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Emotional Hardcore

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posted on Dec, 23 2008 @ 06:38 AM
As I write this I am listening to Bjork.
yes, that Bjork.
and it's heavy.
try some Bjork, go listen to Army of Me for example.

So I've been running into these Emo Kids everywhere.
They are the ones with the flock of seagulls haircuts and tight jeans, they listen to a kind of punk, and they are generally Goths minus all the Halloween stuff.

This is a message to them.

Emotion is the explosive in the bullet. Imagination is the sight. Intent is the trigger.

Seed, Root, Stem, Flower.

You can stop questioning the existence of god, because it doesn't matter if you believe in god. God believes in you.

The cosmic trigger.

everything you are seeing is patterned by your mind out of the chaos that is ultimate reality.

To be Emotionally Hardcore, you must first understand emotion, and it's role in existence.

Emotion is a tool, it is a Holy Gift. Use this power. Use this gift.

Emotion is the fuel, not the fire.

Use your emotion to direct your intent, yo redirect your consciousness and it's attention toward the reality you wish to perceive.

You think you are a movement, but this is another fad. we discovered this about 5 fads ago.

I want you to be a movement. I want you to become legion and Move, Change, Infiltrate, Mutate, Propagate.

but to do this you have to take a leap. So consider this a little push to get you started.

Emotion is a tool, and you must learn to use it and not be fascinated by it.

instead of symbolically filtering your perceptions, with your hair to cover your eyes, you must learn to master Perception. You must learn to go beyond.

Claim your rightful property. This world is yours, every man is a star.

this has been stolen by the people who taught you to be weak, this was perverted by your parents, by teachers and by psychologists.

Every Man Is A Star. and stars are symbols of god.

Hannah Montana and My Chemical Romance are not gods.

but you can be.

Emotion is the fuel, and your will shall be done if you know how to direct this energy, and how to fire the cosmic trigger.

You are not a victim. You are not the clothes you wear, you are not the car you drive, you are not your stupid haircut.

You are as a Star in the Heavens. you are an Angel.

You are terrible and awesome, and it's in your hands.

All of it. in YOUR hands.

Reality can be Hacked. you must become the Hackers.

if you don't you'll just be another generation of kids with photo albums full of teenage photos of yourself in your costumes, playing out your role, turning like the cogs they want you to be.

Belief is not the end, it is a tool for achieving our goals.

You are the new illuminati, you are the New World Order.

we all agree to this reality, if you really don't agree, then stop lettiing life happen to you, and begin to be the one that happens to life.

Look at a drawing of a cube. see how you can flip it with your mind, so it looks as though you turned it around, even though it's a 2d set of lines?

use that principle, use the ability to pull patterns out, and begin to manipulate the illusion of Life, the great Hologram.

posted on Dec, 23 2008 @ 07:12 AM

You think you are a movement, but this is another fad. we discovered this about 5 fads ago. I want you to be a movement. I want you to become legion and Move, Change, Infiltrate, Mutate, Propagate.

I want Santa to deliver Megan Fox to me, wrapped in red silk and carrying a bottle of Laphroig whisky. I think our chances are about equal

Emo is just a trend. No politics, just teenage kids feeling misunderstood. Little do they know that they'll have the photo evidence of the make-up and fashion disasters to hide from their kids in the future

posted on Dec, 23 2008 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by MegaTherion

Interesting...not sure about a comment for what you said, but interesting.

I think this generation of teenagers will overcome the 'fad' thing just like other teenagers in other times did. But what I do see is over time, the population of the future parents that are more 'allowing' to their children to 'experience' themselves as 'part' of this universe, will increase. I know that teenagers experience this phase of life, but it seems to go with the age to me. You cant really begen to understand the world as a illusion, a hologram, until you have matured to a degree. Personally, I wouldnt of been ready to think such things till after I had children, about age 30. From age 30 to 33 I though I could of been a labeled lunatic sometimes, as the Universe showed herself to me. I humble path no one could of told me was there.

So the advice, for the young adults I think is great....the teenagers, well its a time to experience adapting, coping and adjusting....and how rough the world of material can be. Some might find this 'awerness' of the Universe while young...but it can be risky as well, for a unstable teenager to find out, they might be a illusion....lacking the wisdom of 'experiences'.

Just thoughts,


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