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Any -HIP HOP- (real stuff, aka underground) fans

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posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 06:06 PM
I need some more artists, my faves' are Josh Martinez, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Benefit, Souls Of Mischief, and Jeru Tha Damaja. Tell me what you all like.

posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 06:12 PM
Actually I find I have to kick start my brain after I hear the mind numbing repetitive "beatz" and "holla-ing"

you shouldn't take offence to this as you didn't write the lyrics....
And if you do, oh well. It's fookin #e.

posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 06:14 PM
I can't stand 50cent, and those 'homos', i hate them quite. they cant write and for that matter, they cant do anything!

posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 09:45 PM
skating canadian I can't stand you, I hate you quite. But I'm not going to give you any reason to back that up. I'm just going to spew statements that have no reasons behind them...

Well I'm being sarcastic, but I still don't appreciate it when people say foolish things.

Aaaanyway... You should check out Tech Nine. He's my favorite rapper, and he's underground. I've never heard him on the radio, and I don't think the foolish general public would accept him as much as other big name rappers. The guy is black with an orange afro! How cool is that?? Definately check out some of his stuff, it'd be well worth it.

posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 10:09 PM
Check out Adeem and Shalem out of Keen, New Hampshire. They sick.

posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 10:41 PM
I don't think Tech 9 is underground. His old stuff was awesome, though. The Three-Six Mafia is underground I think. Docto Octagon, Jurassic 5, The X-Ecutioners, Mike Ladd, Dilated Peoples, Prince Paul, Montana Low(All his stuff talks about the movie Scarface, but it's still good), and Grassroots are all really good underground artists

posted on Apr, 7 2004 @ 12:00 AM
I've done these list so many, here's a link where you can find any and everything that's hot in underground hiphop.

posted on Apr, 7 2004 @ 12:42 AM
Yeah Tech9 I guess isn't truly underground. He's just more of not-mainstream. He still kicks arse though, in my opinion. My favorite rapper, he is.

posted on Apr, 7 2004 @ 03:49 AM
Check out these Aussie artists man...

Hilltop Hoods- cool, easy, laid back sorta stuff, wicked samples, cool lyrics...

1200 Techniques- More upbeat and moving, great hip-hop beats fun loving sorta lyrics.

posted on Apr, 7 2004 @ 06:17 AM
ok i know this is old school, but I kinda like MC Schooly School. he's funny and his beats are engaging. i think his best song is that theme from ATHF "My name is.... shakezula, the mike rula, the old schoola. You wanna trip, ILL BRING IT TO YA! Frylock something something rock it like a cop something something. Meatwad makes the money see? Meatwad gets the honies, see? driving in my car, livin like a star: ice on my fingers and toes and Im a something" which I think kicks butt!

also, this is more trip hop every now and then, but I think Mos Def is one of the few talented artists left in this genre. one of my favorite hip hop songs of his is Umi Says
"My Umi says shine your light on the world,
Shine your light for the world to see.
I want black people to be free,
for my people to be free..."

such a beautifully written song.

posted on Apr, 7 2004 @ 12:42 PM
Jeru the Damaja has a lot of good tunes, he rocks!
I don't really know what the mainstream # is aside from Jay Z, 50 cent, etc.
The stuff I listen to: OGC, Heltah Skeltah, Dead Prez, Jeru, Rascalz, ghostface killa, boot camp clik, cocoa brovas, gravediggas, guru, older Nas..

posted on Apr, 8 2004 @ 08:56 PM
What I'm about to say is not a subjective opinion; it is an objective fact.

Akbar is one of the most if not THE most slept on Hip Hop artists of all time!!!

Cop his album "Big Bang Boogie" ASAP!

Don't sleep on Divine Styler and Styles of Beyond either!


[Edited on 8-4-2004 by Tamahu]

posted on Apr, 8 2004 @ 09:07 PM
how bout SPM- South Park Mexican? they considered underground? they got some cool songs so check em out.

posted on Apr, 8 2004 @ 11:21 PM

Originally posted by chrisnolefan
how bout SPM- South Park Mexican? they considered underground? they got some cool songs so check em out.

LOL I bought one of SPM's CD's when I was in Houston a while ago. I heard he got hit with a pedophile/molestation charge. What an ass. Some of his # was #in dope. "Wiggy?" that track was the shiat back in 10th grade!

*EDIT: "have you been with two hoes that wasn't strictly dickly? wiggy wiggy wiggy wiggy wiggy wigay!"

[Edited on 4-8-2004 by insite]

posted on Apr, 9 2004 @ 12:45 AM
Check out some Binary star. You cant go wrong with tribe's midnight murauders.

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 08:33 AM
Ive been djing underground rap since 94...and i must say...its frustrating how 90% of these people never make it big...Natural Elements, Cage, etc....

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 06:03 PM
BasementAddix, hey. I know, do you like De La Soul?

posted on Apr, 25 2004 @ 05:58 AM
But of course...but they are skating the underground line...people know who they are...but rarely can name anything past their old works...

posted on Apr, 25 2004 @ 03:18 PM
anyone heard of DJ Honda?

posted on Apr, 25 2004 @ 04:21 PM
Dr Octagon is the #! I havent listened to him in a while. BLUE FLOWERS! It's raining green! some crazy #, he says something in another song like space doodoo pistols, thats wicked lol

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