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Deson's dream

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posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 11:39 PM
OK, this is an odd one. I've had first and third perspective Science Fiction dreams in the past. This one is however different. You see when I was having it not only was I seeing what was going on but it was like I was literally writing the scene at the time. Words literally flowed along describing things.

Here is the dream as best as I can remember it.

"Sealing my power armor I entered the elevator and pressed the down button. As I was leaving the command deck and headed towards the lair I had a number of thoughts running through my head. I hated to do this. I have never like unleashing them but there wasn't any choice. The shields were taking a pounding from the enemy's large spinal mounted cannons and eventually they would penetrate and start chewing into hull. Eight ships verses one. Nice odds. They'll need more ships to take me out.

The elevator door opened and I looked into the inky blackness of Banshee's lair and his pack. The repair bots didn't need it and the pack liked it that way. Light was only for the likes of me. Stepping out of the elevator the illumination in the hanger came up to a red dimness. Enought for me to see by but not too bright. Arrayed in rows the pack were waiting. One fighter was sitting on front of the others. Banshee waited.

Slowly I walked up to the arrow headed shaped fighter. Reaching up to the midnight black pointed prow of Banshee, I placed my gauntleted hand on it and quietly spoke.

"Awaken Banshee. It's play time for you and your pack."

Slowly the lights on Banshee came on in the cockpit as power plant started. A ladder extended and I climbed in. Able to hunt in packs or singley. the Hellhounds prepared for battle. The pack took orders from one individual and that was Banshee. Banshee took his order from me. The one whom he thought of as the Alpha Male.

Banshees engine's cycled up. A glow resembling the fires of hell itself shown through the intakes. Supports in the belly mounted maw made the glow look like the jaws of death itself, with many pointed teeth. Through the hull I could feel the vibration of eager power waiting to be unleashed. The armored door at the end of the hanger opened. As if straining at a leash holding them back, Banshee signaled with a rumble form his engines that he and the pack were ready to go.

I gave the command that unleashed them.


Banshee shot forwards followed by his pack. Twenty black arrowheads of death leaped into the inky blackness of space. With a scream of power and lethality, Banshees engines sang out their song of Death. Those poor enemy ships. No point defenses. Just very large slow moving energy cannons as weapons. They had no idea what was going to go for their throats. "

One thing that I can eliminate right off the bat. Yes, I read a lot of science fiction, but I can't recall this scene. So it's not something that I've read.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? I mean the feeling like you were literally writing the scene? Like you were writing your dream for publication or maybe a movie of some sort?


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