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Question about Astral Projection

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:13 AM
Up until 2006 (I am currently 34) I never had any experience with Astral Projection or even knew what it was. I had problably heard the term but never really cared, honestly. Anyway, in Dec 2005 due to a combination of a fracture on my spine and contracting the MRSA staff infection I ended up with an absess on my spine that caused physical paralysis from my miy chest area down. I still had some physical skin sensation but no movement. No surgical intervention was possible due to other health issues that would interfere. My prognosis was about a 10% chance of recovery. (BTW I recovered almost 98% and walk, live, etc. now) While in the hospital (3 months) receiving pain management and antibiotic treatment for the staff infection many times at night when going to sleep I would have this strange all over "buzzing" sensation. I thought it was do to medication. It would freak me out and it was like I would shake it off. This contiued on a regular basis and even when I came home. When I came home I still had the same paralysis was some limited improvement. I don't know if it was because I felt more relaxed at home or what but I started not shaking off this buzzing sensation. To begin with I just felt really dizzy. Almost like when you are about to pass out or go under anesthesia. Finally I started experimenting more and I would feel like I was turning on my side (which I physically couldn't do because of my medical condition) and then float out of my bed. I almost had a sensation like if I were swimming through the air although I was totally conscious. Because of my physical paralysis, I had a fascination with the stairs in our home because I couldn't climb them. At night I would go all over my house and ESPECIALLY upstairs. At this point I still didn't know what was happening. But because of this I started to research. And in researching astral projection seemed to be the #1 probability. But due to me researching AP I start researching other stuff regarding philosophies and metaphysics. I did A LOT OF READING ABOUT A LOT OF DIFFERENT THINGS over about 3 - 6 month time. And since I was in the bed a lot I had the time. I truly believe my change in BELIEF system is what helped me recover more than any medical intervention or at least it made me more open to it. But the strange thing is, the better PHYSICALLY I got the less I astrally projected?? And this has disappointed me greatly. It has probably be months since I have AP'd. I've always wanted to know if others have had astral experience triggered by health or tramatic experiences? Why once I had a better metaphysical understanding of myself and better PHYSICAL improvement would I stop astral projecting? I'd love any thoughts or theories? - Alice

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:50 AM
Interesting story. I'm glad you are better now.

When I was a kid, before I knew what astral projection was, I used to project myself while on the school bus.
I would run alongside the bus, in the grass, jumping over mail boxes, cars, bushes etc, or whatever was in my way.
I would see myself from the bus, and also feel what I was doing over there. It certainly felt to me as if I were very light, kinda like a half depleted helium balloon.

I also used to astro project myself to the play ground swings and then swing really high. I would do this by looking out the window at the play ground.

I could fly too, if I kicked up or jumped, then I would flap my arms a couple times to get higher, but would slow drift back down then repeat.

I could hover above everyone on the play ground and see their faces and hear what they were saying.

It was a very real experience for me.

I was just thinking about this today too ha.
I might try it again and see what happens.

take care

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:50 AM
Imagine you have a slider control.
One end of this is identification with the reality on this side of the curtain.
The other end is identification with the reality on the other side of the curtain.
When you are in the middle you can see both.
When you are at either end the other end can not be seen as a reality at all, and appears to be a delusion.

Being so ill and incapacitated detached you from your usual reality and pushed your slider control so your identification moved from the material to the ephemeral. That's a short cut to what people can learn after many gruelling years of serious meditation.

Now you are back in the material world it's frustrating to lose the ability to astral travel. However nothing is really lost. You have learnt it's possible and experienced it. Now you know it can be done, just relax and take your time about learning how to do it again when you are healthy. Pray to whatever source of goodness you can most easily communicate with and ask for guidance in how to learn.

In the meantime, accept this material world and your ability to be healthy in it as a great gift. There is so much to enjoy, so much beauty, so many adventures, and so many wonderful lessons to learn here. As the great soul, we created the universe as our school, as our playground, and as our chance to experience separateness so that we could explore companionship, friendship, co-operation and love.

See its beauty, its fragility, and its impermanence and love it.

One day you will be able to fly and teleport at will for all eternity.
But this world is short term, a popsicle to lick before it melts away.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 02:19 AM
I've had similar complications with it. I started Astral Projection about summertime of last year. I have some allergy problems and it makes it hard to breath sometimes (it also didn't help that I used to smoke), especially before I fell asleep my breathing would get real slow and I would start feeling vibrations and naturally it scared the **** out of me so I would force myself awake. I later started letting the vibrations continue and that's when I really started to astral project. I've noticed that Astral Projections are more common when I'm under stress or physically ill (or am just determined to have one). I would say start learning how to induce one and see what happens. It can be frustrating but just hang in there.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 02:27 AM

Originally posted by Kailassa
In the meantime, accept this material world and your ability to be healthy in it as a great gift.

Believe me, if I was never able to AP again that would be ok. In so many ways I am THANKFUL for the illness and paralysis because I got a view of the world that not many get. And then I got the gift to come back from it. There are so many little things that I didn't even have the realization to appreciate until they were gone. Just all the things that are done in a bathroom on a daily basis from washing hands, showering, brushing teeth and all the "other" stuff - I do literally think about it almost everytime I walk in a bathroom, even if it is to just turn off the light...

Life is so GREAT. And too much of it is wasted. I wish I could put my experience in words, but that is why we are here in this life we are - to experience and learn.


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