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UFOs: Seeing Is Believing (on tonight Monday 12/22/08)

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posted on Dec, 22 2008 @ 07:20 AM
For those of you who still have yet to see "UFOs: Seeing Is Believing" (which was the last documentary Peter Jennings hosted before he passed away from cancer), it will be airing tonight at 8pm eastern on the National Geographic Channel.

I gave this ABC documentary a C- but at least it was 2 hours worth of the UFO subject on prime time TV.

Following that at 10pm eastern on the National Geographic Channel is "The Real Roswell" which is total bunk if you ask me. The title of the show cracks me up. Corso's testimony, the Ramey memo that has been digitally enhanced and shows the terms "victims" and "bodies", Jesse Marcel and Jesse Marcel Jr.'s testimony, etc. give the Mogul balloon theory a
and this show a D- but once again at least it's 1 hour worth of the UFO subject on prime time TV.

Now if they would only start making shows worth watching........

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