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Gordon Brown discusses films with childrens of school film club

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 04:47 PM
I came across an article in the news today where Gordom Brown had visited a Wales Media on the final part of a uk regional tour.

On page 2 of that aricle is says Gordon Brown boarded a train were he met a childrens school film club:

After leaving the school in Swindon, Mr Brown continued with his regional tour and boarded a First Great Western train to Newport.

While on board, the Prime Minister met children from Wootton Bassett School’s film club.

The nationwide initiative, funded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, involves children meeting to discuss a variety of films they have watched together.

The group of 10 children, plus teacher Fiona Aicken, chatted to Mr Brown about his favourite films, and movies they had recently watched.

The Prime Minister told them his favourite film was Cry Freedom, set in apartheid-era South Africa, and directed by Richard Attenborough.

The children presented Mr Brown with a gift of three DVDs – violent urban Brit-flick Bullet Boy, Christmas classic It’s A Wonderful Life and striptease comedy The Full Monty.

The Prime Minister left the train at Newport, went on to visit the Contour Premier Aircraft Seating works, near Cwmbran, before making his way to the Media Wales offices in Cardiff.

Isn't this film a little indepth for children?

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