.

In the East, they have the maturity to recognize that spirituality is a natural force, like electricity, with a positive and negative pole. What if electricians were to think the negative pole of electricity is evil and to be avoided. Without a negative pole, there is no current, and it is just as important to the functioning of the Mind of God as the positive pole.

Question: would you say Master HH's lessons were positive, or negative? Perhaps it is time to throw out your taught concept of evil. Ah, but you have already done this, haven't you? If you hadn't, you would have shouted "GET BEHIND ME SATAN!" in a most barbaric way the very minute Master HH showed up.

LS: Some folks identify themselves as Starseeds and some as Walk-ins. I am not sure if I am one of these or not. However, I do have this "memory", which I should add, something HH said explains, which gives me the impression that I am a Walk-in. Just what does a Walk-in do? Why does a Walk-in come here? Same thing for a Starseed. How would a person know which they were? Do you know if there is such a thing?

J: Perhaps a better way of looking at this as "co-creator". A spiritual being has come from somewhere to join with you so that the both of you can put your two-cents in of where you want things to end up. A typical way of reconcilling this is too look at you Little Star as the Lower Self, the human self, and to look at you Little Star as the Higher Self, the walk-in.

There is a tendancy to look at a positive higher self as a Guardian Angel. There is a tendancy to look at a negative higher self as being a possessor, or a great demon who will take you to Hell. Interestingly, they are just two people, and many times the demonic figure is quite a rational good being who just thinks differently than you.

And yes, there are such things. Question, are you personally beset by a demon, or protected by an angel?

LS: Are all human beings one thing or another?

J: No. That is why they don't understand those of the House of Israel, another older term for Starseed. They think its crazy when it manifests in a negative way.

LS: Do we all originate from some type of "House" as described by you and HH?

J: No, very few. It requires contact with the Mind of God, or you could say God Himself. Not Jesus, but the Father. The concept of Houses is artificial, but necessary for everybody in God to understand their place, their function, their purpose.

LS: You mentioned the Masons. Did all Masons come from the same origin? My Dad was a Mason. I don't think he progressed very far because he tended to like hanging around his children at home. The man seldom went out just to make sure we were acting properly and not being mistreated. (We didn't have your normal family set up.)

J: This indicates he was a Neph. Questions: did he treat you more as a person than a daughter? Was he always emotionally controlled, very rarely being angry? Did you respect him for the way that he always had something good to say about everyone? If the answer is Yes to these questions, then he was a Neph. There are many Nephs amoung the Masons, Masonry originally was developed by the Nephs, or Nephilim (-im in hebrew mean the plural) as a means of spiritual instruction, and forms a House.

I have found Nephs to look very much alike, and for their spiritual bloodlines to follow physical bloodlines, so I think it reasonable to beleive that all Masons come from the same origin.

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