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Does Hamas Understand Difference Between Truce And Peace?

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posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 11:06 AM
Background from my point of view...
( Please jump over this, if you set more value to message, than messenger )

Like many of you know, I am activist in this issue... Someone have already accused me very loudly here to been Hamas supporter, or even anti-semitic: That is not truth. I condemn Israeli aggressions, but I also condemn Hamas , mainly their tactics in firing rockets, what I see are just useless provocations, ineffective because bad accuracy, and great waste of energy and money... I would prefer mines, explosives, and better gears - fortified positions. So, I am not peace activist, spreading "we are all one" tales in here. I am soldier, and I understand very well armed resistance, and Palestinian rights to answer fire, with fire. Period.

I condemn Israeli operation "Cast Lead" because its against international laws, rules of engagements, those most important rules of our world are not respected by IDF, and military leaders, politicians. I am against Zionism, because I have learn agenda of Zionism and its very dangerous to all human kind: Known as New World Order. "You dont have to be Jew, to be Zionist!" I support Israeli opposition, and their efforts inside Israel against their right-wing nationalist and extreme racist goals. Period.

Ok - I hope my stance came clear to you, so we can move to important issue, mentioned in headline of this thread, and discuss from most important goal of the day, how to stop killing in Gaza - Future of Palestine.

Does Hamas Understand Difference Between Truce And Peace?

I just listen few minutes ago LIVE interview in Al Jazeera, where senior officer of Hamas (Ahmed Youssef) was questioned about Hamas conditions for truce, cease-fire. Before interview was over, me and journalist asking questions, we were running out of hope with him, together... (I have heard many raging politicians, but now was time to talk most seriously, but looks like they dont have skills to that...)

If you want to make truce, you have to negotiate, and to achieve goals, you have to have direct and clear demands, in what conditions talks can continue, simple answers and sharp questions. But that senior officer, in charge from negotiations, just kept yelling about "ending occupation, open borders, stop killing"... He raised all his answers from most important questions high above real situation on the ground, to some future dreams from of Palestine, without any idea from steps, to those possible next levels of development.

I understand that these officials in charge, are very badly educated to diplomacy, to basics of governance and politics... "If battle is raging, you can not demand freedom and open borders!" - Maybe in time of peace treaties, there are possibility to make arrangements how things will be run - in future - by what kind of steps, those noble dreams can come to true... But in truce, we are talking about details... "Small facts against other small facts!"

Palestinians should make "reality check" in their leadership

With these kind of guys, Palestinians are totally incapable to take care of their own things, rebuild damages, make progress, if their leaders educational level lies in this level - they really need some "god-country" to help them to their difficult future.

They should understand their situation. Even I would done better, far more better if taking care from their politics, diplomacy, or goals. That journalist in Al Jazeera would be great saviour with his basic wisdom, if elected to their leader... I can just shake my head - What crazy world this is!

( Listening news, there just came breaking news... "Israel will not attack more further inside Gaza city!" - Thats very good - But I know that isnt achievement by that Hamas leader just interviewed )


Guy in interview was Ahmed Youssef, the political adviser for Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas leader.


Are there anyone left?

Maybe Israel has already assassinated, bombed, killed all their skillful and educated leaders, and there are only corporals in generals boots left...


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