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mac update Causes more problems than M$ Service pack!!!

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posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 08:54 AM
"But over at the MacInTouch board, readers have been finding their Macs hanging or suffering from post-update reboot blues. The Airport and wired network connections keeps dropping and there are audio bleeps when users try to restart.
The Mail application refuses to quit, fails to connect or crashes while attempting to connect to the mail server. And it really hates messages with attachments according to reports.
The upgrade is self-censoring too. Instead of warning the user that there is a problem, the system goes mysteriously silent as if there was no problem at all. Much like the Apple press office when it comes to bad news.
One user reported that the upgrade made his Imac into a brick, complete with a white screen which just bleeps at him, which is probably a wrongly-reported RAM fault."

It seems Apple/Mac is having it's fair share of problems.

Ya know, is it it me or is M$ becoming more like MAC and MAc becoming more like M$???

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