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TA-ANALYSIS: Tracking Individuals. The Next War On Terror

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posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 05:04 PM
Biometric Ids and passports are on the rise. 9/11 and now the attacks in Madrid, have pushed the timetable for implementation up at least 10 years. This last November, Britain announced that it would start voluntary Ids in 2007-2008, but now it appears that it will be mandatory by 2008. The United States is also stepping up its ability to track all visitors as they enter and leave the country. Starting this September, the U.S. will extend their tracking to all EU citizens who enter the country.

" Open societies will have to get used to some invasions of privacy. We need pre-emption but against individuals more than states."

Biometric tracking is no longer a futurist thought. This method of identification is here and growing. Upon entering the U.S. expect to be fingerprinted and photographed. The fingerprints and the digital photograph will be compared with a criminal database to filter unwanted individuals from entering the country. Notice how the emphasis is on the individual. The thought is that individuals or small groups are more of a threat to peace than are rouge states. North Korea is still in the same location that it was in yesterday, but where are those al Qaeda members lurking today?

Britain is taking this idea one step further. It is not just visiting individuals that are to be watched, but all citizens. Just last week police arrested 8 British citizens who had 5 times the amount of explosives that was used in the Madrid bombing. Again, concerns of terrorism are putting the emphasis on lone terrorist roaming freely about the country. These individuals were all British born, loyal citizens. Individuals can no longer be trusted, and must rely on the government to keep track of them, for the good of the country.

Once this system is implemented, and citizens are used to carrying cards, there will be calls for information sharing between countries. The EU has already addressed this issue and has even created a new position to assist member countries in information sharing. Britain will want to know about individuals arriving from Germany, and Italy will want to know whom the individual is who just arrived from Spain. It is clear that this road leads to a continental, and later possibly a global database on individuals. Every subsequent bombing will cause the accelerator to be applied more firmly to this mean.

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[Edited on 5-4-2004 by dbates]


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