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UFO near NYC (12/30/08)

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posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 01:52 PM
Hello. I am a new poster here at ATS, but a long time lurker. Anyways straight to what I saw and what happened last night.

First off, I live in Jersey City,NJ. About 30-45 min away from NYC since I live near Bayonne. It was about 5PM when I stepped out of my house to throw the garbage away and I looked up and saw a pulsating object. It was dissappearing and reappearing. This object was seen from my house, in the northeast part of the skies, towards NYC. I can't describe how the object looks but it looked like just a ball of light pulsating, and when the light was off it blended in with the skies but the light would come on every 4-5 seconds about.

2 helicopters came in from the east, and 1 from the north. They put on there spotlights and tried to surround the object. Suddenly the object either shot off REALLY REALLY quickly, or flat out disappeared because I looked all over the sky and this object was no where to be found. After that happened the helicopters turned around and flew back to wherever they came from.

Please anyone from near my area who saw this object, respond back too. All feedback welcome.

PS: My cellphone battery died earlier and I never got around to charging it so I couldn't take pictures, so sorry about that.

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