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Dreams, let's talk about them : Interpretations, lucidity, projection, obe's, precognition, etc

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posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 05:13 AM
well to start this off it's probably the most meaningful dream i've had in long time...

It starts off with some one night stand kinda girl telling me she's pregnant, to which i doesn't hit me at first. Months goes by til it's time for the baby to be born. I finally pick my newborn in a blanket and see it for the very first time. I unveiled a little girl that glimmered like an angel. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, real or imaginary. I then awoke and felt great the rest of the day.

As a first born male, i've always wanted son. But after having this dream, I realized that it doesn't matter anymore.

I suppose the interpretation of this dream is pretty straightforward; then again maybe not.

posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 05:28 AM
reply to post by TravelerintheDark

yes it has happened to me only once. i met my husband 3 years after I knew him in a dream. The dream was brief and short but I still remember it all these years. I had a dream I was in a car with a faceless man, and we were pulling out of a driveway, that had a huge white old house. It wasn't until 3 years later I was with my husband visiting his parents, and we were backing out their driveway, just like my dream, my husband was looking at me smiling. The angel of the house hit me I told him to stop the car. I said Holy **** I had a dream just like this 3 years ago, and I stil remember it, except I now know who the person is it's you. I told him about the dream and it blew him away.

I've also has dreams that are happening to this day, with earth changes and what not. I started getting very odd dreams about the earth and horrible disasters happening around 2004, and I still remember them. Except now in 2008 they are happening, which is kind of scary to me. So i guess I have some sort of prophetic dreams. The only person i know in my family to have this type of dreaming as well, is my Aunt on my Mother's side, she has them all the time. Except at the time of dreaming she doesn't know it's going to happen. Then a year or two or more later she will see something happen, and say I know how this is going to end and it happens. It;s kind of freaky sometimes.

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posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 08:32 PM
Back again from dreamland to thank shades again for the thread and since this thread I have been a little bit more lucid in my dreams. Finally can remember having a lucid flying experience for the first time. I have another question or you all if you can help. I noticed that the second time I tried to fly I couldn’t and was getting very frustrated. I was wandering if that was normal for some one that is really just figuring out what lucid dreaming actually is, was I just trying to hard? Any advice or comments will be welcomed and enjoyed.

posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 09:36 PM
reply to post by sitara

I share your story in many respects. I had dismissed my dream control as something mundane not knowing that everyone doesn't just do it. Feel free to u2u me whenever you want

Originally posted by sitara
i can recall dreams from my childhood like i had them yesterday. the older i get, the easier it becomes as well. i don't need to keep a dream diary, or write the dreams down, because i remember them easily. however i have tried sketching them down from time to time, but i recall so much detail on my own, that the sketches don't do justice, if that makes sense.

heh-heh, I hear that so often. It's funny because everyone thinks it's some kind of testament to their memory (or lack there of) but writing down your dreams (by hand in ink) has bigger implications then just your own recall. It turns a story from hear say into "proof", it refreshes details when re-reading it (like hearing a familiar song), and helps paint a picture of you that is easy and effective to review. No matter how honest we are with ourselves, we're always ignorant to some fact about ourselves. Moments of clarity tend to happen in dream states and that has a tendency to fade as the day goes on. No matter how much you keep running your dream around in your head or how long you've been's part of "the game".

The more advanced you the MORE you want to write down because you're more likely to have "protrusions through time" as I call them, that the only way to verify it is by writing in down, by hand, in ink, before the event. Not to mention if you're at all like me, day to day I'll have day's worth of experiences going on. Now I have a good memory myself, but I know for a fact if I didn't even write down some small note, or a quick sketch like you said, I would have left out large portions of very profound dreams more then once. And it's not like I don't pay attention normally, obviously I spend a fair amount of time on the subject. I guess all my babbling is really to just advocate the use of a journal no matter how good of a memory you have, or how experienced you are, etc. It doesn't take long and will only enhance your dreaming experience even if you already have a good amount of natural control.

