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Conspiracy: The Bailout Is Actually An International Ransom to Prevent Another 9/11

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posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 10:13 PM
So, if it was black ops who planned it, why plant evidence that hijackers did it?

I think that black ops terrorists planted the evidence, as opposed to our regular military/US government planting it. Why? I think that first of all, our military was probably still in shock and still trying to figure out how the hell it happened.

Also, it would make sense that if it was a black ops military coup, they would have had it all planned out months ahead, what evidence to plant, and where.

Furthermore, I believe it was not planted just for the benefit of misleading the American people, but also for the benefit of the whoever that our black-ops rebel/terrrorists people befriended in the Middle East in order to keep the poppy trade going.

My guess is this is what happened: Our black-ops terrorists had befriended the right people in Afghanistan, in order to keep the opium poppies growing, and to keep funding their black ops organization/rebellion.

After a while, maybe these people in Afghanistan (maybe Al Quaeda? I don't know) say: "Hey, we are allowing you to do the drug trade here, because you say it's going to help you bring down your government, but what are we getting out of this? You told us you want our help so you can bring down the evil US. We want to bring down the evil US, too. Or, we at least want some good PR out of this."

So, the black ops people say: "Ok. I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll let you bring down the WTC like you guys tried back in the early 90's. Remember that? Well, it didn't work the first time, but we'll help you do it this time.

Why did they know it would work? Because they were planning on bringing down the WTC anyway with their new super-weapon, but they needed a cover. And the people who were helping out the black-ops guys who didn't like America wanted a chance to bring down the Evil Empire. (I'm guessing it was the Taliban or Al Quaeda who the black ops people befriended, but I honestly have no idea.)

So, the black ops terrorists say "This is perfect! They want credit for bringing down the Towers. We don't want credit! This is a match made in heaven!" So, they make it look good. They let Al Quaeda (or whoever it was) hijack a couple of planes, and although the planes aren't really the cause of the towers collapsing, the terrorists from the mideast get world credit for it (because evidence was planted) and both groups are happy. Al Quaeda gets to take credit for it (even though they didn't do it), and they look good among the crazy Islamic fundamentalist world, and the black-ops terrorists just took the first step in their plan to take over the US government by psy-ops/black ops.

Maybe it was the real airline jet planes that hit the towers. Or maybe they were switched at some point, and military planes were used. Or maybe they were new super-planes that could somehow slice through a steel wall with no resistance whatsoever.

I have no idea. There is conflicting evidence both ways. I won't say which planes really hit the towers, but I will say that I think that if my hypothesis is true, then what really matters is not what kind of planes hit the towers, but that the black ops people wanted the world to think that it was the terrorists that brought down the WTC.

Because I think that was the deal they forged; they let the "terrorists" in caves in Afghanistan take all the credit, which was fine with them, and they get someone to blame it on.

But what REALLY brought the towers down later that day was not the plane crashes, but some kind of super-weapon that could turn steel to dust. (But they let the mid-east terrorists think it was the planes.)

Now whatever, hit the Pentagon, I think, came from black ops. If it wasn't a missile, it some kind of laser beam that can inflict the same damage as a missile.

And I think someone in black ops kept feeding all this information to the top government personnel (we found evidence who the hijackers, we found evidence it was a missile, etc...) during the craziness of the first few days. Meanwhile, President Bush, who is led to believe that mid-east terrorists has somehow gotten a hold of our secret weapons program, probably thinks that Armageddon is upon us, launches war against the mid-east terrorists.

The black ops rebels don't want anyone to know who struck against the US that day, so they remain quiet and go right along in letting him think that for a while.

(next post: the timeline)

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posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 12:32 AM
I really should have been a writer, because if this didn't happen the way I hypothesize, I could really give Tom Clancy a run for his money! (At least when it comes to hatching plots.)


Ok, is anyone still with me or am I talking to myself? Should I go on or stop here? Have I made my case, or do you still want more?

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posted on Jan, 1 2009 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by nikiano

At a town hall session in Orlando 7 weeks after 9/11, Bush was asked by a little kid: "How did you feel when heard about the terrorist attack?" In his answer he says that he was out side the classroom and saw a plane hit the tower on a tv that was "obviously on".

Watch this video.. the beginning is not what I am talking about the guy gets into it at about 5 min.. but you should watch the beginning anyways.

We all know that the footage of the first plane impact was not given to the media until the next day by the 2 french guys, so there was absolutely no way for him to see the first plane hit on regular TV.

Fact: Bush was in his limo when the first plane hit the north tower.
Speculation: Bush watched the first tower get hit by the first plane on tv while he was in his limo.
This indicates he knew that the plane was going to hit and had cameras filming the towers and his limo had a live feed. Which would have taken a lot of time and "planning" to set up.

And the reason I am saying this because this means that Bush somehow was apart of "black ops" operation that you are suggesting.

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posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by nikiano

Izapa .. Olmec Long Count -- Home
The Olmec were obsessed with the Galactic Center!
The Maya brought us this information across time.

Have you ever considered that some friendlies might have clued us into what we are REALLY looking at when we cross the Galactic Rift?

It seems 'a clear place', but it could hold kinds of radiation we have not encountered, and many types of energetic plama, -- plasma laden with unknown particles! Particles in a plasma make it very, very difficult to predict, and harder to control.

It could hold EM which alters DNA, too. Are we "all" prepared to go underground? Yo Noah! ... ... ...

Some years back a plan was put forward for shielding of the solar system .. in preparation for this crossing. Perhaps now the need is recognized. It would not come cheap. But it was not prohibitively expensive either (that would be graft and corruption).

DEW could be a nice Cometary Body Control System [CBCS].. but it must be remembered that dust/particles falling into the sun will cause big issues, and we are rather close.

