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The Religion of Conspiracy Theories

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 07:53 PM
How you do you think you and people in general would react if it was proved to you/them beyond doubt that all conspiracy theories are just that.

Is it not part of our nature to belief in more and question things in the same way that we believe machines might do if they become too clever and develop a conscience.

Could your mind take it if you found out that we really are just a walking digestive system that is not destined to travel the distant stars or any form of greatness?

Are conspiracy theories in general, something that we need, something to help disguise our boring world and help us believe our dreams?

Not a dig at conspiracy theories but they seem to be becoming a religion on their own.

How different is someone who devotes their live to the questions of supposed truths to someone who devotes their live to the answers of supposed truths? Surely both are just people believing in more than they can see, except one is blind and the other is suspicious.

Its just kinda funny cos I believe if the pope came out and said that catholicism is a hoax then the current (conspiracy loving) non believers would become the new devout followers and assume that he's hiding something where as the people with faith would become the new skeptics! Brilliant!!! Half this site would become devote catholics!!!

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