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Have you ever helped someone to pass away?

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posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 06:34 PM
Have you ever helped someone to pass away?

Weeks ago, I was supposed to recover from daily life when I received a call. Someone was passing away. My presence was required (had been told that I would have to do it one day).
Despite we were on the go for years I was not surprised it occurred my 1st day off. Everything happens for a reason… But I could not imagine the spiritual challenge it would be.

At my arrival, the seal of death was on his face. He was unconscious and weak. A real chock. The 1st difficulty was to find the right distance. I had to leave my own feelings aside in order to give way to acceptance, tenderness and compassion. I was not supposed to let my loving frequency reignite his soul whether it was his time to pass away, aware that he was not prepared to die. His strong soul could have taken advantage of mine… Well, this is exactly what happened.

The following day he was back to life. Amazing! But we quickly realized his forces were deserting him. There was nothing left to do. It was heartbreaking to watch him struggling with all his might against evidence: he could hardly make a move or pronounce audible words. How hard it was to restrain the guilt in order to assuage the sorrow of his loneliness. Facing the despair in his eyes was a lesson of humility for, unable to help more.
Then he decided to give up; stopped eating and drinking. Then, 7 days of a severe test started. Him trying to let go; us trying to welcome his decision and let his soul know, providing palliative care (mainly massage with essential oils and meditation) in order to reduce the physical pain treatments were unable to smooth.

From the very beginning I could feel his soul coming and going from a realm to another. It was very difficult to keep tuned on the right frequency (mind when he was conscious; alpha when unconscious) for it was changing rapidly. Via my body I could feel the alchemy operating in his. As if his soul was cleansing some personal and collective karma.

I gave all my soul was able to give, aware of the fact that accepting my gift he was offering much more. But it was not of sufficient help.
From day to day the physical degradation of his body was impressive whilst his heart remained as regular as a clockwork. There were no longer medical solutions so gave a call to the person I am doing spiritual work with in order to get advice. As suggested, I started to calm down his heart charka with my frequency in order to help his physical heart to give up.

Few hours later, back to the place I was staying at, I had the feeling he had passed away. Felt really cold, a shape following me persistently from a room to another…. It is not my first experience of deceased people of my known but it always freaks me a bit. A phone call confirmed I was right.

The following week I have tone my pain down as much as possible in order to allow his soul to free itself. Sometimes had the feeling he was in my home but thought not paying much attention was the best I could do. At last a healing session with the person I talked about in order to cleanse my being from this experience brought an ultimate lesson.
Immediately she told he was there. The way she was interacting with his soul was awesome. Her reactions, “his” words she said, it was so much him! He “told” stuffs I never heard before about one of my relatives. Later I checked. It was true. Amazing!
At last, it was great to hear he was free and peaceful.
He had a message for me (it's why he was around so often) and left forever with something really beautiful aimed at my heart…

It is sad to see how unprepared our modern societies are to ease death. Since, many friends have told me about the conditions in which their relatives passed away, especially seniors. I don't know how long will it take until we take life-ending into decent consideration but should you have to face such an experience in the future, i hope this post will help.


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