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Time To Tell The Truth About Israel …Without Fear Of The Mind Police , by David Icke

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:07 AM
The major cause of the Israeli-Palestinian fight is simply, they hate each others guts, and use religion to justify it. Each has extremist's fanning the flames of war, and a media circus that backs them up.

Personally, If tomorrow Israel sank into the ocean, and Israel ceased to exist. The "religions of Abraham" would fight over some other land instead. And the endless cycle of violence would continue. (Along with the endless vehement barrage of liberal-conservative dogma.) There is no solution until the either side truly believes in peace, and that hasn't happen since the dawn of the Abrahamic religions

BTW- David Icke is a one trick pony, who sells ideas to get rich. And the liberal blog eats it up like "Sugar free cake". While the republican religious right state Religious "feel good" statements like Israel is the "chosen" land, And neither listen to the other, except to state their side on a bully pulpit. Otherwise typical politics as usual. And this post was a waste.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:08 AM

Originally posted by budski
Personally, I wouldn't argue against this - I have had to stop watching the TV news, so upset have I become at the relentless propaganda being forced on us by the MSM, which paints all palestinians as the bad guys, whilst justifying the slaughter being perpetrated by israeli forces.

I have had to stop watching the news because of the propaganda of BOTH sides. How anyone can paint either side as a good guy is beyond me. Both sides have done horrible things wrong and neither is any better than the other. With both machines chewing out so much hate and lies it is impossible to get a clear picture of either side. Over the years I have heard so much. I even drove a truck between Haifa and Tel Aviv for awhile and saw it first hand. I've had Jewish friends who it was difficult to get any info out of because they would turn so hostile against me when I brought up anything, but then it was the same with the Palestinians I talked to. In the end all that is clear is that both sides are gonna be living there and its pointless to fight like this and a solution needs to be found between the two so they can live together in peace. Will there ever be peace? Personally I don't think so and it saddens me so much because there are so many good people on both sides. Sad? It goes so much further beyond sad that sad is no longer a word that could ever come close to the truth of the situation.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:11 AM

Originally posted by YeshuaWarrior
reply to post by budski

Israel is God's nation. God's word says I will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel. Your rant cursing Israel brings curses on you. Good luck your going to need it. If Hamas was lobbing missiles into the United States how do you think we would react? With vengeance of course, as we should.

oh all the other nations are the product of the devil then except israel who can do whatever they want around their neighborhood and the world? god never said that-god didnt write the bible-thats not the god that i know at least... and as for me i am not cursing israel but the few that manipulate it for the ultimate goal.Like Bill Hicks said -fundamental christians have been in power forever here-with their finger on the button ranting in a trance like state"tell me when lord.tell me when.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:13 AM
David Icke, the most pathetic profiteer on the internet once again chooses to Cash In off his audience by stepping into political waters.

It's bad enough, when this dissatisfied, money hound of a man... makes up completely fabricated stories about people shape shifting into Reptiles and our leaders and institutions and everything else in his own society is actually run by these molesting lizards is what he tells people.

If that isn't bad enough, now he wants to paint a whole war and conflict as a result of the Evils of our society...

Bad enough, he teaches us we are bad, teaches our kids we are evil and possessed and fabricates everything he says purely for the ears of the miserable masses who look to him.

But now he just spews contempt and lies about a entire race of people, govt conspiracies and all the rest of this...

David Icke, deserves to be deported as a traitor

Gross profiteering is allowed by our society but constant ridiculous attempts to sell people on hatred of their leaders and society and culture to me should be a crime, particularly when it's all fabrication, if I did what he did to one person I'd likely be sued for slander and thrown in jail because his claims are so absurd.

How can anyone listen to anything this moron says? For the love of g-d the man thinks the Queen of England changes into an Iguana at night...

I like conspiracy theories because ... well, there are conspiracies lol, and I like to know what they are, Guys like Icke simply create dissatisfaction, contempt and they do it all for a buck...

If you don't want to be thought of as a conspiracy "nutter" Don't associate yourself with insane conspiracy nuts, no one think your nuts when you say "JFK might have been killed by the govt" or "9-11 may have been an inside job"

But start flapping about Icke the other 99.9% of the world knows... you genuinely have an issue of distinguishing between Fantasy and reality, guys like him RUIN the Genre

AS For Palestine, you know... it's a terrible situation, but what advice or path does a guy like Icke Offer?

