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Polar Bear befriends Sled Dogs(photos to prove it)

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 10:29 AM
The link from the OP now only shows one picture and the rest have errors. Is there another link with the pics?

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 11:03 AM
How is that proof that the bear isn't hostile?:S

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 04:42 PM
I think part of the what is happening is that like us the animals are evolving and learning.

I think they are also blessed with a instinctual awareness that the world is changing and that they will have to adapt to survive the change.

When all life is threatened there is no room for enemies in the quest for survival.

I just think they are learning that lesson a hell of a lot faster then we are.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by John Matrix

I've always been interested in relative sizes of animals, so for the fun of it, I thought this might be a good thread to post some examples:

African Lion - up to 450 lb.

Bengal Tiger - India - heaviest ever recorded was 570 lb.

Siberian Tiger - Russia - largest ever recorded was 700 lb.

Black Bear - up to 600 lb. but biggest ever recorded was 881 lb. (North Carolina)

Average full grown cow on the farm - 1000 lb.

Grizzly Bear - usually up to 1200 lb. Largest ever recorded 1,600 lb. I'd post pictures but the poor thing was shot and I don't want to post those pictures. But take my word for it or google it... you have to see it to believe it. That was one big beautiful monster.

Biggest bull you'll ever see at a PBR rodeo - around 1800 lb.

And the biggest of them all...

Polar Bear - Biggest of all time was 2210 lb. - Canada (shot by a woman). He was an incredible 12 feet long. Go ahead, pace out 4 loooong strides... that's how long this bear was. It's hard to believe but these white giants make all but the largest of grizzlys look like runts. They will fearlessly walk right into a huge herd of 3000-4000 lb. walrus and take one twice his size. They've even been recorded on video, jumping onto the back of a whale and killing it.

Biggest sled dogs? - 80 to 120 lb. How's that for perspective?

And finally... I don't believe for a second that this is a wild bear. Those dogs aren't stupid. They're survivalists and trust me, they won't try playing with a wild polar bear. Those dogs know this bear... I'd put money on it!

But even if they know him, these are still very impressive and cute pictures.

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 08:33 PM

Originally posted by and14263
reply to post by John Matrix

I love it... the person with the Terminator avatar posting cute fluffy posts! Good post though, I'm sure I've seen I video of something similar. I'll have a quick look now.

Here it is...

**Vid of Leopard and Baboon baby** (cut it from qoute so people dont have to have it load again

Nice Id read about that but never knew there was a video of it, being a cat owner myself with 8 cats currently I can definitely see alot of the leopards body movements that match up with similar 'affection' giving ones my cats do to me my family and to each other (especially the little slight cheek rub/push it did to the little baboon while up the tree a few times), however I also see a few times that its wasnt completely sure if it should have just bitten it. A few times it did a few things that showed it was mildly conflicted with its own actions... at least its motherly instincts won out over its 'im hungry, chomp' ones.

Pitty the little baboon died of exposure though.

Personally I dont see why some people are saying the OP's post is of a tamed or acclimatised bear. I mean this happens ALOT, you just dont hear to much about it. Their are numerous accounts of animals you'd think would just out and out go for one another naturally, becoming great friends straight out of the blue, both wild and domesticated.

People have this odd idea that nature is all kill or be killed, survival of those that are the fittest, heck some Chimp and Baboon children get along swimmingly before they become adults even playing with each other in the wild, after which in adulthood the former begins to prey on the latter, which would indicate to me the desire for the chimp to go from friend to hunter is more learned than instinct... animals have alot to teach us. We just have to listen.

If two completely instinctively opposed species can hit it off, why on earth cant humans get on with each other (who are all of the same species)... definitely an indictment on humanity as a whole.

Edit:- heh Just read the snake Hamster friendship a page or two back, now THAT one is unexpected... a snake one day just deciding to give up rodents for a diet
and hunker down with the next live one stuck in his cage.

Typical its a ginger cat that makes friends with a rat, every Ginger ive owned has always had that sort of... 'hello you me friend? mkay?' attitude about em. Had a black and white tom that had absolutly NO fear of dogs, he was good friends and even wrestled with a friend of mines black terrier(?). Hadnt thought about him and that till just now, since hes passed on over 10 years ago. Funny what you forget.

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