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Americans Fail to Protect Against STDs, Study Finds

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posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 04:48 PM
The Story Americans Fail to Protect Against STDs, Study Finds

"The findings in our survey are quite disturbing. Despite the fact that STDs are extremely widespread and have severe consequences, it is troubling that there is such a large portion of people who still feel invincible," said Dr. James Allen, president and chief executive officer of the ASHA.

I am not suprised to see this at all as I have done voluntary work in education and support, one of the most comon things I would here was "I am a good christain" I am not at risk or "I am hetero sexual" and "I am married I know I am safe"
but I have seen a lot of hiv and/or hep C cases where people in these groups were infected,
mostly women.
infact heterosexual women have nearly the highest infection rate right now you can look that up at the CDC website
you ask how could this be?
well since most people dont think they are at risk they never get tested after that fling at a college party or the relationship that didnt work.
next thing happens is they think "well I dont feel sick so I am fine no need to get tested" but the thing is it can take many years before you see any symptom's of an STD up to 15 years in some cases! and durring that whole time you can be infecting others.

no matter how slim the chance a risk is a risk, if you take any its your duty to get tested


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