He spews (mostly lies) about agendas that he actually knows nothing about beyond the same crap media you and I are fed information from....

And takes... the opposing side

You know

get a grip

It is WRONG that these people die...

But you People like Icke like to act like there are no "Rulers and Conspiracies" in The Mid East or China

Sure The West has "Plots"

So do the rest of these Idiots...

The difference is our society is open enough that we might notice or even identify players...

You will NEVER see a true Islamic or Chinese conspiracy theory in here that names in depth names....

You Know Why?

Because in Asia China or the Mid East a guy like Icke would DIE in one day...

Sure... it's wrong whats happening to innocent Palestinian Families...


You all have sympathy? Both sides are pawns we all know this plenty of Jews will die too... most of them Families also... the whole region is going to blow, so what?

Is there something that will get the single most strategic trade and religious and cultural location in the center of the old world... OFF the list of those World Wide who Plot and plan?

has the region ever NOT been at war for length or...

Did Cro Magnums first break an Axe off in a Neanderthal Man there 60,000 years ago?

What does David Icke say?

Expose those on The side of the West who Plot? Overthrow us...damn our culture and why? The other sides in this world don't do the same and worse?

What do some of you wish to be the Minority? to truely be "not in the know" to have those who control the conspiracies in your life... replaced by those who look different, have a different religion and have a whole Other Agenda...

Okay so in my Govt people, who look like me and I blend with have Terrible Plots ...Hoorah, Ickes a genius, no one knows this...

My life would be much better off if I support the other sides Freaks right? So when they have the power and wealth I can STILL be, abused by religions I don't believe in, still be controlled by a Government

except Now... Lol, I can't blend in and pretend i agree with the freaks to survive anymore and loose any special favors I do have...


Let's get everyone in the West to be peaceful and get rid of Our Governments and institution in place of Psychos... from some where else who care even less about us...

There's nothing that can be done to save that region from itself, even the plotters of the world (who usually EFF up everything they do) can manipulate them as easy as they can because both sides are ridiculous of belief system

So Good for Icke, Side with The Elite of Islam lol... instead of your own scum, because they will treat you even better when they plan conspiracies around your life than a guy that might be related to you directly will...

He's an imbecile of epic proportions and people that follow Icke can't distinguish between Reality and Fantasy and are boderline or perhaps even Psychotic...

The topic has been addressed... here at ATS

Are conspiracy theorists Mentallty Ill?

Yeah, some are... the ones that would turn on their own culture at the words of a Guy that thinks our leaders are actually Lizards Men... Galactic federation nuts that believe completely fictionalized stories that are bad knocks of Star Treck.. yeah NUTS, them too...

Yeah some of them are Nuts...

Most people are kind of stupid actually....

But if your going to choose in a war, the side that opposes your own, you can't conceptualize the realities of what will happen to you, your living in another world

I don't care if the Queen is a Reptile LOL

She's a Reptile that leads your people and if you overthrow her, your going to die and be disenfranchised in life, David Icke, would see Brits, Second Class citizens in London in 40 years, he doesn't care, he keeps Taking paypal donations...

and he acts...

Like anyone in thousands of years has made any Peace in that Area... people will show gaps a Hundred years here or there... but really

The BLOOD has not stopped on that strip of land for 500,000 at a minimum as one group of man out of Africa had to beat the crap out of another to exit africa from the dawn of man... maybe... Millions of years of pseudo human Blood

If any region on Earth is Haunted... this is it. Peace is a dream there, it's to important of a strategic location

People who live there will Always die and it will never End...

So why does he preach self hatred or blame on ANY side...

I'm not bashing for attacking Israel but he says

"The whole West"

That whole place stinks... why blame everyone in the West and Invent "Conspiracies" perhaps you can call it a conspiracy when a leader chooses to "take advantage of a situation" but come on... only because of the way it is and the way people treat each other in that region... not because Our leaders sat around plotting their demise...

and lol... they aren't Lizard Men, any of them... some of them might use that side of the brain more than the rest of us... but that doesn't make them Alien Shape shifting Lizards, it just makes them Primal individuals... (i.e. Jerks)

But Ickes constant bash and lies about the Leaders of the West...

It's time he went to Jail as a Traitor

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:23 AM

Originally posted by budski
So, yet again, the people of the virtual-concentration camp, known officially as ‘Gaza’, are being bombarded from the sky by the bully-boys of Tel Aviv.

