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Why Are The Great Pyramids Targeting The Star, Rho Orionis?

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posted on Dec, 23 2008 @ 11:09 AM
Hello ATS,

Many of you will be familiar with my Centroid Alignment Theory (CAT) as a possible explanation for the concavities of Khufu's Pyramid (G1) and Menkaure's Pyramid (G3) at Giza.

Fig 1.

Fig 2.

The Centroid Alignment Theory proposes that the Gizamids are possibly aligned using the 3 most ancient geometrical centroids: incentre, barycentre and circumcentre.

Fig 3. - The 3 Most Ancient Centroids Construct the Great Giza Triangle:

Fig 3a. The Great Giza Triangle overlaid over aerial map of Gizamids:

I have hypothesised that something of import may be found under the sands at this X-Spot (Fig 3a.) in the desert SW of Giza and in March of this year I made an attempt to reach this location - you can read of this here:

Having recently read Richard Hoagland's Dark Mission and the apparent obsession NASA seems to have with the Orion constellation, I thought I would project the Centroid Triangle onto the actual Belt Stars of Orion itself to see if anything of interest would arise. This is what I found:

Fig 4.

Fig 5.

Could it be that the Centroid Alignment Theory not only indicates a "special" point in the desert SW of Giza where something of import may perhaps be buried beneath its ancient sands but - when projected onto the actual Belt Stars - may indicate ALSO a particular star in the Orion constellation - RHO ORIONIS?

As Below - So Above......

Happy Festive Season everyone and thank you all for your valued and considered input over the last year on ATS. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience for me.

Very best wishes,

Scott Creighton

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posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 03:32 PM
Hi. I never passed Algebra 1 or took geometry, but, your map work to a spot in the desert within a heavily guarded perimeter, and your map work pointing to a specific star in space, really causes me to think....

Stargate. From that spot to that star. I mean, the stuff indicates the star and the stuff indicates the spot.

No breach of security in hypothesising a conclusion based on a ponder at open book obtainable evidence, is there?

What do the satelite photo's of the place say?

edit : and I wonder in this fanciful guess-at, if all of the mathematics do not effect an acutation upon a magnetism or force applied in that type of transfer-moving a person or object from a supposed apparatus down here to an apparatus up there; as well as how the tilts of the axis, from the time of the creation of such an imaginary thing till the present would affect it's operation if at all. Or sumthing.

It's a treat to wonder. Maybe it is the mother of all oil fields?
Merry Happy HolidaysNewyears!

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posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 03:42 PM
well the next step would be to find otu what the significance of that star is within AE culture and try to piece it together. i hope it all adds up to something.

posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 04:17 PM
reply to post by Scott Creighton

Kudos Creighton, nice post star for you.

I could see that being very well the answer, NASA is obsessed with that part of the sky, i'm just baffled as to why they're hasn't been some sort of dig/construction done over that site to study it, independant or governemtn alike.

posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 04:22 PM
can the "arrow" be turned 180 degrees in the space one? does it point to anything then? edit: it almost looks like there's a star in that exact line.

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posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 04:39 PM
I saw a discovery special on it all once that explained the Egyptians were creating a heaven on earth. They pointed out that all over the Giza plateau there are monuments located in mirroring fashion to the heavens. Some are no longer existing. The band of the milky way even mirrors the river Nile.
Nice map work too BTW.

S&F for you.

posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 05:47 PM
The concave grooves on the pyramids may be related to energies that flow from the point of the pyramid. Some alleged UFO craft are believed to also have this shape and may use this same natural energy and shield.

Unless we actualy saw the pyramids as they were when completed and as functioned, we can only assume what was on the outside and their limit of function. Hasn't it also been suggested that they may have harnessed free energy? (pyramid power) Was the capstone of the one pyramid some other metal or a crystal?

The star chart to me as if can also represent the flow of energy from a focal point. It's also been suggested as if the star chart and source for these visitors, possibly on a one way trip. Maybe the pyramid was also used as a beacon and or stargate.

posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 06:03 PM
Wow, very nicely done. I wonder if they were trying to leave behind a map of where something important might be, perhaps on that planet thats indicated by the arrow.

Interesting, really makes you think.

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 06:37 AM
reply to post by heyo

Hello Heyo,

Heyo: can the "arrow" be turned 180 degrees in the space one? does it point to anything then? edit: it almost looks like there's a star in that exact line.

With the centre line on the triangle (the barycentre centroid) placed through the centres of G1 (Great Pyramid) and G2 (Khafre's Pyramid) then ONLY this triangle with these dimensions can be reconstructed. This line through G1 and G2 is also the key line to actually defining the actual base dimensions of all three Gizamids - you can see how this occurs here:

The Orion GeoStellar Fingerprint

If a triangle is constructed with the central barycentre line placed through the centres of G3 (Menkaure's Pyramid) and G2 then a similar sized triangle can also be created that points in roughly the opposite direction. The brightest star that is almost in line with the apex of this triangle is Sirius but it is some distance away from the apex point:

Given that this central line (when placed through G1 and G2) can be used also to define the base dimensions of all 3 main Gizamids (as demonstrated in the Orion Geo-Stellar Fingerprint link above), it is my contention that this central line should indeed be placed through G1 and G2 and NOT G3/G2. So, with the centre line of the barycentre centroid placed through G1/G2 the reconstructed triangle points to Rho Orionis. I have no doubt that Rho Orionis is the correct orientation.

The question now remains WHY? Why does this simple geometry of the Pyramids at Giza "point" to the star, Rho Orionis? That is the question I am now seeking to answer.



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posted on Jan, 1 2009 @ 12:40 AM
Hi Scott, I read your article: The Great Pyramid and the Axis of the Earth - Part 2 (cont.)
By Gary Osborn and Scott Creighton.
I would firstly like to commend your work and for sharing the information. I have a couple of points to contribute that might interest you:
(1) The reference to the GP slope angle of 51.840 is consistent with the Mayan 5th Sun and 5184yrs x 5 = 25920yrs. However, are you aware that 51.840 in seconds is 186,624sec or [432 squared] which is within 0.002% of the ‘official’ speed of light in fps. To go a little deeper when we use the Nineveh Constant, as you probably already know it is the rotational value in seconds of the Galaxy of 70 x 60 seven times. The NC of 195955200000000sec/186624sec is a harmonic of 105, which is the Ancient Reed measurement of 10.5ft or 126 inches.
(2) The full capped height of the GP I believe is a matter of conjecture. However, I found that 480ft x 756ft is 362,880 which turns out to be the product of numbers 1 to 9 multiplied. This can also be verified by the perimeter of the base at 3024ft in inches = 36288 or 1/10th.
These aspects I find amazing in one monument could code so many things, so directly. Linking both the earth with the Galactic cycle. Probably not surprising with the work you have done.
I can also link the above with a crop circle in the UK that incorporates both Pi & Phi. Known as Barbury Castle 2008:

One half the GP profile in this CC is a golden Pyramid and the Crop formation ratchet spiral encodes Pi to rounded up 10 decimal places which happens to sum the 10 digits 3.141592654 which multiplied = 129,600 a ahrmonic of 1/2f precession, particularly if you re-introduce the decimal point. Note the grid code and rotation of 864 & 756

Cheers from OZ

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