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Sleep Paralysis: Wake up with a being standing by the bed

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posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 01:18 AM
Just started checking out this site and thought I'd post an experience that still puzzles me. I guess it's just sleep paralysis that can be explained medically, but i had no clue the human brain could do something like this until it actually happened to me. I've had hallucinations via taking hallucinogenic substances before, this sleep paralysis experience was totally different.

I went to bed very late that night (a few months ago). I was having a dream in which i was in some unfamiliar home. At the end of the dream, someone rings the doorbell and as I open the door, I see 2 very short Asian men and a larger person behind them, but i can't quite see that person (can't see the face). It's almost as if i didnt see that person, but just knew there was a 3rd one behind them. The 2 men explain to me that they're from some poor country and ask for money. As I think about the situation and make the decision to say "no," right before my lips open to speak, the 2 men grab me by my arms (each man grabs one of my arms) and I wake up. As I wake up and definitely know that I am awake, i see a being standing at the edge of my bed. He looks like he could be human (in other words, there's nothing unusual about most of him). The only thing is that he has like an animated orange/red face/mask in front of his real face. I can see the edges of a human head, but there is this "painted" animated, bright-colored face or mask that's in front of the real face and this "mask" is shaking/vibrating, which gives it a very scary look. The "mask" hovering in front of the person's face looks a lot like those Easter Island heads (e.g., The only major difference is that this face has very vibrant orange and red colors, like what you'd see in a cartoon.

Since I know I'm awake, but I'm presented with this unreal display, I focus my eyes on familiar objects, questioning if I'm truly awake. I see blue lights of my computer in the adjacent room (left on overnight), i see some sunlight entering the room through the window (correctly corresponding to early morning). Having found nothing else unusual about the situation, I now have nearly no doubt that I'm truly awake (other than this being in my room with an unrealistic face). I can't move, can't even lift up my head, but i can move my eyes. I rationally consider the situation and try to think what the hell is going on. The only explanation that comes to my mind is that someone broke into my home and drugged me, causing this orange mask hallucination over the invader's face. But then seconds later, the being just disappears and I can move again. Feeling scared and unable to explain what the hell just happened, i quickly googled the situation (searching for dreaming while awake) and learned about sleep paralysis.

I also had some experiences in the past. When i was a kid i often crossed my eyes and went into deep concentration to either make things happen or predict things (i dont know which, and it's still hard to believe and i have my doubts). Most memorable experience is when i was watching older kids play soccer and was making predictions like "player X passes the ball to player Y; Y tries to score, but the goalie makes a save" and all those statements happened with 100% accuracy and within seconds. I haven't had much success with that recently, but last time was when i did it as a test to see if anything still worked. I was a passenger in a car and thought of a specific song, thinking if it comes up on the radio, then there is still some chance that i truly did have some ability to predict things. That song was the very next song to play on the radio! I was quite surprised. ALso, i had a weird experience yrs ago when i had a dream of a cat whispering my name. I lived with that cat years before, before I moved to the US. Turned out he died while i was sleeping (and he was on the other side of this planet when i dreamt of him). Any ideas?

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posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 01:33 AM
That is very common with Sleep Paralysis. The trick is to stay calm enough to ride it out without waking up and without falling asleep. Then some really fun things can happen. It is really difficult though, because experiences like that are extremely unnerving.

I had the "being in the room" experience a few times. Sometimes you will hear scary noises as well. Once when I had SP, I heard someone violently trying to break into my room. As if someone had grabbed the door handle and was violently banging the door back and forth trying to get in. Being alone in the house at the time made it especially nerve wracking.

posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 02:36 AM
reply to post by Karlhungis

Do you really believen it's all just a waking dream. I've suffered "sleep paralysis" since a child. It is one of the most horrifing nightmares I can
imagine and will always question the unreality vs. reality. When it's happening and even after I can swear my dreams/experiences are real. It's like I've atral traveled and picked up demons along the way. In the early 70's I was diagnosed as boderline schizophrenic because of these experiences and how I perceived them. I was treated with antipsychotic drugs for around 6 months when I started developing the "thorazine tic." I stopped these medication and started self-medicating with ganza. Yes, I did inform the psychiatrist treating me at the time of what I was doing. I couldn't function and had no life on thier drugs. My dreams have gotten better as I've aged. I think some people are thinking of lucid dreaming when they mention about controlling the dreams. I still think to this day that "sleep paralysis" is a form of physic attack. Label me "Schizo."

posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 02:55 AM
I agree, it's sleep paralysis/ night terrors. I used to get it since I was a kid. I've worked out how to avoid it now and rarely get it.

