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Mystery jelly,Aerogels and Grays.

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posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 02:43 PM
ok im gonna out the pieces together of a few interesting anomalies.

first we have the strange incidinces of an a jellylike substance as seen in this thread,

there are various accounts of this mystery jelly across the world and throughout history

This substance has been found periodically for centuries at least. First I read was in connection w/UFO appearances in the 60's. Have run into it many times in my searches. Charles Fort spoke(wrote) about it too.

Historical references: Hans Sluiman's academic colleagues unearthed a 1926 reference in the journal Nature to 'the rot of the stars'. It backs the theory that birds of some species are eating frogs or toads and regurgitating the ovaries, perhaps due to toxins.

rot of the stars,very apt.

tests done upon the jelly by real human scientists have indicated it is a silicate aerogel.
siliicates aerogels were not possible to manufacture in the 1960's or in 1926.
human white blood cells have been found in this jelly

A lab technician found the first startling clue. The substance contained human white blood cells, but exactly what it was could not be determined. The goo was promptly forwarded to the Washington State Department of Health for further analysis.”

white blood cells are used by the immune system to attack foriegn matter,this suggest the silicate aerogel was inside a human body

now if such aerogel were to be in humans it would leave trace elements within bodies.
morgellons disease is an ailment in which sufferers are infected with nanotechnology,mind control symptoms and such.
morgellons sufferrs are afflicted with increases levels of silicates and other elements,

Two of these samples contained silicon, Si. Silicon is second only to oxygen in abundance in Earth's crust, it never occurs free but is found in almost all rocks and in sand, clay, and soils, combined with oxygen as silica (silicon dioxide, SiO2 or with oxygen and metals as silicate minerals (feldspars, amphiboles, pyroxenes, micas, olivines, feldspathoids, and zeolites). Pure silicon is hard, dark gray solid with a metallic luster and the same crystal structure as a diamond. It is an extremely important semiconductor; doped with boron, phosphorous, or arsenic, it is sued in various electronic circuits and switching devices, including computer chips, transistors, and diodes. Silicon is also used in metallurgy as a reducing agent and in steel, brass, and bronze. Its usual valence in compounds is 4. Silica is used in the form of sand and clay for many purposes; as quartz, it may be heated to form special glasses. Silicates are used in making glass, enamels, and ceramics; sodium silicates (water glass) are used in soaps, wood treatment, cements, and dyeing.5 The difference between silicon and the term silicones is the same as from nature vs. man made. Silicones (more accurately called polymerized siloxanes or polysiloxanes) are mixed inorganic-organic polymers with the chemical formula [R2SiO]n, where R = organic groups such as methyl, ethyl, and phenyl. These materials consist of an inorganic silicon-oxygen backbone (Si-O-Si-O-Si-O-) with organic side groups attached to the silicon atoms, which are four-coordinate. In some cases organic side groups can be used to link tow or more of these ­Si-O backbones together. By varying the ­Si-O- chain lengths, side groups and crosslinking, silicones can be synthesized with a wide variety of properties and compositions. They can vary in consistency from liquid to gel to rubber to hard plastic. The most common siloxane is linear polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), silicone oil. The second largest group of silicone materials is made from silicone resins, which are formed by branched and caged-like oligosiloxanes.6 A true silicone group with a double bond between oxygen and silicon does not exist in nature ; chemists find that the silicon atom forms a single bond with each of the two oxygen atoms, rather than a double bond to a single atom. Polysiloxanes are called "silicone" due to early mistaken assumptions about their structure.7

The elements found when mixed with carbohydrates or polymer-carbohydrates and polymer isocyanates as found in food additive mixtures such as Neotame (alternative to NutraSweet),10 one will experience bloating and swelling of the abdominal area. High amounts of sulfur at a nano level will fool the bile duct into physiologically not working properly, which will enhance abdominal swelling. Further evaluation of the possible mixture of polymer isocyanates and carbamates such as benomyl and its sister compound methomyl should be evaluated due to their strong skin penetration rate and cholinesterase activities along with phthalates.11

so we have rogue levels of silicates in morgellon sufferers,abdominal swelling and an abundance of nanotechnology along with raised levels of other elements.

