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The Gaza Strip and the Warsaw Ghetto: how Israel took a lesson from the Nazi's.

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posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 01:42 PM
Before I start this, a disclaimer. I am not anti-semetic, and have nothing against the jewish race, so please take those petty arguments elsewhere. I would simply like to point out the correlations between an ongoing situation, and a historic one, and how the rulers of a country that so many here defend took a very good lesson from some particularly disgusting people:

The Warsaw Ghetto was established by the German Governor-General Hans Frank on October 16, 1940. At this time, the population of the Ghetto was estimated to be 440,000 people, about 38% of the population of Warsaw. However, the size of the Ghetto was about 4.5% of the size of Warsaw. Nazis then closed off the Warsaw Ghetto from the outside world on November 16, 1940, building a wall with armed guards.

Meanwhile, in the modern day, we see the Gaza strip surrounded by a steel and concrete re-inforced barrier wall designed to keep the Palestinians in and any aid or outside contact out:

After the seizure by Hamas militias of the Gaza Strip on 14 June 2007, all contact between the outside world and the Strip has been severed. The only goods permitted into the Strip through the land crossings are goods of a humanitarian nature.

But remember, even that aid has been cut off for the past several months, resulting in the inhabitants of Gaza being forced to subside on GRASS.

Looking back again:

Unemployment was a major problem in the ghetto. Illegal workshops were created to manufacture goods to be sold illegally on the outside and raw goods were smuggled in often by children. Hundreds of four to five year old Jewish children went across en masse to the "Aryan side", sometimes several times a day, smuggling food into the ghettos, returning with goods that often weighed more than they did. Smuggling was often the only source of subsistence for Ghetto inhabitants, who would otherwise have died of starvation.

and compare that to the modern day (the source is from 2006 however, and things have considerably worsened since then. Palestine is no longer anywhere close to this affluent).:

As of December 2006, unemployment has risen from 23% in 2005[1] to over 50%. Two-thirds of Palestinians are living below the poverty line. For the past nine months, the 160,000 civil service workers, who are the primary breadwinners for a third of households, have not received their full salaries due to the cuts in foreign aid. As a result of the Israeli blockade on the territory, 85 percent of factories are shut or operating at less than 20 percent capacity. Israel estimates that its own businesses are losing $2 million a day from the closing, but Gaza is losing $1 million a day, an amount it is less able to afford.

and now to the hard stuff:

On January 18, 1943, the first instance of armed resistance occurred when the Germans started the final expulsion of the remaining Jews. The Jewish fighters had some success: the expulsion stopped after four days and the ŻOB and ŻZW resistance organizations took control of the Ghetto, building shelters and fighting posts and operating against Jewish collaborators. During the next three months, all inhabitants of the Ghetto prepared for what they realized would be a final struggle.
The final battle started on the eve of Passover, April 19, 1943, when the large Nazi force entered the ghetto. After initial setbacks, the Germans under the field command of Jürgen Stroop systematically burned and blew up the ghetto buildings, block by block, rounding up or murdering anybody they could capture. Significant resistance ended on April 23, 1943, and the Nazi operation officially ended in mid-May, symbolically culminated with the demolition of the Great Synagogue of Warsaw on May 16, 1943. According to the official report, at least 56,065 people were killed on the spot or deported to German Nazi concentration and death camps, most to Treblinka.


After months of cutting off aid to Gaza, and the people inside starving to death, Hamas launched a string of intense rocket barrages against Israel. (Starving the inhabitants out any different to "expelling" them?). In return Israel began an intense tactic of bombing against Gaza, and has now moved their military in to invade the strip wholesale.

As you can see, the comparison between the Warsaw ghetto and the Gaza strip is quite strong. Yes, there are differences. Yes, not all the facts match perfectly. The fact remains, however, that the basic timeline of both is roughly correlational.

Both situations involved a group of people being walled into a small area, with no communication or travel allowed out for several years. Both situations involve that area eventually having its supplies cut off in order to starve the people out. And both situations involve the oppressors entering the area in force in response to attacks of desperation in order to "deal" with the inhabitants for the last time.

Whichever side you support, this should give you some pause for thought. I've pointed this out in several threads before to little gain, so here it is in thread form.

