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Mirror, Mirror

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posted on Dec, 22 2008 @ 10:59 PM
I peer into the looking glass and who do i see, me myself and I staring right back at me. But Who is this that i am, who really is this before me I see. Who is is this listening and answering to me, hearing the sound of my voice, though i do not speak, I can hear me and yet you cannot hear me?

I look in the mirror and who do i see, me myself and i staring right back at me. You look familiar but also you do not, who are you? An Imposter, but one that is growing on me.

I see you now, there's no hiding now. Could it really be, that you are actually me, me is in fact you?. If the world is the mirror, then am i the reflection? You who i see before me now, are you just a projection of those reflections - that are me, you, Myself and I?

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