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A Celestial Visitor: A Report of a UFO Crashing in 1884

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posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 10:52 AM
Mornin' Forumerions,

For those interested in rare historic newspaper accounts of UFOs, here's a fascinating story! In part, it clearly describes a "craft" of unknown origin, as well the an unknown metal it's made of; it states that it is very "light yet durable" . . . sound familiar?

Benkelman, June 7th.--.—A most remarkable phenomenon occurred about 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon at a point thirty-five miles northwest of this place. John W. Ellis, a well known rancheman, was going out to his herd In company with three of his herders and several other cowboys engaged in the annual roundup. While riding along a draw they heard a terrific rushing, roaring noise overhead, and looking up, saw what appeared a blazing meteor of immense size falling at an angle to the earth. A moment later it struck the ground, out of sight over the bank. Scrambling up the steep hill they saw the object bounding along half a mile away and disappear in another draw . . ..

The rest of the story . . .



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