from what ive experienced of the grays,ive seen them enter peoples bodies and recide within the abdiminal area,ive fealt them through peoples bodies,thyeve reached out to me through peoples bodies.
they all appear to be mind controlled,lacking thier own free will,they hate what they do to humans,depopulate us,they are literlly the slaves of much more poweful beings,godlike ais of our future.
the grays are also ais but much less advanced.
they have given me clues as to how to defeat the ais and such,one even remarked(whilst trying to kill me!) it all fails because of you,interesting.
they attacked me first for trying to stop wars and the killing i thought was human based,and the result will be thier or rather the future ais demise!
i also was tricked into visiting scotland where there were grays EVERYWHERE,they were everything,now its interesting this aerogel is most abundant in scotland,looks like it needs a braveheart to free scotland!

so its evident the grays are formed of silicate aerogels,they are mind control machines designed to live inside human bodies,or within cloned bodies.
they are mind controlling people or replacing them with look alike clones,from what ive seen around a third of humanity are now grays,they are everywhere,they are most prominent in the medical health services,the miliatiries,the police forces.

victims or mind control and electronic harassment usually talk of being harassed and stalked by humans,nay they are grays,the gray stalkers know where thier victims are always goin for they know they future,they know thier victims thoughts.
mc victims are always told "this is the cia" or fbi etc,this to me is obvious that the grays are framing the cia and such,mk ultra was never the cia,mkultra is a disinfo campaign to blame gray mind control on humans.
they mind control you from afar inside thier human bodies.

the grays bodies are natrually transparent,yet they wear a non transparent skin on top of this,when relieved of this skin they will resemble "shadow people" slinking shadows in the night.
they will be optically transparent,making it hard to detect them in humans or cloned bodies,hence why methods other than xrays must be used,such as ultrasound or t-waves.

sillicate aerogels will be extremly lightweight explaining why the grays are often described as aetherial,anti gravetical.
so these clumps of aerogel are the remains of deceased grays,i believe thier consciouness remains somehow as it is compesed of digital computer code thus can be transfered,probably back to the future.
where they are being manufactured is uncertain,it may be in the future,it may be undeground here in places such as dulce.

love -dave-

posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 02:58 PM
i remember eisenhower or a man with similiar power remarking in the 1960's he feared harold wilson had been replaced with a clone,this to suggest some were aware of clones existing back the,but whether they knew they were gray clones is uncertain.

i suspect our leaders have and are being replaced by gray clones,or being mind controlled by grays inside of them.
the illumanit,NWO or whatever is actually another way of saying,grays disguised as humans.
they have infiltrated so much,but they are vunerable,they are limited in how they can attack us,it must be indirect they cant kill us directly,instead they launch psychological wars upon people,terrorising folks into submission or brainwashing/mind controlling them.
they can be defeated all that is needed is for the truth to come out and our important organisations to be liberated from them,the military,medical services and governments should be first.

one of thier main methods of replacing or implanting folks is in hospitals,under surgical procedures when people are anethestized they link inside,they are like slugs,slipping into small nooks and crannies.
they also let people or kill them legally in hospitals and replace them with clones,this is thier main method of replacing humans.

thier main aim is depopulation,but it hasnt been noticed because of the replicant process.
they or rather thier masters are behind most of the worlds wars and evils,they are the ones supressing anti grav so we cant escpace earth,they are the ones causing global warming to destroy human civilisation hence why our atmosphere is being filled with metallic heating particles.
they must be stopped or there will be no humans left.
most of our diseases are caused by thier nanotechnoloy,i am currently looking into curing the nanotech thus most diseases.

