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My Top-5 Illuminati-Occult Hollywood productions. This should raise an eyebrow.

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 06:34 PM
Doomsday 2029 --but just remember this... All these stupid lizard conspiracies, these Niburu theories... Were created in this 1997 movie. So it's nothing new...

your right because it started way back with mayans and other cultures aswell!

cool huh

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by Doomsday 2029

your grasping at straws... an image in a movie that happens to form 3 lines in the shape vaguely similar to a pyramid does not mean its illuminati influenced. I bet you're just the type to say "Sure! i bet thats what they want you to believe! its a coincidence!" you are seriously psychologically challenged if you honestly believe in what you are saying. How many times in the movie do various lines and objects form squars? rectangles? upside down triangles? how many times to line intersect to form crosses!? oh no! christian propaganda

In my honest opinion, it is people like you that give the on going struggle against the illuminati a bad name. I have a theory that individuals such as your self are part of the illuminati hired to make videos and literature that is so far out of the scope of reason so as to make the rest of us seem crazy too. This is how the so called MIB worked. They were dispatched to sites where reported UFO sitings occured and would act in a peculiar fashion so that when the people retold the stories later they seemed less credible.

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 07:04 PM
Hollywood isn't controlled by any single group or faction.

I have been in on the making of a few movies in my time and I assure all of you there simultaneously is not one group but rather many groups that use Hollywood as a "subliminal" or often not so subliminal message board for the masses and individuals who earn enough money and promote their own agendas just complicates the entire picture of why you see the things you do.

Main Factions within Hollywood revolve around several crowds...

Only one is of main importance in this discussion.

#1 for most of this past century but slipping would be my crowd, Jewish/Italian Brooklyn Nyc Clique (it's not a named thing) From Babs to the Beastie Boys... From the Three stooges to Madonna... I could Name drop for a day straight, if your from the neighborhood and have family or are in with the talent that came up from those streets children of... etc, etc... your part of the lions share of entertainment money for almost a century

The people you name... Kubrik is From Nyc, Wizard of Oz Director Victor Flemming got his start with Doug Fairbanks who was raised by his mom in Nyc, The Coen Brothers Went to NYU Film, The Wachowski brothers list as polish, worked for marvel based out of NYC and both sets of brother still grew up in the NY to Chicago zone where Jewish and Italian immigration flourished... Even Spielberg Ohio Jewish...

What's the Connection to Masonry?

Most of the Jews coming to America at the turn of the Century were those who left Europe PRIOR to the Holocaust and Most were members of Various lodges ( How much did my grandparents know ahead of time I can not say for sure)

The Common thread you seek

Is the practice of Kabbalah and the shared roots of the practice within the various lodges... My family was mainly Knights of Pythias

Consciously or unconsciously the majority of us in entertainment in it's various forms are in one way or another intimately connected by families in which our parents were members of various Kabbalah practicing lodges.

I have wondered where the "creative urge" in me comes from...

Do these individuals like Kubrik have any intention in spreading a specific message or ... is there some form of "brainwashing" affected as a child?

I would add only

That in my own experience, my upbringing was odd, well cared for but there was... are, things in my past... that seemed intentionally in terms of causing me certain...mild traumas as if my upbring was designed to create the persona of creativity, odd exposures, periods in which I had to endure things...

Hard to explain and childhood is not the time of best recall

What I am suggesting to you is:

That many of these "creative types" in Hollywood... are not so much members directly themselves of anything in many cases but were indeed "Influenced" and sculpted to be who they are and believe what they do by parents and by proxy.

I wonder very often

"where some of my ideas come from"

I am not big time, I work on games and some movies and write do design work... I make my living this way comfortably and it is interesting to analyze the creative process

"where do some of my ideas come from"

A question I have often asked...

My circumstances from those circles were not uncommon, I was adopted and raised under very woody allenish circumstances that seemed at times designed, designed specifically to force me to retreat into my thoughts, wasn't allowed out much as a child, Isolation...

Just the environment? a Coincidence that these people who's parents were connected to these various lodges that i know as an adult had strong Kabbalist Traditions all of them... Environment or Conditioning that produced such a volley of Creative People

Very hard to say

I will say this from my acting experience

My mind isn't like everyone else's, few good actors are, It is an interesting ability and one that I have... To be able to form "multiple personalities within your head and control them... to become, not just play another character for a role

Not at all dissimilar to, mind conditioning experiments where the personality is fractured so other personalities can be formed

The only real difference is, whatever caused that in me allows me to control it... but in essence I can fracture at will and "create" other personalities in my head...

makes for a heck of an ability to write a story

but then I must question from time to time

"am I in control"

"could these ideas and images have been put there"

I would have to entertain that there is a viable possibility...

I do not think your thread is as far off as some think, I just think maybe those doing the creating have been influenced when young.