And please keep your "anti-jew", "nazi", and "islam-lover" comments elsewhere. I have my own connections to the holocaust that i have no need to out here, and I'm a history student going for a major for gods sake. Lets have some sane discussion and no mud slinging. Deny some ignorance, anyone?

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posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 01:46 PM
yeah It's funny isn't it, i've said it before i'll say it again.

The Nazis just use to burn they're ghettos.......*wink*

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 01:52 PM
If you read that article about grass you will notice that they only talked to one lady and they took her word for it. Then the headline reads that Families are eating grass or something to that nature. How did the word of one lady turn into Gaza families? Sensationalizing the title perhaps.

Also recall that Egypt closed its border and refused to allow aid in to complete the Ghetto you speak about.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 01:56 PM
Now this is a fine comparison. Some details are lacking though.
Like rockets!!!!!!! Like mortars!!! Like sniper fire, like terror acts on very posts through which fuel and food goes into Gaza. And all those attacks are done by terrorists/fighters from Gaza. When there was Fatah - there was rocket fire too. But at least they tried to do something to stop it since they understood that it is going to bring devastation to Gaza. And with Hamas - it did.
You compare things that have nothing in common. In Gaza sector there is an armed conflict that now escalated to war. Why Israel should supply/feed population whose government is actively engaged in fighting Israel? It is insane. Israel was occupying Gaza - bad,evil - occupants. Israel withdrew from Gaza and is being bombarded/attacked from there - this is normal? So what Israel should do? Let Hamas spread into West bank?
This is a very one-sided post that is meant to play on emotions instead of correctly describing the situation. When there was no conflict - there was no blockade and economy of Gaza was much better. If leaders of Palestinians choose path of suffering for their people - you should at least consider their involvement in all of this mess.
How many rockets Jews in Poland fired at Germans before they were sealed?
Your comparison would be valid only if Israel took Arabs from occupied territories, placed them in Gaza and closed the gates. But Gaza exists as it is for decades, it was under Egyptian occupation and it was never sealed off until armed conflict started.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by D.E.M.

I won't call you an anti-semite, I didn't see any seething racism or anti-sematism in your post and I usually see that when it is there...

To your post, I don't agree on many levels with your comparison but I will let it go at that. I won't go through Nazism and what it was and that it s closer to Islam in it's teachings and doings, and that Islam was Allies of Hitlers in WW2. I won't point out that Hitler was trying to get rid of ALL Jews and ALL Blacks and ALL GYPSIES and ALL NON ARYANS and that what Israel is doing in Gaza, whether you agree or not, is only against a few peoples and not aimed at a whole race or religion or people. Remember the West Bank is a Palestinian region too and Israel is not bombing it, but Fatah is in control there and not Hamas. So I do not think Israel is out to isolate Palestinians as a group only those that currently pose a threat to Israelis...

And would it not be a better analogy to use the US in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay and such as the example for Israel and not Hitler, I mean Hitler will illicit certain responses off the bat if you think about it... Just a thought...

And I give you the *KOSHER* seal of non anti-semitism for your post, although I disagree with your premise it is thought out, organized well, cites given and not racist in any way I can see...

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 03:40 PM
there are more similarities to the Warsaw uprising in 1944 than to the ghetto.

link here:

the truth is the Poles (as Palestinians today) were fighting agains the Germans. and they also did not had any chance to win but they did so.
but can anybody say they had no right to do so?

and I know that we are disccussing this for a long time already, but I still belive that palestinians had also. but it is said that it happened anyway. really bad solution for both sides and whole world.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by D.E.M.

If you dig a little deeper you will find that the original Jewish militants were trained using Nazi facilities in co-operation with Reinhard Heydrich.

For the sake of expediency, I hope I will be excused for quoting myself from another thread...

Originally posted by KilgoreTrout
In 1937 Heydrich entered into negotiations with members of the Haganah Defense Organisation via Fiefel Polkes. Haganah were effectively acting as security against Arab attacks on Jewish Settlers which were precipitated by illegal land purchases and the failure of the settlers to understand the system whereby you could purchase land but not own the Olive groves planted on the land. Naturally, by denying access to crops and therefore livelihood tensions were inevitable.