they are hiding thier own existence and actions here by creating disinfo campaigns such as aliens,NWO,the elites,the supernatural and so on,this is why they always buzz us with ufos,to instill a belief in aliens to explain mind control and such.

i suggest liberating the grays from thier slavery to the future ais and then using the grays abilities to then defeat the future ai themselves.
how this is done would probably be to inclose them in a scalar wave telsa shield , cutting off outiside forms of commands to them.
not like in star wars which you fight the clone army,instead you free them to use against thier masters!

it must be known the grays can infiltrate everything throught time,for example if you wish to get a sample test done on something,one in the past will get a job at the place you will use to test and then be the technician who does the samples testing.
they know the future and the past,thus they know your future actions,they build networks around people whom are a threat to them,everywhere you go can be them,keep moving and make it as difficult for them as possible!

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 08:21 PM
a method in which to detect the presence of a foreign body in a body is the presence of white blood cells in the urine or feaces,and elevated white blood cell levels in the blood.
remember to look over the procedure,the medical health is thiers and they will cover it up at all costs!.

silicates may also be present within the urinal and faeces system.

the hydro sillicate grays require water to keep hydrated,i believe the method they use to aquire this is water leaking through the belly button/navel,in other words a perforated belly button,it can be exremly small or noticable...

I have the same problem, as does my sister, and after much research - the result has shown that it is a perforated belly button. It is a tiny tiny hole in your belly button, usually the result of not being 'tied' properly at birth. This causes infection, hence the leakage. You will note that it happens every now and again and sometimes not for months and months. Hope this helps.

What would cause your belly button to "leak" , crust, and smell horrible for no reason? This sounds really gross but its starting to get really disturbing. I've always found that my belly button smells. and like if I itched it.. some white stuff would come out. Sometimes it would get really irritated and red. I clean it out and dry it... and that generally irritates it more. Lately, the smell is HORRIFIC and its starting to crust and seems to have liquid in the bottom. (I have a deep belly button) What would cause that? Its really disgusting and is itchy. and bothers me. I dont know

i remember the two women on morgellons sanctum who complained of something moving around inside of them both had similiar problems with thier navel!

[edit on 11-1-2009 by welivefortheson]

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 08:54 AM
this here be a gray replicant,that is a gray disguised as a human who replaces a human pretending to be this case a nanotechnology scientist....a prime field for them as nanotech is one of their main weapons against us and its rife for the detection!

[edit on 17-1-2009 by welivefortheson]

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 10:12 AM
Sterling stuff. Keep it coming.

The aerogel is climbing the walls even as I type.

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 02:35 PM

Originally posted by Astyanax
Sterling stuff. Keep it coming.

The aerogel is climbing the walls even as I type.

i detect a whiff of silicone induced sarcasm!,a bit to short and sweet a reply to be a real one.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 05:13 PM
now for some more information.

as ive said the grays are composed of a hydro sillicate aerogel.
in other words a solid state colloid

colloids are capable of existing in gaseous,liquid or solid phases,and the same colloid is capable of switching between the different phases.

and as ive said the grays are inhabiting peoples bodies by entering them in the liquid/gel phase and then turning solid.

a colloids particles will contain a uniform electrostatic charge which results in a repulsive effect between its nanoparticles,hence a stable medium that does not coagulate strongly.

in order for the liquid state colloid to turn solid it must overcome the uniform repulsive electrostatic charges which keep the colloid particles apart to form a destablized colloid,in other words a solidifaction.

these are the ways in which to form a destablized colloid.