Whilst Israel bashing is fashionable, I’m not going to be biased against any side here, but I need to clarify that as far as I’m concerned, Palestinians are NOT Hamas or the Islamic Jihad. Let’s face it. These are terrorist organizations that have just one aim: To destroy Israel.

To achieve this end they will go to any length, unmindful of the consequences of their actions. Palestinians be damned. They don’t count in the grand strategy of these extremist groups. They have been brainwashed to the point of no return, and thus no amount of cease fires and negotiations are going to help. They need to destroy Israel itself. And nothing else matters.

Coming to the so called ‘massacres’, ‘genocide’ and other catchy descriptions being trotted out, I wonder whether they know what it actually means? Whilst killing innocent civilians is unacceptable, in this round of conflict, 20% are civilians and the rest Hamas / Islamic Jihad terrorists. That amounts to just about 200 civilians killed, less than the civilians killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq last fall! So that cannot be termed genocide by any stretch of imagination. So let’s tone down the rhetoric some.

No amount of negotiations would help as it would always be one sided. These terrorists are using the Palestinian people as cannon fodder, to achieve their agenda of Israel’s destruction, by whatever means.

State-of-the art Israeli jets, paid for by the United States, bomb civilian targets in this tragic, poverty-stricken wasteland.

Eight thousand rockets including Russian GRAD-21s have been fired into Israel by Hamas DURING the ceasefire. Why? Palestine has over the recent years after the Hamas took the reigns of power, become more and more the victim of corruption and embezzlement at the highest government levels. This has had serious effects on industry and commerce and living standards of ordinary Palestinians. Millions of dollars sent as aid to the Palestinian people to improve their infrastructure and standard of living have been diverted for the purchase of thousands of tons of ammo, arms, rockets and other war-like stores, smuggled into Gaza through tunnels linking Egypt by the Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Why? Palestinians be damned! Who cares? As long as Israel is obliterated.

Why can’t these terrorists shut the heck up for the greater good of the Palestinian people? They have hijacked the entire peace process and are getting the Palestinians decimated for achieving their nefarious ends – the destruction of Israel.

Personally, I wouldn't argue against this - I have had to stop watching the TV news, so upset have I become at the relentless propaganda being forced on us by the MSM, which paints all Palestinians as the bad guys, whilst justifying the slaughter being perpetrated by israeli forces.

I’m not justifying war here. Palestinians are not the bad guys. The Hamas are. My country has been fighting for the Palestinian cause since the 1948 UN resolutions which we outright rejected.

But I do not equate Palestinians with terrorist organizations like the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad who have hijacked this whole issue to serve their agenda. And until they see reason or the world body makes them see reason, and agree on a peace deal with honesty and a sense of purpose that keeps the ordinary people’s interests in mind, ‘Palestine’ and its people will continue to bleed.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:25 AM

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:31 AM
For once david ike is right. Stop the love of the real terrorists. And enough of this arrogant God's people crap. Screw them and their god if that's the way he wants them to act.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by CapsFan8

You know, one of the reasons I am not religious, and even lean towards being anti-religious, is all the evil that man justifies through their religions. Hideous, despicable crimes, all in the name of one god or another. So much hate, in the name of beings that are supposedly so benign. It boggles the mind. Taking religion out of the equasion, I have to say I too would fight for my home if some people from another country just showed up one day with a note that the UN had given them that said that this land was theirs. Exscuse me? Doesn't anyone see the error in that line of thought? Ridiculous in the extreme. I cannot blame people for fighting for something that was forcibly taken from them. Before anyone proclaims me to be anti-semetical, let me just say, I have nothing against jews, they've left me alone my entire life, far more than christians ever did, so they can live or burn, as each of them decides, it makes no difference to me.


posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:50 AM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus

Bad enough, he teaches us we are bad, teaches our kids we are evil and possessed and fabricates everything he says purely for the ears of the miserable masses who look to him.

But now he just spews contempt and lies about a entire race of people, govt conspiracies and all the rest of this...