Heydrich sent his “Jewish Expert” Adolf Eichmann to meet with Polkes in Palestine to discuss ways in which the illegal immigration of Jews could be increased.

The results was that Pino Ginzburg and Moshe Auerbach (who would both later become members of the newly formed Mossad) went to Berlin. There in conjunction with Heydrich’s SD and the Gestapo, Haganah set up a training camp and ‘recruited’, forceably and voluntarily young men to join in the defence of Jewish settlements in Palestine. On average 400 men were rounded up, trained and then smuggled into Palestine on a WEEKLY basis.

By late 1939, Heydrich had developed a route in conjuction with his former mentor, Admiral Canaris, Head of the Abwehr (German SIS) to take an even greater number of ‘emigrants’ directly via Hamburg and Emden under German Naval protection. This plan was cut short however with the invasion of Poland and the declaration of war from Britain. Heydrich had more pressing problems and the training camp, and emigrations petered out. 70,000 German, Czechoslovakian and Austrian Jews though had made it safely to Palestine, many of those young males, trained by the Haganah aided by Reinhard Heydrich.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 04:05 PM
genocide is genocide.

a concentration camp is a concentration camp.

a death of a civilian - is just that - a death of a civilian.

... i hope that one day some of the "oh but this situation is different than the nazi holocaust" genocide loving people will finally open their eyes.

Like they say Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. I can see that happening right now.


posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 04:26 PM
DEM, your right on the money in every description, that is what is so deplorable about what Israel is doing right now and has been for years. The fact that the Jews and others went through the German process you would think that they and they alone would not let it happen to anyone else.

Their favourit song is remember the Holocaust, well thats just the point we do but they don't. And I would go further much further than saying what Gaza is to what a Jewish ghetto was. The Israeli Government and their backers and supporters have embraced the Nazi concept of superiority over others and use the same or similar means to achieve their goal.

But it will not stop with Palestine or the Palestinians, no they will be others that will fall under the heal of the Zionist Nazi jackboot.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by D.E.M.

Here is another interesting historical correlation.

The Israeli prime minister said that they are there to totally destroy Hamas. And if we take into account that virtually in every family in Gaza is at least one Hamas supporter we can say that her statement sounded much like "The Final Solution".

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 12:22 AM
reply to post by yanchek

Actually, he stated that they were not there to destroy Hamas, just to "Give them a scare that they have had coming for a long time" i believe his words were.

Regardless, I find the hypocrisy of Israel disgusting. A civilian is a civilian, and a genocide 60 years past does not give you a free pass at committing your own.

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 04:38 AM
With all my respect for you're OP. To compare what's going on in Gaza with the Mila 18, is easy to understand. But you must also face the fact, that reality at that time was different. They did not create the ghetto, to prevent the jewish people from interfear in terror actions. In some cases, i will say, that the hate against jewish people, you would find in peoples own times of trouble. In Denmark, the jewish part of the community, was always the defensive part. Not the offenders of others belief systems, like the islamic extremists people are dealing with today. Not that danish are saints. There were also Nazis among danish people and still there are today.
Building a "wall" to prevent other people of becoming the next Einstein, compared to building a "wall" to prevent suicide bombers to access the borders, i see a huge difference. Maby i'm wrong.
It that's so, i suggest to re open the border lines between Gaza, Libanon and Israel. No check points anymore and no israeli soldiers.
All those who support the terrorists and are feeling so sorry for all the bad things the Israeli are doing. I suggest all of you to send you're families on Israeli holiday trips near the borders of Gaza and Libanon, and all over rest of Israel, while You are going to Gaza to celebrate the "free Palestine from the ghetto". Now you can join the "fighters for freedom" who will enter the borders to Israel and help them with their cause. By second thought, you may start to look for another brick... By then, it will be to late...

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posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 05:13 AM
reply to post by D.E.M.

I'm talking about Tzipi Livni, Foreign Affairs Minister and Acting Prime minister, and she stated what I posted before.

She also has an interesting bio (like Mossad) and parents (prominent Irgun members, you know the terror organization that operated before Israeli independence)

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