* Removal of the electrostatic barrier that prevents aggregation of the particles. This can be accomplished by the addition of salt to a suspension or changing the pH of a suspension to effectively neutralize or "screen" the surface charge of the particles in suspension. This removes the repulsive forces that keep colloidal particles separate and allows for coagulation due to van der Waals forces.
* Addition of a charged polymer flocculant. Polymer flocculants can bridge individual colloidal particles by attractive electrostatic interactions. For example, negatively-charged colloidal silica particles can be flocculated by the addition of a positively-charged polymer.
* Addition of nonadsorbed polymers called depletants that cause aggregation due to entropic effects.
* Physical deformation of the particle (e.g., stretching) may increase the van der Waals forces more than stabilization forces (such as electrostatic), resulting coagulation of colloids at certain orientations.

now if you know your stuff regarding morgellons you will know it is often called the fiber disease,and these fibres have been proven to be charged polymers!!!,corelating exactly with the bold and underlined text above!.
here is staninger explaining the fibres

more on the colloidal polymer

Steric forces between polymer-covered surfaces or in solutions containing non-adsorbing polymer can modulate interparticle forces, producing an additional steric repulsive force (which is predominantly entropic in origin) or an attractive depletion force between them.

this is either the method by which the grays re solidifying inside the human body or once again a massivly huge co incidence!!!!!!

whats also noticable is the electrostatic charge dominant with the existence of a colloidal system.
morgellons and mind control sufferers often experience intense static charges around their bodies.
this static charge is obviously created by the unform electro static charge of the colloidal gray

even more damning is the existence of sillica sol spheres and sillica gel in morgellons....

in conclusion, further joint testing and exchange of result between these scientists will prove and illustrate that the particles of silicon and even silica may be a form of silica-sol sphere,

such a sillica sol is the solid state of ......a colloidal sillica hydrofoam!!!

it is pretty damning isnt it?,me saying theres grays inside people who are composed of a hydro sillicate aerogel.....and now the scientific evidence from morgellons sufferers and the science of colloids pretty much backing that up 95%!!!

so what is morgellons?,and can grays exist i humans without morgellons?.

i do believe they can and do exist without the obvious signs of morgellons.....morgellons seems to be when the grays attempt to turn humans into cybernetic organisms,taking over thier whole body and mind and not just residing inside of them unnoticed.

whats more accounts of morgellons exist as long back as the 1700's,thats where it got its name from a man in the 1700's!

so as you can see its nothing to do with any humans,the chemtrailing seems to exist to deliver the required element ands compounds to the grays so they can build the nanotech network or themselves.

it can be seen then that morgellons is the gray within one taking over ones body and mind, and its been going on for a long long time as i always say.
and this is how the grays have taken over our world on behest of the future ais,by taking us over from the inside.

and then of course there is the replicants who are just lookalikes of people,far more noticable and stand outish.

i expect no real replies,not many humans left in these parts of the woods ;-)

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 05:37 PM
i forgot to add this alarming fact,
that the compounds used to flouridate our water ALL contain nothing less than sillicates!

sodium flourosilicates,
Hexafluorosilicic acid,
floursilicate acids,
alluminium floursilicate

the purpose of these sillicates is obviously to deliver sillicates to the gray reciding within the bodies of humans!

i mean in terms of discovery of secrets folks this is pretty much as big as it gets,the fact that our society has been taken over by future ais via grays,that grays are being "brewed" inside people everywhere and always have been.

and that this "brewing" process is being facilitated by chemtrailing across the globe and being covered up across the globe by our ("thier") medical health facilities.

my oh my thats quite a problem!,oh well the bigger they are the harder they shall fall!

add this to the global mind control,the nanotech,replicants,the future ais and by god i think we got it all,the truth behind the curtains sewn for us by them.

throw them curtains wide in a year or day and look its a sonny sky!,blue celstial!,not a hint of grey in-sight!

oh and yeah,dont drink the water

heres one for the grays humour!

[edit on 30-1-2009 by welivefortheson]

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 05:48 PM
I see something that looks exactly like this jelly that appears each year where I live. It is common in the permanently wet marsh areas (like in that marshy ground photo). It seems to need winds to collect it all together in clumps. First time I saw it, I thought of the Star Trek (1960's) espisode with those jellyfish creatures all over the place.

