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Humming in NJ

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 10:52 PM
The past six months or so, I've been occasionally waking up to a humming
noise outside. I have also heard it early in the night as well. It is rather odd.
I have even (at 2 in the morning), put my shoes on and went to investigate.
I have walked in the direction in which I am hearing it and it seems to
remain at a constant very low level. I never feel as if I am getting closer.

Upon browsing my towns message board, I was shocked by hearing
someone else describe the same noise and having the same problem of not
being able to find it. I have not posted on there cause you just get ridiculed
when you try to post something of this nature, phenomena or strange lights.
Very close minded folks here in South Orange, NJ. The person who started
their thread I'm sure he wishes he didn't start it. I emailed hm to talk earlier
but haven't heard back yet.

I have looked into this and have learned a little bit about The Taos Hum in
New Mexico and I am wondering if this is what I am experiencing. I am
curious to speak with anyone who may have a better understanding of this.


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