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Obama Kicks Howard Dean to the Curb

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 05:54 PM
Obama named a new chairman of the DNC on Thursday. Strange, so soon after waging such a successful national campign. But even more obvious was the absence of the outgoing DNC chairman, Howard Dean.

Apparently, there is no love lost between Obama and Dean. Not only is Dean not going to get the cabinet position he wanted, that of HHS Secretary, he isn't going to get any cabinet appointment at all.

Any bitterness? Well, look at what one of Dean's aides had to say:

"The snub today was no accident," said one Dean ally. “I guarantee you he would have rescheduled his trip if asked to attend. It’s easy to [screw] over people when you are riding high in the polls, let's see how many people are singing his praises in six months."

Lei-Off: Obama Snubs Dean

The conspicuous absence of Howard Dean from Thursday’s press conference announcing Tim Kaine’s appointment as Democratic National Committee chair was no accident, according to Dean loyalists.

Rather, they say, it was a reflection of the lack of respect accorded to the outgoing party chairman by the Obama team.

Despite leading the party in consecutive triumphant election cycles – as well as through off-year races like when Kaine was elected Virginia governor in 2005 – Dean has become all but invisible since Election Day, passed over for the Cabinet position he coveted and apparently not in line for another administration post.

The instances of friction and fallout in the Democrat party since the election continue to occur. One wonders what this administration will look like in a year.

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 06:03 PM
Obama was probably afraid the nutter would do another 'Dean scream' if appointed. Bet you $5 that Dean toys with the idea of running against Obama for the nomination in 2012.


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