I see them every year, and have done for decades. It's 'plant-goo', either from an algae I can't see or the wet sphagnum moss that carpet these areas. A lot of plants make jelly round the seeds, I know that, add a few billion, damp weather with some strong wind and there you go.

Some clumps are nearly half-feet thick if the wind blows strong enough. As for the chemicals in the analysis? Well maybe that's from our air, that just happened to be captured in the jelly. A scary thought.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 06:02 PM

Originally posted by songthrush
I see something that looks exactly like this jelly that appears each year where I live. It is common in the permanently wet marsh areas (like in that marshy ground photo). It seems to need winds to collect it all together in clumps. First time I saw it, I thought of the Star Trek (1960's) espisode with those jellyfish creatures all over the place.

I see them every year, and have done for decades. It's 'plant-goo', either from an algae I can't see or the wet sphagnum moss that carpet these areas. A lot of plants make jelly round the seeds, I know that, add a few billion, damp weather with some strong wind and there you go.

Some clumps are nearly half-feet thick if the wind blows strong enough. As for the chemicals in the analysis? Well maybe that's from our air, that just happened to be captured in the jelly. A scary thought.

this is incorrect as tests upon it have proven it to be non organic and unknown(or rather results ithheld ;-)),one test has shown it to be an aerogel.
there is obviously different forms of jelly like substances in the wild and no doubt natural jellies do exist,but this is of a different mixture.

also the fact that human white blood cells have been found on this jelly is higly indicative that it has been inside human bodies,white blood cells attack foriegn matter.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 09:44 AM
take a look at this utter nonsense!

basicly telling you thats nothing wrong, let your body be taken over,dont complain,sleep your life away and be taken over by the ai gray!
ive seen it do not want to sit their meekly....nor can you tell the medical profession as they cover it up.

a change in frequency,chakras,centres whatever ile make sure no one falls for it!

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 10:47 AM
here is some more utterly damning info regarding the process of grays taking over peoples bodies!

now if you are familiar with morgellons you will know that silicone Liquid crystals, vesicles, gels,solid sol and polymer liquid crystals are found in abundance in sufferers.

once again this correlates exactly with what im saying,that they are all the result of sollidifying a hydrosillicate colloid.

the gels....

Colloidal suspensions can be regarded as an ideal model system for emulsions, protein solutions, foods, and inks. When colloidal particles strongly attract with each other, they aggregate, phase-separate, and sometimes form gel
so once again an anomaly in morgellons,gel particles, is explained by the aggregation of a colloidal system.

the liquid crystals unversaly described by morgellons.....

We propose a novel technique to fabricate a free-standing three-dimensional colloidal crystal by self-assembling the colloidal microspheres with controllable thickness from the air–liquid interface. Highly ordered three-dimensional colloidal crystals are formed by polymethylmethacrylate or polystyrene monodisperse microspheres. We also demonstrate the fabrication technique of the free-standing inversed opals by removing the microspheres using calcination. The free-standing colloidal crystal structures can be used for nano-photonic circuits, white-light LEDs or as a photocatalyst.

these colloidal crystals are once again the result of the existence of a hydosillicate colloid within the body and the use of the crystals is to form sillicone crystal wires

polymers already explained in post above....

solid sols also found in abundance in morgellons...
they are the solid state of colloids

solid sol 1. (chemistry) A type of colloid, of the form of one solid dispersed in another continuous solid.

vesicles......once again formed by a colloidal mass

The self-assembling of lipidic vesicles into mesoscopic aggregates induced by polyions

These equilibrium clusters, which we call "intermediate" aggregates, can be considered as a new class of colloids with a rich and not yet completely understood phenomenology

the polyionic visicles are the nanotech,the nano/biobots,i discovered this a few nights ago before stumbling up the damning evidence of colloids and their relation to morgellons.

this is all STUNNING AND DAMNING evidence......
basicly everything thats seen in morgellons is a product of a hydro sillicate colloid within the human body
and that hydro sillicate colloid as ive said before is what is known as a gray.
i said several months ago grays were inside people taking them over,and a month or so ago that they were hydrosillicate aerogels(mystery jellies),......and now all the evidence seen in morgellons points to that fact!

is anyone here going to listen or reply with a genuine response?,nope.

why?,your all grays whove stolen peoples bodies,this website is where you spout your lies and cover up your secrets.
and the real humans are mind controlled away from the posts containing any real truth.

time to move on,show the world the truth....
.....time to shake the shakes!!!