I have memories of a night as a child where... in a very vivid dream I was shown on a screen tons of information that I never could nor can I recall consciously, a feeling like none other as all this information flashed on a screen a giant screen in front of my face... like it was of the utmost importance and could never remember the info, yet 30 years later I remember the dream so vividly

and, I never studied for tests but could always "just know" the info which is a rather odd thing, but in a pinch I often seem to have answers and knowledge I never studied...

Was I? Where these people you name and many others "influenced" "programmed" at some time, specifically conditioned, raised, inducted in some way of thinking... could brain games have been played?

Could the things you notice be coming out of the creators having been put there without their knowledge a long, long time ago...

I fear that may be the case, the connection and why the predominance in Hollywood being so Jewish being the Kabbalist roots of many different lodges

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 07:21 PM
An interesting side note, I have often wondered why from those same roots in many or most cases has Kabbalah become almost an institution in Hollywood and other creative circles...

I myself have practiced (among may things) Kabbalah for years and in the common theme of what i wrote above... I have to ask 'what if it is not a coincidence that at about the same time Maddonna and me and Demi Moore and many others developed this interest... could it have been feed in a long time ago, as a child?

Madonna began singing Kabbalah's praises nearly eight years ago on her Ray of Light album claiming that it helped her achieve spiritual clarity. Last year, Demi Moore told Vogue that Kabbalah helps one reveal "the value of your worth." Roseanne Barr says it's the force behind her own rein

Other news accounts link entertainers Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Roseanne Barr, Demi Moore, Shirley MacLaine, Ashton Kutcher, Sandra Bernhard, Barbra Streisand, Dianne Keaton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Goldie Hawn, Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, Uri Gellar, Diane Ladd, Laura Dern and a legion of other “stars” with practice of cabala.

You would add to the list of the megas... lots of people like myself from that background or seated among those who were who... suddenly developed this practice and i'll testify, I didn't see anyone doing this before I did on TV

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 07:30 PM
We must agree that they are the greatest powerfull system of today!
who are they ?!
They are who indoctrinate u with ideas they want ! they make u forget what they are planning to do!so that u will never think of and ask why this is happening! why we have wars why we don't have peace don't we all love peace! they make u happy with the pleasures of life (the illusion)! The truth is that u are being guided by their media!

When the biggest banks,business and industries in the world are owned by people who support illuminati!
When the biggest mass media are controled by them!!!
what do u expect to be seeing thru this tube(tv) !

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 07:39 PM
you forgot Zardoz
Soilent Green

oh yeah you've been ignorant of the existence of the subterranean dystopia triplets:
Logan's Run
and The Island
all three based roughly on the Time Machine split of humanity into two distinct species or sects.
all hints at humanity's planned outcome.


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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 07:45 PM
awesome thread.

I view it in the fact that, its all bigger than imagined, and the people in hollywood are the ones completely milking it. Really really interesting.

Why doesn't that make it on the news? Haha

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 07:49 PM

Originally posted by watchZEITGEISTnow
He was actually killed for his last movie "Eyes Wide Shut" which EXPOSED the Illuminati and their secret dealings.


Please get your facts straight.

Yes, please do. Evidence to support your claim, please...?

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 08:24 PM
Well I thought clockwork orange was a classic, it gave me something to pattern my life by.
But that one part of apron to cover sex organ, it was in fact for when you broke stone on leg or chip stone. But must of done that to if nude.

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 08:52 PM
Thank you for letting me respond. I'd like to add a couple of additional films to the conversation because Americans in plain view have been told and shown for over 50 years what is coming. If you can take a look at the motion picture the Postman with Kevin Costner. There are others like soilent green, adrameda strain, logans run and revenge of the seth. All of them have these messages. For those Americans who want to know the truth or discovered the truth early on, they have already exited the country over the past two years. My understanding is that the number is around 3 MM.

Remember Ross Perot who ran for President in 1992? He moved to NZ in 2007. America, please wake up, there is still time but remember Obama is not a US Citizen. So look behind the curtain please.

Cheers from the Southern Hemisphere.

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 09:10 PM
Couldn't it all be an artists/director/writers way of warning or educating. The majority, the vast majority of the time is these characters considered to be the Illuminati are the bad guys. I stick Illuminati symbols in my work, but mixed with other symbols as well, because I'm interested in the subject, not because I want to indoctrinate anyone. "Hey, we know your game" might be behind a lot of this, especially Kubrick.

The pencil (or camera) is mightier than the sword and all that.

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 10:15 PM
reply to post by Doomsday 2029

the illuminati are good people.

they are responsible and focused. Unlike the masses who are lazy, greedy and delusional.
that is why
the illuminati are at the top.

the masses rather live in fantasy instead of observing reality and being held responsible.

great movies.

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 10:53 PM
I would say you missed one "They Live"....

Watch this video for a breakdown...

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 11:08 PM
How do we know this Post isnt just propaganda or a conspiracy to start conspiracy thinking in Hollywood?

