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Kerry Says He Would Cap Federal Spending

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posted on Apr, 7 2004 @ 07:11 PM
Here's today's latest entry in Kerry's attempt to becomes President. I just don't know how the guy keeps coming up with so much unattainable goals

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democrat John Kerry said Wednesday if he is elected president he will not let government programs outside of security and education grow beyond the rate of inflation, even if it means cutting some of his own campaign promises and existing government programs.

"When I say a cap on spending, I mean it," Kerry said in a speech at Georgetown University. "We will have to make real choices - and that includes priorities of my own."

Kerry said he would freeze the federal travel budget, reduce oil royalty exemptions for drilling on federal lands, cut 100,000 federal contractors and cut electricity used by the federal government by 20 percent, among other programs.

Kerry said with the growing deficit, he'll have to "slow down" some of his campaign promises or phase them in over a longer period. He cited proposals for early childhood education and a program that would have provided tuition to students attending state colleges in exchange for two years of national service, although he didn't say how much they would be scaled back."

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Kerry has yet to offer a detailed budget that explains how much he is spending on his campaign promises and where he will get the money to pay for them.

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