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Guantanamo gaurd speaks up on torture

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 09:40 PM
I saw this on bbc this morning. It makes for an intriguing clip and is about a former guard at Guantanamo outlining some of the techniques.

I am outraged that Bush et al with get away with this and the hundreds of crimes they have committed. I actually know of a guy who was sent to the place. I went to university with him when he was doing his Medicine Degree in Australia.

The kid went to a wedding in pakistan and was detained whilst there for colluding with 'terrorists'. It was too hard to deal with in australia so they shipped him off.

needless to say he is in no position to continue a career in medicine, let alone finish his education. His family has been vilified, and the people who were main stream average joe's are turning fanatical. One case of someone stuffing up and mixing up identities has led to a whole family potentially joining terrorist ranks.

Sad sad sad...

p.s. Mods i wasn't sure where to post this. please move if you deem necessary. thankyou

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