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I love Israel

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posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 02:34 PM
Israel is the greatest nation in the world. Israel is in fact so great that she can carpet bomb densely populated civilian centers without killing any civilians, only terrorists. The bombs when landing near civilians do not explode into death and destruction but rather ice cream for everyone to share [it is very hot there, see how thoughtful Israel is?]. The shrapnel are designed to home in on terrorist thoughts. This is the superior technology of Israel.

Because Israel is so great, she should not and cannot be criticized, as that is the way of the Islamic Jihad-terrorists. These terrorists Muslim suicide bombers hate freedom. But they partake in a even more heinous act: they hate Jews as well. Whats more is that they hate Jews not because their long-time homeland was invaded, no, but out of a deep-seated Arabic rage rooted in the worship of Allah.

If you criticize Israel, that means you hate Israel. If you hate Israel, that means you hate Jews and believe that the Holocaust didn't happen, or that it didn't happen enough.

Sure Israel is destroying them with no mercy using high military technology, but that is what the evil Arab terrorists deserve. These Arabs, who are not people [but rather pure evil], by the way, are lacking in technology and forces to defend themselves not because they are hindered every step of the way by the Western Powers, but rather they were too busy making up ludicrous religious doctrines and oppressing their women. They need to be pure like Israel.

I sure do love Israel.


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