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My philosophy, Read for a analyitical and phiolosophical look at spirituality.

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posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 10:40 PM
Where to start off.

Death. Let's start off with death, some love it, some fear it, some hate it, some mourn it, etc.


Gotta start off with Atheists.

From an Atheist stand point, what do you see here right now? You see a monitor, possibly flat screen possibly old school, made out of plastic, a circuit board, possibly flexi glass or some material for the screen, electricity, micro diodes reflecting the very words, ads, and everything else you see. Pixilation more than likely something around 1/50th 1/100th of an inch x inch. You may or may not understand, that everything you're reading is being relayed to you by what most likely is a SQL server that communicated back in forth with it's service provider which then communicates to a satellite that brought this to you right now. HTML and Java, the old days -- gotta love em. S'all XML n Flash now.

Beyond that, even if you're not an Atheist, look to your left, look to your right, look above you look below you. In the space that separates you from the wall you're looking at or maybe the ceiling, there is molecules, oxygen, carbon dioxide. So even in what we cannot see, there is something. There is a substance, there is an existence, there is being. Even in the vacuum of space many different types of molecules and radiation flourish throughout.

Ahaha! Yes we have it. We have Reality. We have through what we understand with our intellectual brains capable of functioning on levels we are not even aware of yet -- Reality. Truth. 1.

Now. Cessation of blood circulation and breathing. Bam. Game over. I believe I've read somewhere that '___'(dimethyltryptamine[hallucinogenic naturally produced]) is released into your throughout your brain giving you a grand finale of fire works and memories of the ones you love and the things you've done. Uh oh, wait wait, not yet! Op. The one thing me you nor any other human can conceptualize or even begin to fathom.

Welcome to Nothing.

The reason why we cannot cope with the true mean of Nothing, is because it is a mathematical term -- 0.

Even when you light a candle, and the wick burns, turns to ash and carbon dioxide, it's physical presence is still there. However with human's our logical concept is that death is something where our understanding of something will no longer be there, it will cease.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 10:41 PM
reply to post by Revolution-2012

Alas, with our intelligence and recognizing the problem with death is that it is virtually impossible to imagine what nothing is like. It is impossible. As our brain being the software to life our body is the hardware. What happens when that software is deleted? Kaboom. Hard concept to roll around the knot and I know we’ve all been there and done it.

My theory if this is true, which I 99.9% believe it is not but there is always that .1% bugger in the way…

Is that if we became 0. We don’t see black for eternity we don’t see purple for eternity in fact we don’t see feel hear breath taste smell touch anything for – eternity. Our software becomes 0 and seizes to exist, there is no more. There never was anything. That is that.

And I don't believe that.

So. We have Buddhists. I like Buddhists! In fact, I personally believe they are closest to whatever the big special is that most of us hope for or look for throughout our lives. Reincarnation, Spirituality, Harmony, Health, Friendship, Peace.

Good people. Very good people. I praise them. Siddhartha was a very spiritual man which we all could be.

Alright now into the touchy subject and I’m not going to get into all of them because there is quite a few, but…. Here it goes.

Whoopity Dooh, our main man the guy who set the timeline and pretty much sculpted the face of our concept of what is what all together. Big impact, Big impact with this man.

Jesus H. Christ – And I’m not sure if that’s his middle initial or not but it is a term I’ve used before and I think it fits the segment I’m about to lay down for everyone =)

Christianity…. Hmmmm I don’t know where to begin. Let’s start off with the basic historical of who Christ was and what he did. Supposedly born from a virgin, Supposedly born into poverty, Supposedly helped many around him, Taught very good principles. Oh schnapps, All the sudden this man is performing miracles of sorts, preaching against other beliefs, The Romans come and nail him to a cross bam done deal. Except the way the bible depicts it withstood multiple tortures and survived for 3 days, died, got buried in a cave and came back to life 7 days later pretty sure that’s how the story goes. Without the big eventful storms and such.

The prophets and witnesses preach of the ten commandments, thou shall not sin by this this that and that, etc etc. They preached those evil doers will go and burn in a lake of fire and be lavished by Satan / Lucifer whoever. Those who are good will go to heaven and feast eternally no hunger no pain good stuff.