David Icke, deserves to be deported as a traitor

How can anyone listen to anything this moron says? For the love of g-d the man thinks the Queen of England changes into an Iguana at night...

and how do you know that she doesn't?
icke at least brings out facts -historical facts that make up a picture-perfect clear of this world and not some fantasy that isn't hapening -all that has happend and is happening now.all you said is he is nuts he needs to be doprted-yea smoke em out jimmy-yihaaa

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:51 AM
Isn't there something like El Diablo showing Yeshua all of the Nations of the world, and telling him. "I will give these to you, if you fall down, and worship me."

Notice Yeshua didn't correct him and state, "El Diablo, you silly, Israel is God's chosen land." He instead stated "Worship the Lord your God only."

It was only after Darby's sellng of "dispensationalism" that Israel became popular with end time predictions. Until then the Jews were a foot note in history, simply. They rejected God, now the Church is Israel, God's chosen
people. (With a few notable exceptions, of course.)ie Supersessionism theory.

If people were truly sincere, then they would actually study your church history, and realize how Dispensationalism theology developed, how its ideas changed with the times, and how Christian Zionism was born\developed, and influences Political ideology.

And before the Scripture is used to support belief systems, Remember that every body before 1800 interpreted the "end times" differently then what is common today. So people can state "The bible has never changed" True, But the interpreatation of various Bible texts has changed over the years. And the interpretation is different when what was common 200 years ago, or even 2,000 years ago.

(Edit: Changed the context to debate the christian zionists. In generalized terms over specific focus on certain posters.)

[edit on 9-1-2009 by msnevil]

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by nocty

"how do I know that she doesn't"

Well for starters i've been lucky enough to know and meet allot of people that might make the icke list in my life (not the queen) but I know first hand that various "reptilians" he claims are flesh and blood like you and I... one of them, he names often happens to be related to me... so I think hes an utter dunce...

But above and beyond...

It's a TRAGEDY of the imagination that some of us are so gifted of it, but are not taught in our societies to control the process or understand it

I mentioned some people being batty in here...

Questioning for real that your world is run by lizards with not a shred of proof of proof ... is borderline my friend, perhaps fully psychotic

It is particularly made worse when a person.. of celebrity

Who has every reason from having met many of these individuals to KNOW they aren't shape shifting Reptiles preys on that for profit...

It is perhaps..prudent, to entertain all possibilities when you don't KNOW for sure... nothing wrong with leaning a tiny bit paranoid in life...

But when A guy like myself who happens to intimately now some famous people believes it in spite of Knowing it can't be true... that's Psychosis of some sort or in Ickes case... Just plain Rotten to play with peoples minds that way

I can understand... why someone who has limited finance and world exposure might question it.

"Who is this Oprah?" "Who Does Bush work for"

But when you have the capacity to meet and mingle with these people

and you still spread BS stories about them... you deserve to be sued, fined and even go to Jail

That's why Icke has a "legal defense fund" lol

Because he tells allot of Lies man

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:13 AM
Just a observation, How come when the Subject of Israel-Palestine comes up, you almost never see Islamic apologists quoting the Qur'an or thier hadiths in support of palestine? (Sorta like a Islamic version of David Icke'.)

Do Islamic apologists even exist on ATS to support the "oppressed" Palestinians?

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:14 AM
And none of that even changes being dumb enough to take sides in this fight...

There will never be lasting peace in that region, the cross roads of Europe, Africa and Asia and between it and Saudi Arabia and Egypt and Iraq and Iran,... the Mideast in General the religious center of the world, the oil center of the world and the Physical land lock of all three continents...

It's too strategically important

anyone who lives there will have themselves or their ancestors killed, displaced or butchered in time... it's a hot zone, always has been always will be. By Geography

As long as there are those that seek power in the world, that region will burn...

Has been bloody for Millions of years

I feel bad, I feel more bad being a jew... because I probably have distant relatives...

But you know what, i'd never live there...

Everyone that even goes there for very long seems to leave a fanatic

I think the place is literally haunted from Millions of years of Human Blood

Take a Look at this

Take a close look

Those lines from Africa

They run right over Israel, mecca and the reported site of Mt Sinai in Arabia... (don't forget christ died there too)

all these "Holy sites" are Blood Baths, BLOOD BATHS for maybe Millions of years, every group that had to exit Africa met it's predecessor right in these locations?

You think this is "Holy Land"

No way... Satans Land maybe, Haunted land maybe?

But all lies and deceptions and Death...

We can't help what goes on in these places...

and not to wax superstitious, but if you have spiritual beliefs... I'd entertain the notion of possession and that it's not safe top trust anyone roaming these lands with "great plans" because too many people have died here over too many years and ...

