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MT69 = Rush Limbaugh groupie

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posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 03:56 PM
fiction, that was funny BT.

Yes, Moore's book was a great selling book.

It's just interesting: Donahue is the only liberal TV show that comes to mind and that ratings stink - the show was cancelled I believe. Conservatives and non-liberals rule AM talk radio, liberals can't compete there. Books: Outside of Moore's books it seems there is much out there either and it's even been written how publishers don't pickup books that are 'conservative.' Just another bias.

So, BT, don't you guys know how to talk or write?? I don't get it!

[Edited on 22-1-2003 by Bob88]

posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 03:58 PM

I haven't got a damn clue in freuchie about what the hell your talking about?

posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 05:03 PM
Well, take a look at the decay of American entertainment: reality shows, crappy talk radio. the 'books' are nothing more than overstretched newspaper articles on how the evil of Liberalism has got it wrong coupled with flawed logic on how consevatism is the only the book reviews from a source other than the right wing rags....hasn't been a positive one yet.

RavenStar: Aye Mate! Just a bunch O' Yank poofs & wankers saying how the right wing is somehow capable of intellectual writings, not from the learned in their ranks, but from the empty talking heads!
They'll say otherwise, but they all drink American Budweiser Lite, ta boot!

[Edited on 22-1-2003 by Bout Time]

posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 06:52 PM
Damn you Bout Time! Budweiser Lite? I am offended!

posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 08:25 PM
Bud Lite? Ow!! That was about the worst insult I've endured in a long time!

The T.V. is the liberal bastion, and so you find programs that appeal to the liberal crowd for their amusement.
You do the math!

As the programs are pathetic in nature, that leaves conservatives with nothing else to do but read books.

Anyway, Bob, B-T, and everyone else, take care and may God bless all of you, Democrat and Republican alike. Thomas Crowne is going to ride off into the sunset while the horse is still able to carry him. It is time this affair is called to an end, but I'll miss my political allies and opponents alike. If any of you ever get down to South Alabama, let me buy you a beer.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Thomas Crowne

posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 09:07 PM
TC, nice Doug Adams quote. Are you leaving ATS or something?

posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 09:15 PM
I heard DOnahue was canceled am i riht THANK GOD ALMIGHTY. He is the most annoying t.v personality out there 2day i think. The only thing i like about his show is that they have true debates even if they are alil one sided. Like Bob i do not get Sean or at least i cant find it. Probly on during school

posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 09:31 PM
Yup, TC must go. Thomas has violated the rules of conduct, and such activity cannot be tolerated by those who are entrusted with the duty to maintain the good harmony of this fine board.
I am sorry for my lack of tact in a discussion with Particle while at the same time I regret not one letter of sentiment.

Another fan, huh? Every time I see a dolphine in the gulf I always imagine them flying away any minute!

posted on Jan, 23 2003 @ 09:01 AM
Well, I hope that you are not really going to leave us. You are leaving a large hole in the political discussions that go on here.
And yes, I am a fan.. Though I have not read the books in several years I do hold them close to my literary heart.
And every time I see a white mouse I think "are they performing an experiment on ME?!"

posted on Jan, 29 2003 @ 02:02 PM
TC - Sorry for not responding earlier...I thought this thread was deleted when it went away from the Terrorism board.

Yes, we brainwashed each other. Conservatives are just dittoheads with no brains.

As for the political test results...

Economic left/right = 0.12
Authoritarian/Libertarian = 1.79

I'm pretty much a middle of the road person with conservative beliefs.

I'm more logical than the leftists here, I just use brash posts to get my point into their dense heads.

[Edited on 29-1-2003 by MT69]

posted on Jan, 29 2003 @ 02:24 PM
Authoritarian, ehhh???

I knew it...

P.S: Lots of times, it's you who doesn't sound logical...

posted on Jan, 29 2003 @ 05:02 PM
TheBandit - You're the one too stupid to get my Iraq Venezuela comparison on the Terrorism board. Go back and review it after I spelled it out in 3rd grader terms for you.

posted on Jan, 29 2003 @ 05:12 PM

posted on Jan, 29 2003 @ 05:14 PM
You'll have to understand that If I lived in a totally different area of the world, my reaction would very different...

Just simple fight or flight...

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