My whole problem with the Jesus Christ bit – what is to say Jesus didn’t stub someones toe? Or when he flipped the table over what if he had hurt someone doing so? What is to say while they weren’t looking do to the fact he was human he didn’t go get his sex in?

[edit on 8-1-2009 by Revolution-2012]

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 10:41 PM
To say Jesus never committed something even close to a sin is to say that he wasn’t human. It’s to say he was God which he was not he was brought from the heavens to earth however that happened I have no idea virgin birth whatever. End of story You die you burn You’re good you live.

My problem with bad burn good go to heaven, where is the line? I’ll tell you this much those priests that molest little children sure as the &$%$ aren’t going to heaven. Anyways anyways anyways. And those who are good and do everything by the books most definitely will go to a place of serenity I believe. Not necessarily because they are Christian but more so that they practiced good karma.

And by the way I do believe in Jesus Christ I do believe he performed miracles but I’m not going to stop the flow of time and revolve my life around him. He was a great guy, possibly a great divine guy! Or possibly even a great divine superhuman fictional guy! We don’t know.

Now. To my philosophy baby. Short n Sweet.

So here we are. We see what we see we understand what we understand by science. Principle. No real challenge to the governing factors of reality.

Now there is a few bends and twists to this “reality” that also challenges the idea of science. If you decide to do your own research, research Pam Reynolds. She had a brain aneurism in the most inaccessible place in the human brain, and opted for a very life threatening surgery to save her life. Alas, cooling down the blood to ~60F stopping all metabolism within the brain and body then proceeding with the surgery. At this point she claims she had viewed her body from a 3rd person perspective and literally remembers hearing what the doctors we’re saying to a very fine line. Upon recovery she tells nurses and the surgeons just exactly what she had experienced. They were at a lose for words or science to classify this as a explainable event. The only event that happens with 1 in 1000 people that undergo anesthesia is that she was able to hear what they we’re saying while in a almost comatose state before full body shutdown. What also challenges this, is that they had speakers in her ears generating a clicking noise that provided a signal for the doctors to recognize when her brain was no long receiving that signal, which would of made it very hard to decipher especially under anesthesia what the surgeons we’re saying. Not to mention she repeated full conversations, explained tools that they we’re using to a very close description, and so forth. Mystery or Science? Make what of it you will, either way none the less a very interesting subject.

So, in theory if she was actually removed from her body to a state of 3rd person perspective, that is impossible. Saying that it did happen and she was at a state of disconnection from her body, this leaves her in what I call the twilight zone. Not quite dead, not quite aware that you are dead, but knowing that you are not in your body and that you are experiencing a phenomena. This phenomena is to the best of my description, ascension or disconnection from the human shell – where the spirit/ethereal being of ones “conscious” is now not part of this physical plane of existence.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 10:42 PM
Welcome to my philosophy.

So you’ve heard about demons, you’ve heard about angels. What are they and where do they reside? Why can’t we see them?

I believe in something along the lines of 5 dimensions (and a 3rd ½ the place where Pam Reynolds was, something like astral projection.) and each of these dimensions have an alignment. Now I’m not speaking in dimensions as in physical or time space relativity, I’m talking about spiritual dimensions. 1 being the lowest(evil) and 5 being the highest (“god).

1st dimension:
Where the evil of all evil resides, “Satan”, those whom plague worlds throughout the universe with their sin and evil doing, murderers mind controllers in the conspiracy realm those who control the Illuminati/Bilderberg/Bohemian Club/etc. Also at what point or another these evil beings go to the “zero dimension” described in the Book of Enoch as “multiplied forth in nothingness for eternity”

2nd dimension
Those who control all of those stuck in the 3rd dimension – ie, me. They control the ones still bound to physical concepts of reality and those who trust that money and power are the only way to find happiness.

3rd dimension
Basically 90-95% of the humans on this planet considering the 1st and 2nd dimension beings are indefinitely on a much more sadistic path. 3rd dimension humans believe that we must eat, we must work, we must drink water, we must have money, we must live. However the flaw in 3rd dimension people is I believe it is quite a anomaly throughout the universe seeing as that ET most likely sustain themselves on a higher level of existence. 3rd dimension is kind of our own choice.