When we see ex-bf's gf's etc that tends to mean/reflect some aspect of yourself that you identify with that person in some way shape or form. Where they funny and you thought it was cool? Did they whine too damn much and it was annoying? Or maybe it's an even further associative tie; was there something about the place you met that might have a relation to your day to day life now? Some kind of favorite food, movie, song etc? That doesn't mean you're longing for reconciliation like you said, but there's an association that your subconscious is trying to inform you of. Something your subconscious has identified as a trait, influence, or signal that you carry with you on your "astral travels" perhaps.

I often use dream sign such as those as an intellectual/emotional "check" of sorts. Ask them a question that you think you'll know the answer to and see what they say, try looking the character directly in the eyes and ask "Are you there?" and see what happens. Or if you can identify what aspect of their personality you may share, it might just stop happening.

Heh & I think everyone enjoys a good chase, look at all of the action movies people make & go see. I love having a good action-movie type dream myself

Short precognitive visions like the one you described are put in place by our subconscious to let us know when we are syncing up to a particular path or probability. If you keep paying attention to your dreams as a "real world" application, the more these will happen and the possibility of more "wow"-type precognitive events are more likely too.

Which leads us to the portion about OBE's. If you keep thinking they are "just dreams" that is all they will ever be. Even if your subconscious gives you a straight message the meaning will be lost, must be why you failed to see the significance of the "Potato Incident". To us "naturals" we take that kind of stuff for granted. But most people don't get literal straight forward precognitive cues like that very often unless they are really trying to look. It maybe that an intellectual block is keeping you back from experiencing even more during dream time, or at least that is kind of what I gathered by the statement : "to me these dreams are nothing but "just dreams", with no real meaning, and i'd really like to believe this is not really the case, at least in some instances. "

You mean like when you get glimpses into a possible future that hasn't happened yet... and then it does(even if it's about your meals, which has it's own symbolism attached to it btw)?
Maybe what you just need to do is focus your intention on what you want to achieve & believe you can, instead of doubting it


As far as your last dreams goes:

Houses reflect our body in some way, under some context in terms of symbolism. The fact it was at your parents house would seem to indicate that this is associated with very deeply ingrained belief systems as well as your overall image of self. The other people are other aspects of your psyche that you are now identifying. Kind like I said before, they are more a concept then the actually person (but that does happen sometimes) and as time goes on an acquaintance could take the place of any given symbol.

The people you knew could very well represent people in your life who keep you on an "even keel" you could say in terms of your day to day life. In the very least they are the symbol of that very concept as water tends to symbolize our given situation physically, emotional, and/or spiritually and a "vessel" of any kind once again symbolizes the body. Because this was a dream within a dream, this more then likely refered to your physical and "etheric", "light", or "astral" body as well.

The boat itself, while modest, is staying a float despite troubled waters which would indicate you're a person who can really adjust and overcome adversity. A sail boat is naturally powered, using the earth's energy to get it from place to place. This is also telling as this may mean you're a person who tends to like to go with the flow instead of impose artificial means to accomplish your tasks. Sail boats themselves symbol some kind of success as they are used to transcended the abyss of problem & possibility which is the that's cool you got that going for you

The calm-to-storm aspect of the water is a reference to how some kind of event or situation in your life be it past, present, or future may play out(or have played out). Take note of any dominating colors, scents, sounds etc that happened prior, to the onset of the storm as these can give you a contextual reference to help match up the waking life manifestation.

To be in a dream within a dream symbolized a concept that is so far removed from your perception of "reality", that you can't even dream of you have to go to sleep in your dream to dream in order for you to even accept the concept...even if that acceptance comes by way of bewilderment

What is the concept? That you are more resilient & successful then you may realize despite what life throws at you? You have a steady support system in place around you? Maybe that others share your ideal/vision of transcendence (staying a float), and that sharing dreams is also a very real thing/possibility.