I'd like to add a positive about the SP/NTs. You get to find out what you're made of. You can have moments of unbridled, profound terror in the face of some (perceived) evil presence. At times you can feel that the thing in the room will take your life and soul if it can. You can literally be terrified of dying. I started fighting it and met it with profound aggression and anger. The fact that it's simply an illusion created by a mind out of synch with the body, doesn't make it less real. At the time, it's as real as anything else.

Despite all that, I absolutely hate having a good night's sleep ruined by one of those incidents. Waking nightmares are a nightmare...

posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 03:59 AM
reply to post by v0rtexc0rtex

It always puzzles me why people around here try to put this kind of stuff off... okay, it doesn't puzzle me, but anyway...

If you saw some little men grab, hey then some little men grabbed you or close enough to it. If you saw some dude over your bed with a mask on, then you *really* probably saw some dude over your bed with a mask on.

Your brain doesn't play tricks with you like that. Its just not capable of it. Something has to put stuff like that in your head, either physically (by actually doing what you think they did) or mentally.

posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 04:14 AM
I've had similar experiences - the ones that seemed the most evil was when what little light in the room just disappeared as if enveloped in a cloud of darkness.

Though I did wake up once with an small alien at the end of the bed and I wasn't paralyzed. It wanted to connect with me because of something I did that apparently called it. I briefly lifted up my head and once we got that cleared up in an instant we made a deal. The first part was I wouldn't do what I did that messed with them or divulge it to others & they wouldn't mess with me. At the time dealing with him was too much for me to handle so, the last part of the deal was that it would replace its image with one from my past associated with the current location/situation so that I could calm down, go back to sleep and move on with my life.

The problem was the image that was to replace the Alien in my memory was an object that was not there when I woke up in the morning. In fact the it was with the other parent who had long since divorced - and it was never at that house. So, it was a mistake that we (the alien & I) mutually decided to use this object to cover my memory.

I never told those that owned the house as I did not want to scare them or make them think I was wacked. The house was/is in a unique location and was subsequently sold for a few reasons one which was a couple disturbances that occurred after I left - that included what was described as sounds like bodies being dragged in the attic. They never told me everything beside the somewhat funny/spooky story and I never pressed it, but then I never told them my story either.

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 11:00 AM
reply to post by v0rtexc0rtex

I think that what you experienced was an abduction experience that the perpetrators KNEW you would try to blame on "being drugged" b/c of your past history (as stated in your post). They know precisely what to do in order to deceive you.

Imagine this: There's an "enemy" force that works to DECEIVE humanity. They understand our physiology so intimately it's incredible.

They understand that if you alter the levels of dopamine and seratonin in the human mind (as well as potassium levels, etc) you can then CONTROL the behavior of that individual.

They understand the parameters and capabilities of the human mind FAR beyond what mankind has come to understand...

In other words, they can "play tricks" with your mind.

In my humble opinion:

(a) you're not crazy;

(b) you should NOT be judged for drug usage in this arena, as you were NOT under the influence at the time of the event - you saw what you saw;

(c) the little asian men were probably grays - portraying themselves as something that, to you, would NOT induce panic or violence against them;

(d) the larger man was probably their handler. I noted you had no firm description of this "man" - tell me... what did he look like? Got an image in your mind? Or is that one's face left "blank" in your memory? *smiles*

In other words, the grays grabbed you, you really did see what you saw, and you're left with a MILLION questions standing in the dust after the perptrators of this violent crime are LONG GONE and UNDETECTABLE

Here's some seemingly unrelated questions for ya:

Are you Native American or Irish/Celtic in descent? (considering ALL bloodlines).

Do you have an affinity with animals?

Did you have monsters that lived in your closet or under your bed as a kid?

Ever have a habit of waking up around 3am?

Ever wake up with your clothes on backward/wrong?

Ever wake up in the wrong bed?

Ever wake up in the wrong house?

Do you ever smell sulfur, burnt matches, moldy/wet cardboard in your home when you wake up in the morning?

Do you ever wake up with bruises, puncture wounds, or "scoops" out of your skin that you simply cannot explain?

I'll be interested in your responses... *smiles*

If you truly want answers and you are seeking truth then:
[link removed]

After you read up on Derrel Sims, The Alienhunter (former US Army Military Policeman; former CIA Operative and Trainer; TX Private Investigator; UFO/Abduction Investigator (40+ years); and ABDUCTEE) you should contact him directly.

He'll be able to help you out in finding the truth about what you've experienced in your life. I know he cleared up MANY things for me and many others! *smiles*


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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 10:59 PM
So i have had a few to many sleep paralysis experiences. The one i remember most clearly is the time i woke up from sp looked around saw nothing then instantly as i closed my eyes i was in sp again.

