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Did I miss out on something great or did I luck up?

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posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 02:37 AM
Once I saw a black hooded figure. We were on a ghost hunt doing things to try and call spirits at a very old grave yard that always has activity. I almost always see these things that look kinda like the rancor from starwars jedi only the size of a shoe. They are always eating black mist. And if we ever see something they are always eating at its trail.

Then we saw the figure far off and started walking toward it. I remember this well. It was holing a twisted staff that was light brown and black like it had been burnt in places. On top if the staff sat one big red glowing ball that sat on top of two glowing black black balls. Most of my group ran when we heard it call but myself and two others stayed. I remember it calling me to it. It promised me power and knowledge I could never dream of. We kept walking till we were within 15 feet or less. I wanted what it promised pretty bad. Then one of the girls that was holding my arm very tightly tripped. When she fell she almost took me with her. When I looked at her was the first time I looked away from the red orb since it had started talking. I picked her up and all I could think was run. All three of us ran till we got to the cars and did not stop driving till we were miles away.

I still do not know why I ran but sometimes wish I would not have. It feels like I may have missed a big chance now but the fear I felt the instant I looked away made me run. I do not usually get scared like that and regret it now. None of the people that ran could understand anything that the figure said. They claim that when it talked it was just a lot of high pitched screeching noises. The two that stayed with me say it was more musical but still high pitched and sounded like another language. I heard it talk in plain English with a deeper voice than what any of them heard. I wonder why none of them heard it but me.

And the rancor looking things that I see all the time acted strange around it as well. There was one at each side of him but they were not feeding. I have never seen them not feeding or moving to a place to feed but these just stood there beside it. Any help on this would be appreciated as well.

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