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Young Children and Babies Used as Lab Rats in Drug Trials

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posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 05:15 PM

British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline is embroiled in the scandal. The firm sponsored experiments on the children from Incarnation Children's Centre, a New York care home that specialises in treating HIV sufferers and is run by Catholic charities.

According to documents obtained by The Observer, Glaxo has sponsored at least four medical trials since 1995 using Hispanic and black children at Incarnation. The documents give details of all clinical trials in the US and reveal the experiments sponsored by Glaxo were designed to test the 'safety and tolerance' of Aids medications, some of which have potentially dangerous side effects. Glaxo manufactures a number of drugs designed to treat HIV, including AZT.

The city health department has launched an investigation into claims that more than 100 children at Incarnation were used in 36 experiments - at least four co-sponsored by Glaxo. Some of these trials were designed to test the 'toxicity' of Aids medications. One involved giving children as young as four a high-dosage cocktail of seven drugs at one time. Another looked at the reaction in six-month-old babies to a double dose of measles vaccine.

When are people gunna' realize that what they are doing is sick?

If people want to test a drug or something they should ONLY test it on people that VOLUNTEER.

posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 12:38 AM

Originally posted by they see ALL
If people want to test a drug or something they should ONLY test it on people that VOLUNTEER.

And Texans.

Seriously though, that is truely aweful stuff. What is going to happen to the company? I'd bet that while they are content using minority babies, the mere suggestion of using a white one would fuel outrage from the company itself

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 04:26 PM
And this atrocity just drools on.

The latest update, from The ICC Investigation Continues

...But they do know something about Kaletra. It causes cancer. It says on the label, that this drug causes cancer in test animals."

These children have a legal guardian, yet that legal guardianship was violated when said guardian refused to enter the child into a drug regimen.

The children at ICC are often orphans with no parent to consent to their being drugged with extremely toxic substances. What is the legal precedent for entering these children, the societyís most needy, in drug studies with toxic substances? This practice gives the impression not of organizations "legally empowered" to care for the children, but of organizations who are exploiting the childrenís powerlessness.

The NIH Guidelines clearly mandate that both the childís "assent" and parentís permission be given in drug studies Ė This was not done, according to the interview subjects. In any case, one must ask how a "several month old baby" (see Q6) can assent to a drug trial Ė

'Mandatory' medication can cause mild indigestion, particularly when:

I said, "Do you know what theyíre doing to those kids in there? This reminds me of Nazi Germany." He said, "Theyíre doing wonderful things for these children." I called Albany, the state capital, and talked to Dan Tietz at the New York State Department of Healthís AIDS Institute. He said, "What are we going to do if these little children refuse to take the medication? How are we going to save their lives if we donít perform this operation?"

The photo below is from the original story,
The House That AIDS Built

They didn't just have a couple of 'bad reactions'.
'Sweeping it under the rug' doesn't quite describe this adequately.

The children from ICC are buried in a mass grave at "Gate of Heaven" cemetery, which is the property of New Yorkís Catholic Archdiocese. This grave site holds the bodies of orphans from any number of catholic institutions and orphanages. This is a mass grave. According to a cemetery representative, the children are buried two or more to a coffin. How many come from ICC? They wonít say.

This is the type of behaviour government can be predicted to follow.

Some of us already know this, but there are many who seem to think
† that 'the American government just won't do this sort of thing, not here, in America'.

We were discussing this very behaviour in
Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness

The tragic thing about all this is that
† people who support mandatory public health care ignore these things.


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posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 08:59 AM
This happens much more often the you would believe, but what you may outright not believe is that the parents of the children are the ones agreeing to it and collecting the money offered by pharmaceutical companies.

posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 09:23 AM
Teknik, as you well know this kind of thing is not only being done by Big Business, Religious Sects but also our Government both Past & Present. Yes it is sad. Yes it makes one angry. Yes it is as low as disgusting as one could imagine. I agree with you that people should admit that it does happen but like you I don't have any idea why they continue to stay in blind to it. I'm not sure who's more pathetic either. Those who do these kinds of things for a profit. Or those who pretend that it's not happening for no reason at all.

For those who don't know about this stuff or think that it doesn't happen, here are some links for ya:

Military Human Experimentation
Congressional Committee Report 103-97

Various Human Research Information

posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 10:52 AM
Hi all!

Whilst not being an apologist for GSK, I thought this story was so shocking that it hinted at political (small "p") bias?

I found this (and apologies for the long quote):

"Glaxo has confirmed it provided funds for some of the experiments but denied any improper action. A spokeswoman said: "These studies were implemented by the US Aids Clinical Trial Group, a clinical research network paid for by the National Institutes of Health. Glaxo's involvement in such studies would have been to provide study drugs or funding but we would have no interactions with the patients. ....

.... A Columbia spokeswoman Annie Bayne said there had been no clinical trials at Incarnation since 2000 and that consent for the children was provided by the Administration for Children's Services, which uses a panel of doctors and lawyers to determine whether the benefits of a trial for each child outweighs the risks. "There are many safeguards in the system. HIV is eventually a fatal disease, but drug therapy has lengthened life significantly," said Ms. Bayne...."

This obtained from here, which appears to be the original story, as it is headlined as "By Antony Barnettó @ Guardian Newspapers Limited 2004"

I hope that helps?

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