All DEW comet contact should be far, far away from the inner system!!

Additionally, as the vibrational patterns of all things become more rapid (last two steps of the Long Count) , fearful thought will not hold you centered and hopeful nor productive and ready; it will increase your fight/flight/hide automatic responses.

As we get to the "real" thinking on your feet levels, please try to see the Positive, not the freaky! We are stronger together, much stronger together than we are apart.

Hope this helps.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by danman23

Thanks for the post, danman. I just got back from vacation and so I'll take a look at this later tonight or tomorrow.

[edit on 5-1-2009 by nikiano]

Ok, well I just watched the video, and I must admit that I've seen this before.

In fact, I also must admit that when I first saw Bush's reaction on TV back in 2001, I thought his behavior was extremely strange. It was obvious to the rest of our country at the time, that our country was being attacked. If the secret service detail were doing a good job of protecting him, they should have whisked him out of there at lightning speed. Yet, they didn't.

Now, I have absolutely no proof to back up my hunch on what I think happened, but I'll tell you anyway.

First, if he was complicit in planning the events and wanted to just cover it with a photo-op, thus giving himself a solid alibi that morning at the school, then he would have given explicit instructions his chief of staff to not interrupt him. After all, any interruption and his refusal to do anything about it would look very suspicious. (As it seems to be!)

However, I don't think he had anything to do with the planning of it based on one very obvious piece of evidence: the look on his face was him being scared sh**less, but trying to hide it.

If he had planned it, as some suggest, he would have kept a poker face.....he would have totally acted non-chalantly. Instead, you can tell that when his chief of staff whispered in his ear, he pretty much froze. Either he had no idea what to do, or he was told to do nothing.

And personally, I think he was told that morning what was happening, but was told to do nothing about it. Because he looks like a guy whose hands are tied....that he knows what's happening, but he can't do anything about it.

So, I thought about this, and this is what I came up with:

1. First, if the president of the US thought that we were being attacked by foreign terrorists (as he says) I don't think he would just sit there with a terrified look on his face and stay in in the school, reading to school children. Why? Well, first, that woudl put the children at risk, because anyone knows that if a country is attacked, they would want to go for the president.

2. Secondly, I don't think the secret service thought that we were being attacked by a foreign country, because if they were, first of all, they wouldn't have let him go into the school, and second of all, they would have gotten Bush out of the school faster than you could count to 10.

3. If Bush had planned the whole thing, he would have been able to put on a better poker face than he had that day. Look into his eyes after Andy Card whispers into his ear. Does that look like the face of a man who has planned a false flag operation? Hell no. He would have holed up in the Oval Office for that, wanting to know minute by minute what was happening. But even if he didn't, and wanted an alibi, he would have had a better poker face than that. Look at the man's face....he clearly looks terrified.

So, what does it add up to?

Well, by the look on his face, he clearly knows that SOMETHING is happening....and my thinking is that he was contacted that morning by SOMEONE who told him to do nothing. Maybe they told him don't do anything it will be worse. Or, maybe his advisors told him that they know that it was planned from inside, but he was told to stay put until they figure out who the hell did it.

Also, here is another thought: do you really think his (Bush's) co-conspirators would let him out in public on that day, allowing his every move to be scrutinized?? Nope. Too much risk. They would have wanted it to look very clean. Plus, if Bush was in on it and they really wanted to make it LOOK like a terrorist attack from the beginning, they would have chosen to whisk him away lightning fast to a secure location.

See, none of the events make any sense. If you're going to go through the trouble and expense of making it look like terrorists, you sure as heck wouldn't spare the expense of taking him away to a secure secret bunker.

Once again, it just doesn't look clean enough for a false flag operation. They would have had all their loose ends accounted for, if he was in on it. They sure as heck wouldn't have let him go on public TV with that look on his face. He looked terrified....not like a confident president knowing exactly what to do in the face of an emergency.

Think about it...if they went through all of the things they did to plan the false hijacking events, they would have definitely gone through a lot more trouble to make sure that Bush looked presidential and in total command of the situation. They would not have put him in a school doing a book reading.

And most of all....think about this: The fact that Bush was at a school reading a book to school children makes him look like kind of a wimp. If the black ops forces really wanted to humiliate him, that would be the EXACT time to attack him, too....while he is at a school reading to little kids. How embarassing, when you think about it. The US is getting attacked and what is the president doing? Reading to a class of first graders. Real presidential looking.

So, yes I think it was planned.....but not by Bush's people. I think it was once again all about power and control. They're basically thumbinb their noses at us....look what we're doing to you.....and all you can do is sit there and read to first graders. I think that was intentional. I think it was meant as an attempt to humiliate the administration. In away, it's another psy ops maneuver. "Look at the leader of the free world....he's not so strong....he's reading to school kids when his country is being attacked!"

But, that's just my take on the situation: I think it was part of the whole psy-ops/black ops operation, meant to humiliate the president; to make it look like he was caught totally off-guard, and to make it look like our president is weak and incompetent.

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posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Thanks for the post.

I'm actually very interested in the Mayan calendar and the effects of the galactic center on our solar system as we approach and finally cross it in 2012...but I never thought of any connection between that and DEW.


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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by nikiano

You must not have watched the whole video.. or carefully read my post. His reaction at the school has nothing to do with why he was in on 9/11. Its the fact that he said in Orlando that he saw the first plane hit the tower. Which was impossible unless of course there was a camera set up to film the towers before hand that was connected via satellite to his limo with a live feed before he went into the school. So again: HE WATCHED THE FIRST PLANE HIT IN HIS LIMO. You get it now? You theory still stands.. its just that Bush knew and watched it happen before he went into that school. And No I am not saying he planned it.. he is obviously too stupid for that. But he was in on it no doubt. To what degree.. I do not know.

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