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TA-ANALYSIS: Saudi Al-Qaeda Member Releases Video Tape Threats

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posted on Apr, 8 2004 @ 11:47 PM
A masked man revealing only his eyes was shown in a video on an Islamic website making threats towards the United States and Americans everywhere. The masked man was identified as Abdulaziz al-Muqrin, a high level Al-Qaeda member and one of Saudi Arabia's most wanted men. The video is titled "Expel The Polytheists from the Arab Peninsula". In the video, Al-Muqrin mentioned that Washington is facing another Vietnam. He had in early statements made threats towards Jews, Americans and Britons and now have included rulers of Islamic states on his hit list. This is the third message related to Al-Qaeda released this week. Perhaps these messages are being used to encourage the resistance in Iraq, but they could also be a signal for future plans to be carried out.

Saudi Qaeda Man Calls for Killing Americans-Website
"O mujahideen, fight the Americans everywhere and fight the Americans with all your might and capabilities. Terrorise them as they have terrorised your brothers," the man said.
"O mujahideen this is your day, your jihad, and this is your enemy occupying your land, turning it into bases to fight Islam and Muslims, and controlling apostate agents. So fight them only see blood and body parts as they have done to your brothers in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq in their battles in the Muslim peninsula," the man said.
"The mujahideen will target the crusaders at first. As for the apostate, agent rulers their day is coming soon, God willing, after we are done with their masters and the convoys of martyrs will continue," said the man dressed in brown fatigues and holding an automatic rifle. He was speaking in Arabic.

[Edited on 4-8-2004 by worldwatcher]


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