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The 'Aviary's' ufo fascination.

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 02:18 AM
If you have been following ufology long and seriously enough, to have knowledge of ufology history, well beyond what comes on TV, you know about 'The Aviary'. Merely google that term, if you do not know what The Aviary are.
I have noticed from many ufo researchers, a -really- fixated fascination with them. To get at the bottom of the Truth that is Out There! These (group of old) guys must know -something-, that if certain researchers were allowed, would torture and waterboard it out of them, so help it.

To me, they are scattered former intelligence people, who are 'ufo-buffs' just like little 'Johnny', who get the 'bug' after watching a ufo hunters TV show, (or read a book or had a sighting) or just like me, after I had my series of sightings.
And did not ufology give them they're 'Aviary' name anyway?!

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