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Revolution of One

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posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 02:56 AM
reply to post by TheMythLives

Good I am glad that everyone here put positivity back into your life. Glad you have begun your journey to enlightenment. Keep going on that track and if you wavier or need help, you know where to go.

Special thanks to 12.21.12 who continues to make excellent posts and threads, while we may not agree with everything we still remain friends in these dark times. Keep the great work up mate.

Thank you Myth! We all come from the same place and do not all agree on everything but we are all here to learn, we are here too be informed of what others have learned. That is the purpose of this thread. You do not have to agree with me about many things, but you hopefully do agree that we all have to work together to get everything figured out.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by 12.21.12

Very true mate, working together we will find the solution. Lets keep the good work up.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 01:03 PM
so i want to know how did yall get to where you are? what internalized god for yall? if that is the case. why did yall step away from the non-pagan religions? what stemmed it and what are yalls beliefs now?

mine, and one i have a big problem with is that when people think of god (thank you non-pagans), they think of a master, not a creator. so then this breeds alot of atheists because they say there is no god in the sense of a supreme ruler that says ill create this miracle but not that one. ill do this for you because you believe in jesus yet lie and steal, but not this for that person that treats all with equality and no judgement. now what i am saying is not even agnostic. im not saying i just believe there is a god and i dont think we have rules or purpose. im saying the god that intertwines everything. that put us here for a lesson to learn and a role to play to ourselves, others, and evolution. that there is no right and wrong except for universal right and wrong.

opinions appreciated.

In Lak'ech

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 01:09 AM
reply to post by just_another_yourself

so i want to know how did yall get to where you are

I was a very intelligent kid. I believe we are born knowing right from wrong and slowly some of us as we get older seem to go off course and head another path. My parents raised me as a chritian but I never accepted what I was told to believe at face value. They would take me to church every Sunday and in Sunday School I would learn about Jesus, but I could never accept what was being taught and often wondered why so many others believed.

I started my journey young by asking my parents very tough questions about God and Jesus. Like heres one I remember asking my dad. "If there was a supreme creator called God, how is it that he would have always lived and been forever?" See right there is a problem with what we are told to believe. If this supreme architect was truly like a human being in form how could he have always lived forever. From that point on I knew in my heart that I was being taught something that just did not add up.

I have also had very meaningful dreams throughout my life. I consider myself tapped in to the chain of consciesness. Sometimes even as a small child I would find answers to very difficult questions in my dream state.

When 9/11 happened I sat there watching and said "are we attacking ourselves." I told my mom on the phone, I think our government is behind this. Two days later she responded by saying the steel beams were weakened and caused the building to collapse. I never believed her. But I did not argue with her because obviously two days later I would not have been able to do a signifcant amount of research. I have always told her that 9/11 was an inside job and she to this day still would not even consider that because it goes above and beyon what she WANTS to believe. To find the truth, you can never stop at "hat you want to believe" you must always keep going, even when the truth is far from what you are comfortable with.

So somehwere down the road I started getting very heavy into 9/11 research which quite honestly is not something I do much anymore because well, I know it was an inside job and I know that chances are it will never get a fair investigation. No amount of protesting or court appeals would ever bring 9/11 the honest investigation it deserves to bring the real criminals behind it to justice.

So I moved on to other things,because when I was researching 9/11 I realized that there were over 800 alleged FEMA death camps. Then I ran across other things like 2012 and Denver International Airport. I kept seeing this Bible related symbolism everywhere I looked and was very distraught and angry and completely paranoid. What does it all mean?!?

So then I started reading for the Bible and looking for comfort there. Though it did not do much for me in the ways of comfort it did fascinating things in the ways of my research. I then of course strted studying the ancient sumerians, mayans and others trying to figure out just what happened.

Then I come across there was Zietgeist and a number of many other great documentaries in the recent years. My favorite was the 5-6 hour documentary called "Ring of Power" it goes on to tell about Julius Caesar and Cleopatra and them both giving birth to Caesarion who later was called Esau the Egyptian name for Jesus. It all makes sense now.

what internalized god for yall? if that is the case. why did yall step away from the non-pagan religions? what stemmed it and what are yalls beliefs now?

The mandelbrot set as well as many other revelations that have come sense. I would not say that I have fully retreated from all pagan beliefs but that I do understand them better and why they are what they are. But basically it all comes down to this. We are one. Just like the many "occult symbols" these people subtly hint to us without giving us the answer. They put it in our face everyday waiting for us to figure it out.

We are cocreators in this universe and every living thing has a purpose and meaning. Our survival as a human race is not only dependent on others but also dependent on all living things around us. The force that binds us all together is conciessness and thats why we are all here, to attain critical mass.

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