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Journalists Targeted in Gaza!

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 11:16 AM
I just wonder why AJ is not turning broadcast to rooftop of Gaza, where they have worked all these days... Now they just said that their post is attacked! Also PressTV and other journalist worked in same building...

Israel targets Press TV station in Gaza

Israeli forces have targeted the office of Press TV and the Iranian Arab-language satellite channel al-Alam in the Gaza Strip.

There were no casualties in the Israeli attack, a Press TV correspondent said Friday, adding that Press TV's sister channel, Al-Alam, which was also based in the building has been affected by the attack.

The building's coordinate was handed to organizations responsible for the journalist safety including the UN. The journalists working in the building were given safely assurances that it would not be targeted by mistake.

Please, Israel... AJ is our only window to situation... Stop!

- They just made blackout to inside Gaza, satelite links to send picture from middle of Gaza is down, so there is no material coming out now. Big push has maybe begun, and they dont want anyone to see that.

- Specially I pray for the beautiful and brave lady of AJ - that she is ok, because one journalist is reported to been hurt... This is going personal.

EDIT: She is ok! - Reporting Live now...

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:20 PM

"Sherin" gave just Live report from Gaza. Seems like targeted house was next to house what is used by JA. In that house was other journalist working, one was injured.

Israeli army has said that there was some link station in rooftop of that house... So... Was it too difficult to give some kind of alarm before bombing... Give like 5 minutes to Sherin go save? Is that too much asked?

In that time you can go safe, but cant move any link station!

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:49 PM

Iran TV says Israel strikes its Gaza office, two hurt

TEHRAN, Jan 9 (Reuters) - An Iranian state television station said two people were wounded by an Israeli rocket strike on the building housing its office in Gaza on Friday.

"Israeli rocket strikes Gaza media building, wounding two," Press TV said in a breaking news headline, after initially reporting there were no casualties in the incident.

"Israeli forces have targeted Press TV and al-Alam television stations in the Gaza Strip," the English-language satellite station said. Al-Alam is Iran's Arab-language television station.

Equipment including satellite transmission devices installed on the roof was damaged, Press TV said on its website. It did not identify the wounded or say if other media outlets were based in the same building.

A Press TV news presenter said Israel knew the building's map coordinates and had given assurances it would not be attacked. Its website said staff had kept light projectors working on the roof of the building to mark it.

Iran has condemned Israel's 14-day-old offensive against Gaza, which Israel said it launched to end rocket attacks by the Palestinian militant group Hamas on southern Israel.

Israel has accused Iran of supplying arms to Hamas. Tehran, which does not recognise the Jewish state, says it gives moral, financial and humanitarian support to its Palestinian ally.


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