It's hard to guess at the spiritual ramifications of this all... but I see little to do with g-d in any of it

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:16 AM

Originally posted by budski

A very interesting and conspiracy oriented article which points the finger of blame squarely at the door of western powers - or the powers behind the governments if you prefer.

The situation is a horrendous one, and an act of genocide is being committed according to the article.

Personally, I wouldn't argue against this - I have had to stop watching the TV news, so upset have I become at the relentless propaganda being forced on us by the MSM, which paints all palestinians as the bad guys, whilst justifying the slaughter being perpetrated by israeli forces.

The article also contains some interesting timelines and financial information and some historical references to show how the "oppressed" have now truly become the oppressors - with the backing of our taxes, and the real powers behind the thrones.

Excuse me? What Mainstream Media have YOU been watching? So far, they have all been portraying Israel as the Aggressor, much as you, while they falsely portray the Palestinians as innocent little victims of a bully, much as you.

How narrow minded and naive do you have to be to take the side of Hamas, simply because you hate Israel/Jews? That is what appears as the case with many Leftists in this World right now, you not excluded. Your perception of Real World events is twisted beyond ANY form of Realistic Interpretation, so as to leave you utterly biased and blind.

Anyone who takes the side of Hamas is a Terrorist sympathizer, and THAT is the Bottom Line.

Anyone who believes that Israel does not have the right to fight, in order to Maintain its Sovereignty, is an utter Hypocrite to the Fullest Order, and THAT is the Bottom Line.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:19 AM
Text In whatever angle Mr. Icke presents Israel, there will be pros and cons; so, just think of what is happening: genocide ! ! For the last 60+ years these people are treated like scum. What would you do in their position ? No water, no sewage, no electricity, no heating (it does get cold in winter, it even snows in Jerusalem), no public transportation, no medicine, and last but not least no education. And daily bombing for the last 60+ years, of course. Taking this into consideration, Palestinians are very humble and quite peaceful indeed. What does Israel do ? ...This has nothing to do with being a jew or what god has said !!! Israel shall not be stopped !! This is the will of the UN and all others in charge. We want a country of 6 Million people run the world. It´s the holy Land. And we believe in the bible, be believe in God. God gave Moses 10 sentences, the 10 commandments, now we have a book, the bible. Where do all the other words come from ? THINK !!!

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:25 AM
In the begining of his work he didnt mention bloody reptilians-but after he got a lot of leters and stories from people around the world that some actualy saw those ritualistic events take place he started going deeper in to it,he also said that he met young people who are of descent or related to some of those 'reptiloids" normal nice poeple who are disgusted at the same people we are he said.Now some people might think that its a metaphor -the r-complex which we all poses in the brain which is also resposible for instict and survival-the very basic needs if u will.But Credo Mutwa the zulu shaman from africa says that they have stories in africa just like we have snow white etc,about princeses and reptilain beings,in those parts they are called the chitauli who came to earth and disrupted harmony.DIDNT YOU KNOW THAT Icke didnt really have any intent to pursue what he is doing now ,he got on a plane went to the mountains of Peru-there his legs froze in the ground and some sort of force went trough him and told him what he will become ,he also predicted the towers colapse almost to the day. i mean cmon man-the reichstag?? hello
oh and you know what lady Diana called the royal family? a bunch of lizards .she also got sacrificed in the tunel of the moon godess-which also hapens to be the meaning of her name.

and what is he saying wrong ? when u said he is teaching that our children are bad and we are bad... is he wrong?

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:29 AM

Originally posted by Chronogoblin
Taking religion out of the equasion, I have to say I too would fight for my home if some people from another country just showed up one day with a note that the UN had given them that said that this land was theirs. Exscuse me? Doesn't anyone see the error in that line of thought? Ridiculous in the extreme. I cannot blame people for fighting for something that was forcibly taken from them.


No offense, but you should educate yourself in some Middle Eastern History. The Palestinians who claim that Israel is their land, never in fact owned the land. The Israelites fought against the Philistines (Palestinians), and won, thus gaining control of what they soon formed into Ancient Judea. After this Kingdom weakened, the Romans tightened their control of it, and thus it came to exist under strict Roman Authority. Through periods of upheaval and revolution, the Ottoman Turks soon took control of this land, as it became part of the Ottoman Empire. When this Empire collapsed at the end of World War I, the British took control of the Land. Then, after World War II, the British handed this land over to not only the displaced Jews of Holocaust Europe, but Native Middle Eastern Israelites as well.

