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I feel like I've been scammed by all of these internet metaphysics help websites.

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posted on Dec, 21 2008 @ 10:08 PM
Im not sure we would be better off to know our past lives....but yet, try to find out in this life, the things we seem to struggle with, knowing this life is layed out as an effect of a previous one.

I would love to know as well....for some reason, I feel Ive been here many times...but I have no rememberance of any.

I think by seeing what we dont like in others, shows us what we are to work on in this life. Paying attention to those kind of things can give you ideas of where your karmic layout stands.

I dont think I would want to consult someone on telling me what my past lives were. If it is to be known, your higher self will show it to you, mabey through a dream or a resonating feeling of a particular culture of belief.

Studying in psychology myself, this is interesting to me. I believe my mother has one of the most clear experiences that shows a past life for her in the times of Pilate.

Just thoughts,

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