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Unusal Dreams

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posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 11:32 AM
I had a dream that was way outside the box..even for me. It had me waking up scratching my head, so imma toss it out there for anyone that is knowledgeable in dream interpretations. Also, i want to hear about your off the wall dreams, and see what others have to say about it.

Anyways, in my dream i was standing on a road that leads to where i live. I was standing there was a couple of friends of mine. To my right is a huge field and i'm standing there watching this field when a lady starts talking to me. I don't understand her, but i decide to look up and when i do, i see huge eagles, with people riding on their backs. As they land and dismount, the lady talking to me looks at me and says "The gods are returning"..thats all i could make out. As they are landing, i remember being awestruck for some reason.

As the figures are walking towards me (i cant either remember what they looked like or can't remember) i remember saying to myself that "This is a dream" and i pinch myself..repeatedly to try and wake up. I'm looking at the lady that has been talking to me while i pinch myself and she starts talking again. Well now, the scenery starts to run and gets im about to wake up. As i'm waking up, i get the feeling that i missed something..then i wake up.

Only dream i had that had me in left field when i wake up. So...i'm interested in your story..

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:26 PM
Well, it could mean any number of things. If one is to take a mystical influence to it, it could easily mean that one is reviecing a message that in these times of troubles, there are religious entities, probably all of the forgotten ones, coming in from on high to help the various beleagured people of the world. If one looks from a more centralistic view, it could mean that various rolemodels are coming back to you, in some various forms. All depends on which way you want to view how this dream came to you. Being that you are saying that this dream is of a differing nature than normal, one might think that you are being used as a "Horse" to carry the messages of the various dieties to the world, to get the word out to all of their beleagured followers who had felt lost, and to any that might feel that they are now called to these ancient powers. Did the Gods (were there Goddesses as well?) Have a distinct cultural/ ethnic background, or were they diverse? Did they have similar builds or many different builds? How many could you count? are the details fresh, or still fuzzy? Did you wake up with any words beside what the lady had spoke imprinted, i.e. "Savior, Paradigm, Protege, Glory" anything that specific?

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 11:48 PM
i got a couple for ya, i was very ill and going through some very strange health issues about 2 yrs ago and was having these very strange things happen to me around bed time. i would wake up after about an hour or so of sleep on a regular basis with shortness of breath and feeling like i was dying or halfway between dead and alive. whenever this happened it was usually accompanied with dreams of death and evil, it was a chicken or the egg type thing, i didnt know whether it was the dreams causing the feeling or the feeling causing the dreams.

the strangest dream i was in washington dc, i live in portland and have never been to the east coast, and was in front of the memorial with thousands of people and everybody was looking up in the sky in awe of something. i looked up and saw the most beautiful thing in my life. its hard to describe but it was like a giant, blimp size, beautiful tropical fish changing color with a throbbing psychedelic neon butterfly like pattern. i noticed it was inhaling the souls of the crowd of on-lookers in masses and that they were all falling down, dying as the thing floated over them vacuuming up their spirits. i realized that they were sacrificing themselves by giving in to its beauty and at that very moment i felt myself giving in to its beauty and felt myself dying and immediately woke up with the feeling of death.
i will never forget this dream my entire life. i have a pretty good imagination and have some very deep dreams with plots and twists like movies but it just boggles my mind to think that my subconscious mind could come up with something like this.
another very strange one i had, i was in an unfamiliar country, possibly middle eastern. and was walking down this street with a close friend of mine who was talking about this guy who was some kind of political leader or royalty of something. his pictures were nailed and painted on all the walls and my friend was saying how great of a man he was and how we would look back on this time and feel privileged to have experienced what changes he will bring to mankind. i was kinda ignoring him, like whatever you always say that sorta stuff, when a small poster he was holding and looking at while we walked fell from his hands. just before it hit the ground it magically warped back into his hands. he was like whoa, see i told ya he was great! just then we turned to see him walking kinda towards us from under this covered area with a long table with unlit candles on it. as he walked passed the candles each one lit up. we were like holy !!!!!!!! as he turned at the corner of the table to head directly in our direction i made eye contact with him. this very strong vibration started emanating from my stomach kinda like i was being electrocuted and i said to myself this aint good and i realized this was the anti-christ and woke up but i still felt this vibrating. i was completely lucid, and fully awake and it felt like this vibrating, though coming from my stomach, was shaking my entire house. i could hear it and i was freaking out. it lasted about ten seconds and i could hear and feel it simultaneously power down and stop. now i have no idea what that electric pulse or vibration was but it was definitely not in my head i was completely awake and couldnt sleep after that. i have never experienced anything like that before or since but it would be nice to hear some ideas as to what may have caused it. also i am not religious in any way, dont necessarily believe there will be an antichrist or have any idea why i knew he was the anti christ at that moment in my dream.
i just hope that neither of these dreams are prophetic in anyway because i have had semi prophetic dreams and other psychic experiences. i also had a dream about a nuclear war, i was in a bunker with satan himself and he was forcing me to watch everything that had happened including the deaths of my friends and family and all mankind over and over for eternity.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 02:21 AM
oh yea portlandblazer i feel ya. Hell once i had a dream about me confronting Satan himself! It's kinda weird because i opened the door (i knew he was behind it) TO CONFRONT him..i remember i was freighted and felt panicked at the same time..but i wasn't scared and it felt like it was something i had to do

Heck, another time i remember looking at an asphalt road with a bright light shinning on one spot. For some reason or another i stomped on where the light was was pointing to out something to me (i think, not 100%) but was just shinning on this one spot....after i did it, voices and faces appeared in my head saying i killed the devil..i woke up screaming...

But yea i've had a doosy of them. I don't have any of those "religious" type dreams anymore since i woke up and left Christianity (no offense to anyone, its just how i see it.
) but the funny thing is is that sometimes..the themes are same...

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