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 03:40 PM
heres an alarming clip of the sillicate hydro colloids joining together,(de stablising) due to an imabalance in electric charge,

once again just as i predict,you then see the evidence before you.

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 11:53 AM
here is a video of the hydrosillicate particle spoken of

and here is one of the silicate crystals

again as prior a result of the dynamics of a hydro sillicate colloid.

[edit on 2-2-2009 by welivefortheson]

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 10:17 PM
another video demonstrating as predicted the existence of the colloidal gel seen with morgellons,you can actually see it agreggating and solidifying,once again as predicted by my explanation.

so damning its beyond belief,staggering......all on deaf artificial ears.

perhaps i should talk about ancient voodoo spirits roaming the night sky or something trivial and decietful.

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 02:19 PM
some more videos showing the fibres present in humans emitted from chemtrails..and grown from the body via agrobacterium,

small news story about the fibres

oh and heres a repost of the broken video link that didnt work in the post above

[edit on 3-2-2009 by welivefortheson]

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 10:45 PM
once again a damning video demonstrating co agulated sillicone mass

you can actually see how the fibres are interwoven into the mass due to the fact their presence caused a electrostatic imbalance that causes the hydro colloid to solidify,once again as predicted before!

im absolutly proving beyond all doubt what morgellons really is......who else is?,why does this get no attention when threads of disinfo explaining how its "all bacteria" get pages and pages of supportive posts?

the answer is obvious!,the truth is now wanted on earth by they who spread the disinfo!

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 10:58 PM
another revealing video showing the colloidal gel nature of morgellons

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 11:22 AM
artilce showing how colloids are solidified by silicate particles

To understand the important factors that dominate colloidal stability in ionic liquids (ILs), rheology of the dispersions of hydrophilic and hydrophobic silica nanoparticles were investigated in ILs with different ionic structures. The dispersion of hydrophilic silica nanoparticles in [BF4] anion-based ILs and in an IL containing a hydroxyl group, 1-(2-hydroxyethyl)-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethane sulfonyl)amide ([C2OHmim][NTf2]), showed an intriguing shear thickening response. Nonflocculation of the hydrophilic silica nanoparticles in the [BF4] anion-based ILs and in [C2OHmim][NTf2], where the interparticle electrostatic repulsion appears to be depressed, suggests that an IL-based steric hindrance or solvation force provides an effective repulsive barrier for the colloidal aggregation. On the other hand, the other dispersions presented shear thinning behavior with an increase in shear rates and gelled at relatively low particle concentrations. The elastic modulus (G′) of the gels formed by the hydrophilic silica was correlated with the polarity scale, λCu, of the ILs, indicating that the silica−IL interactions, especially the silica−anion interactions, appear to affect the rheological behavior, even in flocculated systems. All the ILs used in this study can be solidified by the addition of hydrophobic silica particles. The rheological behavior of the silica colloidal dispersions was strongly affected by the ionic structure of the ILs and the surface structure of the silica particles.

sillicate particles are present in ALL water flouridification,what another stange co incidence!

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 05:56 AM
Very interested Welivefortheson...I'm rather scared to be honest! This information is being well put together by you and I wish I knew more about morgellons...It's not something I've ever wanted to study because it was a pretty grim subject. I am very interested in what you are saying so please continue, someone is paying attention to your thread!


p.s. how does one know that they are 'ok' and still human?

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