Take a look at the Map of Ancient Judea, then compare it to the Map of Modern Day Israel. Do you recognize any Similarities? The Borders are a Near exact Carbon Copy of Eachother.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:39 AM

Originally posted by letthereaderunderstand
What are reptilians supposed to be anyway? Are they literally supposed to be Lizard men, or is it just another humanoid species? Just curious as I've heard reptilian so many times, but don't actually know what they are supposed to be?
Thanks, ltru

All David Icke mentions and talks about is in the end caused by 'reptilian beings' that secretly rule the world. They 'shapeshift' into human-form so we cannot see them...David has met witnesses to this 'shapeshifting' so is really convinced.

So in short: You can listen to David for hours untill he starts his 'reptilian beings' stories, this is just a bit too much.

I like David Icke...As I liked his article. I dislike his reptilian vision on things...

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:42 AM

Originally posted by breakingdradles

Originally posted by FearSoul
Its apparent that you people don't care about Hamas firing the first rockets into israel. If the drug cartels in mexico started to fire rockets at LA or some other city in america. all of you would want the government to do something about it too. So what is israel suppose to do? Beg hamas to stop firing rockets??If you support hamas firing rocket at israel then in my eyes you are no better then Hitler.

I do care, but why are they doing it? Because they were kicked out of their homes.

Why are the israeli's doing it? Because the Arabs they won't accept Jewish faith as law, which is the same as asking the Jews to accept Islamic law. Not going to happen and everyone knows it. Get out of their home, let them live their lives, and take care of your own countries.

They are pressing their beliefs on another culture.

Allah says to do suicide bombings, does that make it ok for them to do it?

[edit on 8-1-2009 by breakingdradles]

So what about all the other people around the world who lost their land throughout history? Do i see you demanding the governments of the different countries to give their land back, like the Native Americans for example? No I don't. I'm beginning to think that the human race needs to be killed off in 2012. I shall pray that it happens.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 01:46 AM
reply to post by nocty

Yeah it is wrong... LOL, the Royal family may be a bunch of Lizards, but it's a Metaphor...

Ever see an old person who can't fully control their tounge lol...

But it doesn't mean they are Lizards in a literal sense

And Di died in a Moon Goddess Tunnel so? The Jewelry store next to my house as a giant goddess statue their too, if someone hits it with a car does it mean anything?

The only thing that influences me from Ickes plane crash is that he ... Obviously he got a Bad Knock to the head at some point in his life...

Some of us Hallucinate for fun... and it's fun because we are sane and don't believe the hallucinations but rather enjoy them like a movie or a glance into our subconcious...


I don't trust anyone that bangs their head and gets a Holy Mission, they take the crap their mind generates waaaaay too seriously

As fa as bashing our civilization... I have no denial some of the people at the top are rotten... just no more or no less than anywhere else...

And At least they are the psychos on my side of the fight... I hope in fact they are more crazy so we keep winning...

What Good can you say of a Gaurd Dog?

Any guard dog, ... mean, nasty Junkyard dog... that's who runs the Lot, that's life... There's nothing good to say about anyone in any circle of power, the Men who guard the House at night while we sleep...

Bad folk, all of them... but that's what they DO

We put them there to do that Job...

What use is actually beating up on them as "evil" pretending they are from satanic Reptile Alien race....

When all any of them really are is junk yard dogs watching the gate...

and yeah they bark for no reason and will bite anyone they think of as an intruder even a child...

But who is he to take sides when this is the way the whole world is... expose secrets maybe sometimes, make up lies....

He's be... in real life

That employee who hates the boss and puts the dog to sleep inadvertently getting the lot robbed and his Job would be lost when the place goes out of business

It's just raw reality, A David Icke, for all his talk would NOT be allowed to live anywhere but the West, he'd be dead... so he talks of our leaders with so much BS...

But really there wold be zero tolerance for his antics in the places he defends...


Do leaders make my culture bad... NO, no more or less than anywhere else...

so again why is he taking sides?

There aren't reptilian shape shifters... Anyone with any real connections knows this...

These people just guard the night and do what they do for there people, some decisions just, some decisions stupid... But men is all they are, nothing more

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