When i woke up from the second sp that night curtains in my room were just moving about but all my windows closed door closed

When sp happens to me i always try to struggle i have never just done nothing and let it happen. I will just let it happen if possible next time see what happens

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 11:02 PM
Both my mom and my boyfriend have had sleep paralysis in the past. It started after they, at different times obviously, had started smoking pot. It lasted years afterwards.

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 11:11 PM
Iv had sp when i smoked pot for 2yrs straight and i had it before i even touch alcohol or pot

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 11:14 PM
I'm not saying it always occurs due to pot, but I think that might increase the chances or the instance in a certain population.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 02:55 AM
reply to post by v0rtexc0rtex

Hello, I just started checking out ATS and looking around last night....Well, I found your thread and I wanted to let you know that I share these kind of crazy situations with you. I haven't had any really scary moments in a few years (knock on wood), I believe the last time I was laying on my bed. I felt awake. I tride to talk, but couldn't move my body. I dreamed that a friend came into my room with a baby and was attempting to hand me the baby. This freaked me out because I couldn't hold it and I was trying so hard to talk, but couldn't. Another time I was laying down and again...I was trying to move, but couldn't, then I saw a muppets doll come out of the toy chest and scream at me before slamming the lid back down (that was when I was really young).1 thing I noticed is that if I am in a situation where there is alot on my mind as well as stress and I am both physically and mentally drained, but have no choice but stay up for awhile longer....well that type of situation I am more likely to have sleep paralysis. For example, during basic training (the Army) there where a few times when I had sleep paralysis. I feel really lucky that I read your story and that others are posting as well. It makes me feel like Im not alone on this stuff and that it's somewhat normal. I hope everyones day is going well. Talk to you soon-MaTeO-

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 04:00 AM

Originally posted by DeceptionRebel
Imagine this: There's an "enemy" force that works to DECEIVE humanity. They understand our physiology so intimately it's incredible.

It's a shame that you have to ask people to "imagine" that isn't it?

I've also had a SP experience that involved an evil being floating above me. IMO, these beings are probably responsible for all SP experiences, regardless if they're seen or not.

Originally posted by ravenshadow13
Both my mom and my boyfriend have had sleep paralysis in the past. It started after they, at different times obviously, had started smoking pot. It lasted years afterwards.

That's because it opens some people up to the spirit world, like mushrooms. Why do you think our occultist leaders desperately don't want people touching it, yet allow cigarettes and alcohol?

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 04:57 AM
Yeah I've had SP my whole life.

My earliest memory of it was when I was about 5 years old and something scared the hell out of me when I was asleep so I ran to my parents room and slept on the floor next to the window. I remember getting SP and seeing figures outside the window and lights whirling around in the park opposite.

The most recent one happened to me about a year ago, it was Vladimir Putin standing next to my bed telling me that no one can stop him or something. I was trying to get up but could only lift me head a few inches. When I finally did awake I was yelling at the top of my voice.

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 12:11 AM
loads of times

i once told these Chinese children to stop talking as i was trying to sleep, a girl and a boy

then my covers started whipping up and going all crazy and the bed starting shaking before tilting up and crushing me into the wall

i then thought id woken up and went into the next room to find all my things stolen

woke up again everything still there

real as day

terrifying, always a presence too

good idea to say a mantra, or prayer to protect your subconscious

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 06:47 PM
I would like to share my SP experience with you guys from last night.

I started experiencing SP about 2 years ago and it continue for for a year or so until i decided to do some research. I hated talking about it with family or friends because i know they would believe me or tought i was weird. The only person i trusted was my mother and she freaked out and said to pray before i go to sleep. So i would do that and it stoped happening for awhile until recently i started getting them once again and this time there worser! My girlfriend gets them too but she dont really talk about them.

So last night it happen to both of us as we slept together. It happen to her once but when she gets them she freaks out and she is scare to go back to sleep. I got used to it already but last night i didnt get much sleep because of it! Everytime i would try to go to sleep i would fall right into SP for about 20-30 sec before i snapped out of it! This happen about 4 times last night. The last time was the worse when I prayed to god while i was in SP and went i said his name in vain i felt a push out of my body and thats when i saw that black shadow everyone talks about. It freaked me out because its the first time i see it! I told my girlfriend to pray for me once i woke up i didnt tell her about what i had experience until the morning. But after that time that i told her to pray it didnt happen again. But i did see that shadow it was blurry and just dark! I really dont like talking about it but i tought i would share this experience with you people cause i know it probably makes sence to you guys. As for other people they would think am crazy!!

I do gots to admit that i drink quite much and party alot am only 21 and i probably average about 25-30 hours of sleep a week not including the weekends the thing is that i dj then i have a full 8am-5pm. I better start getting some more rest.

Anyhow its great to know that am not the only one that it happens to i appreciate all you guys feedback feel free to comment on this. As i will probably return and read a little more experiences there interesting!!! :-)

God bless,

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