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Symptoms of possession?

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posted on Apr, 9 2004 @ 02:07 PM

Originally posted by Illmatic67
That's the effect girls have on us men. If you really like the girl and care about her then you'd feel completely vulnerable, and all that takes is hearing her voice.

Thanks for your input, but I'm well aware of the vulnerability that most men have towards women, and am relatively impervious to this kind of weakness. I see it all the time, and am embarrassed of the male gender when I see it manifest in the form of cheesy pick-up lines, being totally under the control of their significant other, and the way that men rush to do women a favor with the idea in mind that in doing so, the woman will return such a favor in a... "preferrable" manner.

Another reason why I don't agree with this idea is that this kind of situation has never repeated itself, even with the people who I fell more deeply in love with after this situation has occurred. At the time of this situation, I really liked the girl, but wasn't completely head over hells with her as I have been with others.

posted on Apr, 9 2004 @ 02:22 PM
Couldve just been the right mix of hormones/enviroment/time/etc to make you have that sort of reaction.. It doesnt sound like any possession Ive ever heard of.

I think its very dangerous to say that you are "impervious" to ANYTHING.. Kinda like yelling for fate to come and get ya

None of us are above being affected by the most minute things.. If we can get sick from little spheres of DNA, we can certainly get crazy over little pangs of love.

posted on Apr, 12 2004 @ 10:40 AM

I've had similar experiences. I feel sometimes an euphoric energy, just like you said. But the energy I feel is cold instead of warm, but it's very pleasant to me anyways.

Only time kundalini would cause negative states, would be if a person is not ready to experience it, like some cult type of settings where this could be surfaced by intense love meditation or similar. The kundalini does not feel really euphoric, it feels very fiery and you feel better afterwards and more in control.

I would term posession as a forceful un-wanted temporary invasion of physical body.

I've had some experiences with energies, that came really close to posession. The funny part was that these energies were angelic.

I did once the "Lesser ritual of the pentagram...I am not sure of the name, but it was a similar name", that evoked the energies of christian angels, these beings tried to suffocate me, or it at least felt like it. However I was able to banish the energies with my will.

Another time I caught a energy messing with my head, that proclaimed itself to be a demon. However it did not seem that way, I had to provoke it a bit and he said that his name was "Gabriel", that time I came really close of possession as this being tried to overpower me.

However I was resuced by....Let's say an adversary of these beings. He cut my connection with this being and I've not really heard from this being again since.

The only bad energies, have always come from beings connected in someway with "Christian" faith for some odd reason.

I'm not trying to provoke anyone, I am just giving my view of things.


posted on Apr, 12 2004 @ 07:12 PM

Originally posted by no_name
i'm no expert on possession, but it sounds like some sort of kundalini experience. mainly cos you mentioned trouble with speaking, and the sudden mood swings.
Both of these are symptoms of an awakened kundalini which may have been caused by meditating.
There is some info about kundalini and possession at:

It may be of some use.

That link was garbage. There are improper ways to awaken the Kundalini; but the awakening of it itself is a GOOD thing, depending on how it's done.

The following is EXACTLY what I'm talking about:


[Edited on 12-4-2004 by Tamahu]

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 09:43 PM
I see that this was posted four years agao...I have only just recently read this thread. I have to wonder though. What are the ethnic backrounds of you and the girl? This could be a high possibility. The fact that you wanted to date this girl, she may have felt the same way. Her longing for you could have inactively delved into you and forced you to expose the feelings that she knew were there, or wanted to be there.

Also quite possible is that you opened a gate into your mind that as you say released the seratonin waterfall. If this last sentence is the case. Calm meditation and sage can bring into light the 'button' so that you could have this experience again with a little more control.

As for possession, with it only occuring around that certain person, and with that many similarities in occurences, I doubt it was demonic possession. Possession can be a spotaneious and brief experience. But the way you described it, it sounded more like a metaphysical melding of active or inactive thought.

Demonic possesions are often violent, or debilitating. They can also be frightening, which in alot of cases causes on to seem insane.

What you described, if you want to label it as a true possession, could have been a holy possession as apposed to the more widely known demonic. If in fact it was a holy force that entered your body, it was only to show you that as you said this relation ship wasn't for you. You ended it with this girl knowing a little more about yourself and the girl. all rounds...helpful episode.

Sorry for the rant, four years late. But I would like a reply about your thoughts if you are still on this site.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 11:53 PM
You were asking about good night influences? I am a lady and I had a doosey happen to me not once but twice. I was laying in my bed and something woke me up. I felt my left hand move to my lower abdominal area and my right hand move to my heart. Then I felt a warm sensation flow from my left hand to my right. It felt very nice and lasted for around a half an hour or more.

Boy, I wish that angel would show up again!

What you were speaking of was definitely not possession. I have been possesed before. NOT FUN!

Night Star

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 01:10 AM
At the hospital once there was a woman in a nightie fluttering from one person to another flashing when she stopped in front of me I saw her shut down her pupils dilate then a very male voice came from her introducing himself-a latin name I've subsequently forgotten,I can say they definately exist.I wouldn't worry it would take a long time and for you to submit most of your free before you'd become a sock puppet.

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 11:36 AM
Well a very strong experince happened with me...which was very similar to possession but more so with a powerful energy called kundalini...I Know most people would not be knowing about least very few know the exact cause n effect of this energy...some consider to be a physic ailment...some think a demonic possession has taken place..

well it is one of the most complex and controversial thing to talk about...i can just tell based on my experince involved a speck of heat traveling within me upwards...during meditation....wherein breathing stopped...this energy was so powerful that it locked my body and then when it entered my immense poerful snarl like that of an animal came out...further i felt my body thrown up and out....then suddely i fell...during all this...i could feel the heat and light within me....i felt completely drained after day i felt a compltely diff was as if god has entered me giving bliss inside....later i researched and talked to experienced yoga practiconers.....who told me..this could be kundalini breathing my consiousness completely chnaged for few days..and it was as if was living in a diff.. world

all in the lord and love can make all these experinced beautiful and fear can make them just keep love flowing

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 06:17 PM
That sounds pretty wired but i wanted to know about something myself. I was watching tv and it was really late at night. i was tired to i turned it off and went under my blanket. I'm not sure how to completely describe it but for a brief second or so i felt like i couldn't breath , i felt like something was holding or chocking me and then it all went away in an instant. I'm also not sure if this was a really scary dream and it was all in my head and caused these feelings or an actual thing. i am positive it wasn't a seizure but i'm still curious. if anyone knows about these kind of things (possessions) plz leave a comment.

Also i could care less about the stupid policy crap but still plz respond

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