4th dimension
Where we go when we die! At least that’s what I believe. From what many believers in this type of theory say, time is also very much so faster on this plane. A plane of existence with no pain or hunger, just our spirit where we can commingle with friends and family, do things we never thought possible, and maybe even sustain some type of physical being if we choose to but with 4th dimension characteristics. We also can choose to reincarnate. However the flaw with “heaven” or my 4th dimension is I cannot believe that we can live, or be forever. It’s relatively impossible – at some point we will say to ourselves, maybe after 10,000 years of life or 100,000 we say to ourselves ok, we’re done I don’t want to stare and be here as a conscious being anymore. Alas, the 5th dimension.

5th dimension
I guess the best way to describe it is “God” or purity, one with everything. There is no conscious decision on this level. It’s what Siddhartha had obtained, being one with the trees, every animal everything. That is the state of which you have completed what it is you’ve looked for. No more trying to do anything, no more thinking, just being. 100% being, of everything in the entire universe. However this I do not believe this is the end of our being, but more of a recycle, like a reincarnation of the spiritual realm. Where at some point you get booted back out into being a cave man or an alien, or whatever it is. You may not remember everything but I assume you’d be placed around the people from your past beings, or maybe throughout time and space you would meet with them again, and of course new friends.

[edit on 8-1-2009 by Revolution-2012]

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 10:43 PM
Now that I’ve got that done, the end of my spiritual dimension philosophy. Oh boy oh boy, here we are on this hole in the universe. War. Plague. Murder. Rape. And yet not one damn person that could change this even begins remotely to try to. Instead they have non-charity organizations trying to make things better. It shouldn’t be that way, in fact with all the bloody suppressed technology that we have we could make this world take a turn for the better. But we don’t, why? Because these 2nd dimension and 1st dimension “elites” control every damn step you take and ever damn choice you make. The only real choice you can make is to SEPARATE yourself from the society and live in the mountains. Fun for some but some aren’t capable of hunting their own food or growing their own crops. Yes I believe the Illuminati are demons, almost possessed by a conscious control that they don’t even realize their controlled by, and if anyone thought with intention of doing something good for once they get killed just like JFK. I believe we’re in the age of change, the alignment of the earth is going to shift back to the water bearer age or the Age of Aquarius. All the planets or at least most are going to come into alignment which is going to cause some pretty radical gravitational shifts in our little world. If you don’t believe that the planets are going to align and that there will be gravitational shifts, I suggest that you watch the history channel or do a little bit more reading, because I don’t think NASA scientists lie to often, except when they’re hiding the little green men.

Bottom line of my philosophy, spirituality…. And a good look at what it is not to have it.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 03:53 AM
Bump Bump.

Good read. Atleast for the theory(not based on any(much) fact).


posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 03:53 PM

Originally posted by Revolution-2012
Welcome to my philosophy.

I believe in something along the lines of 5 dimensions

[edit on 8-1-2009 by Revolution-2012]

Hi I agree with much of what you say. I believe we are mainly energy stuck in these physical bodies. We are first a soul within a body not a body with a soul. I believe there are probably many more dimensions than 5, possibly 10 or 12.

1st dimension is probably very low astrals, however satan although low probably has a lot of astral skills so does this enable him to climb higher? Not sure...

2nd dimension is lower astrals probably. Spirits who need to learn, they constantly try to stop us progressing and becoming aware. They do this to control us, to take our energy away from us in the form of fear. Most are jealous of our bodies and wish for 3D life for themselves

3 dimension us!

4th dimension aliens such as the greys, anunnaki

5th dimension higher spiritual aliens such as Nordics, Archturians aliens that are more of energy than body

6th dimension dead spirits, us when we die

7th dimension Higher spirits and angels who are very pure

8th and above god realms so to speak

So our take on dimensions is slightly different. However I think we have all come from one point anyway, in the beggining there was probably just one energy called the creator if you wish. This was then divided up into millions of smaller parts of light which then became all that is today. We are all from one and will return to one.

many on this plane do have the ability to leave their bodies, hover above themselves in a twilight zone. Never quite reaching the next level completely due to the life silver cord that holds us to our bodies, but many can definatly visit other dimensions.

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