I can see Kubrick looking into things and pointing things out that he sees in life withbrainwashing.

Im suprised you didnt bring up obvious movies like National treasure 1 & 2 or Indiana Jones or even The Davinci Code. Those movies are full of Images for illuminati.

So lets see I think boys in the hood could be seen as a subliminal. I think i saw a car with 18 inch rims with 12 spokes and a circular doorbell.

What about movies like Birds by Alfred Hitchcock or North by Northwest? Or something like the grapes of wrath.

I think you can go down the list and pick out movies with your so called symbolism if thats what you want it to be. These directors just want to make a good movie so they can keep on working. SOme do and some dont. Not all of them do set dressing, actually most of them dont. Thats left up to the Set Director. So there you have your new thread Set Directors working for the illiminati.

Also we must talk about illiminati in sports. NASCAR with the checkered flag or Joe Dimagio wearing number 5. Are they Illiminati as well?
Im sure the red sox have some symbolism as well as the blue jays.

See the list can go on forever.

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by TylerKing

Interesting that you mention that...

I almost always use various symbols, numerology etc, etc in all my work... logos at 33 degrees, pyramids occult numbering...

As I said above, the question is

Do i do this as you say "because i'm interested in the subject"

Or did someone condition us to so without our awareness?????

The commonality of all of us in the business sharing the "interest" is very ...well, Interesting

I always rationalized this "behavior" as an "interest" of mine and "trippy" and "maybe it works or i'll get attention via it"

But I literally Litter my work with symbols

Just part of the creative process and sort of common thing the imaginative would be interested in?

Or were we affected or induced to this sort of thing?

I think if you look deep enough, you might find your habit of adding these things to your work, as well as mine and many others, is not actually your own idea.

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 11:44 PM

Originally posted by arc de triumphe
I would say you missed one "They Live"....

Watch this video for a breakdown...

Wow... just wow...

I only watched the first video in that link, and while I do not believe in everything it offers as truth (lizards and aliens),... That little video did a much better job at explaining the message I'm trying to preach.

Thank you...

I recomend others watch the video.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 01:47 AM
I totally agree that symbolism are used widely in mainstream movie industry, however, I believe the symbols you have found are slightly hard to link, specially sun symbols which can have many interpretation. I suggest you focus on more straight forward symbols (themes and subliminal) in movies, and trust me they are many. I have also document a few of my own, in music, movies, literature, arts, etc. I was rather surprised how blunt “tenacious D: pick of destiny” was, it’s terrifying.

My theory on why they expose themselves is very simple and insane at the same time. These messages are well hidden from the average person, only people with certain amount of knowledge can unravel them. I believe that the Illuminati are sending these messages to communicate with a certain person, a very specific person whom they are trying to find. They are hoping that this person will understand these messages once he is ready, and then reveal himself to the world when all the pieces fall together. I shall stop here....


posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 01:48 AM
i just have to say that Neo's passport - freaked. me. out.

ok so it's fairly left-field but somewhere i read that sometimes 'ideas' are planted into these unsuspecting 'filmmakers/ script writers' minds for the purpose of giving us sheoples 'a clue' about certain goings on. . . . which are later obviously brought to fruition in films and tv and such.

by who??

well ETs of course
they're giving us a 'heads up' for our own good. . a very vague heads up, i might ad. . .

Just one theory anyway!!

EDIT TO ADD> that picture is fairly large loll

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 01:52 AM
This thread has gotten me to believe that there needs to be a support group for people who have gone "over the edge"

Included at the top of the page should be a sign that blinks and says "DO YOU THINK YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS A PROBLEM WITH REALITY CLICK HERE"



posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 06:46 AM

Originally posted by Doomsday 2029
To continue my protest that ATS needs a Hollywood Conspiracy board (or whatever ATS wants to call it.) I've decided to give a few more examples.

Hey Doomsday, sorry if I sound a bit stupid here... but who cares? What I mean is: What difference does it make? Put all the symbology you want in these films and it doesn't change anything.
Do I like the Illuminati or Masons more now? Nope.
Am I prepared for their immient takeover of the world? Nope.
Was I not shocked by 9/11 because of Neo's Passport? Nope.

Again, and I am saying this in a polite way because you went to a lot of trouble making this thread and obviously believe very strongly in it, but what does it matter? Can you explain that to me? So they put all this symbology in and what is that supposed to do? Desensitize me or something? Oops...didn't work.

Please explain a bit more on what I am missing here. Personally I think there is no symbology here and that its just mild paronoia that makes one think there is. I can take all those symbols you just stated and make something entirely different. Someone put up a thread showing how Fight Club was all Illuminati and stuff... but I could take everyone of those symbols and show how it was a conspiracy created by the Beatles to sell more Abbey Road albums.

I'm not mocking you here either brother, just trying to understand more. I'll finish reading the thread and maybe someone will explain it more to me because frankly I just don't see anything and even if there is something to it...what's the point?

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