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Cryptic Writing

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posted on Apr, 7 2004 @ 01:01 AM
Head over heart, heart over head,
Why am I here, over and over again?
Chaos screaming, can't hear what's said,
Tearing My mind in a thousand directons.
Did you feel that? See in that infinite degree?
Sorting truth from insanity, deliver decree.
Faith fleeting, captured steel in hand,
Strength begins building, Son of man stand.
In the midst of darkness,
Glitters bright a shinning light,
In a years span of a day length,
Time will reveal itself time.
Past overlies present,
Future is a fragile thing,
The worlds eye opens,
Via touch of other worldly being.
Not to us, Not to us they say,
But to his name be the glory.
Psalms of one hundred fifteen,
Oh how there in a lie the truth does gleem.

[Edited on 7-4-2004 by ESHART2]

[Edited on 7-4-2004 by John bull 1]

posted on Apr, 7 2004 @ 03:21 AM
Is this something that you made up or is it from something?

posted on Apr, 7 2004 @ 03:50 AM
I call it spontanious writing. but if you mean is it some ancient scripture, no. Then again neither was any of the prophets writings, but they are now. I get it from "above", OR from the disillusions of my possibly insane human mind, even I'm not sure. But I believe many of my spontanious writings hold cryptic information.They always FLOW on to the paper. no mistakes, no erasures. And they have the tendency to ryhme. like lyrics. I believe they hold signifigance. Wheather or not any-one else does is their call.

posted on Apr, 7 2004 @ 04:09 AM
I feel it racing for humanity, in all its enormity,
A pivitol moment, destined to leave a mark in history,
No time to lend, to a world fattened with sin,
Ripe with power hungry, careless, greed, and waste,
Trophys of unused riches, the starving can't taste,
One holds a hundreds gold, with more his only desire,
While numbers untold, die lacking basics they require,

We're gonna take it to another level,
We're gonna take it to another level,
So alien, not yet seen, so buetiful,
So alien, not yet seen, so buetiful,
So buetiful, no fear, oh so near.

The world at an end, in relation to what was once believed,
Ancestory of timeless waste, and history of family decieved,
Secrets untold, shall unfold, and alter all of reality,
The vale of deceit lifted for those that are worthy.

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