No matter what only you know for sure, and it will all come together meaning-wise if you keep an open mind and stay observant

Thank you again for sharing your story and some of your dreams with us and once again, feel free to share any more here or via u2u

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posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 10:30 PM
reply to post by silo13

That's so damn sweet(dream 1)....I had a similar type experience with a mouse that was going to find himself in a trap/dead until I had a frank & honest conversation with him the night before
Long story short, I had a mouse in my little studio here and tried to keep him out by closing off where I thought it was coming in, cleaing stuff up, physically chasing it away, etc, & so the traps went out. I didn't want to scoop up any dead-mouse-paper any more then the little thing want to squeal himself to death in the dark. So one night I have a dream that I'm in my garage/studio and everything is essentially transparent astral-projection style and I'm just looking around thinking "okay why am I back in here right now...." then I see this puffy white animal trying to run in the small hole the mouse was getting in. So I moved over there and blocked him from getting in. It made a sad face and said "But I'm cold and there might be food in there..." telepathically. So I answered, "no you can't come in, there's no more food, and if you come in something is going to kill you..."

It seemed like it either didn't take the threat seriously or it was desperate but it tried to come inside again. So I manifested a boxing glove on an accordion-folding extending-arm-thing like you see in cartoons and punched it in the face (as I was a "point of consciousness" shrunk down to a size smaller then the "mouse") with a good amount of force that it hurt the thing. It got sad again and asked "why did you do that?"

"Because I told you, you can't come in, and trust me buddy...what's waiting for you in here is much much worse. There's some new big trash cans that way, go there instead..." I replied. And it ran off...

And that mouse never came back after that night... -shrugs-

So do you think if you would have chosen the gun or just kept driving you guys would have hit the rabbit in waking life? hmmm
Always interesting exploring the implications of our decision "there" when things like that happen isn't it?

Dream 2 : aw, you poor thing.
I can't imagine the impact that event has had on you. But one thing I can tell you for sure, "home" is always there, and we're only cut off for as long as we're supposed to be by our own design (either by choice on this earthly plane, or "other"). I know that white light you're talking about very well & it's there for us, by us, with us, always (I know that sounds really damn fruity-religious-new-age-wacky to some out there but it's probably not what you think...fairly sure of it actually).

I have had more precognitive senses/visions/dreams about impending death then I care to admit. It's not fun, it's not cool, it's not a power, it's just weird & sometimes down right disturbing.

The courage you have displayed in posting that experience is truly admirable. Thank you very much for sharing that with all of us here & my deepest sympathies for your pain.

posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 11:02 PM
That first dream experience; That is awesome. yes quiet fantastic indeed, but what is even cooler to think about is how you essentially "manifested your dreams" from a certain point of view

Originally posted by mysticalzoe
I've also has dreams that are happening to this day, with earth changes and what not. I started getting very odd dreams about the earth and horrible disasters happening around 2004, and I still remember them. Except now in 2008 they are happening, which is kind of scary to me. So i guess I have some sort of prophetic dreams. The only person i know in my family to have this type of dreaming as well, is my Aunt on my Mother's side, she has them all the time. Except at the time of dreaming she doesn't know it's going to happen. Then a year or two or more later she will see something happen, and say I know how this is going to end and it happens. It;s kind of freaky sometimes.

Now I'm going to say this but I really hate the idea of "prophesizing" but I have seen my own share of possible futures for "us" and they don't point to doom & gloom. In fact I keep seeing quiet the opposite, and when I first started receiving this info I really really didn't give a crap if "it" all ended or not. I have seen vision of some of the "growing pains" or struggles, but seriously, those of us here will fare pretty well I'm sure. as being informed is the most important thing to be. We've all heard the worst case scenarios, and an inevitable transcendence will happen, so rock on...

An interesting video from another very advanced lucid dreamer/traveler & researcher about some of the impending changes based on galactic/solar influence is the "2012 Enigma"(below) by David Wilcock:

Google Video Link

I have seen a future similar to what he talks about in terms of some kind of "convergence" of dimensions. I've checked, & rechecked, and surprisingly enough hard evidence truly does point to a bright future for this planet & more wondrous things by our own design and by that of nature. We just have to get over ourselves as a race. Get over our own fears, jealousy, greed, fights over "my god is better then your god", and malcontent in general really... I know dreams can help with that!

posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by Ant4AU

Ah very cool, glad to hear you remembered a sweet lucid flying experience. Disbelief is the thing binds us "there" or the "astral plane(AP sometimes I'll write it as)" which usually can be tracked back to a feeling or a lack there of. This is where mastery of "the void" helps as you can rediscover that flying or "free" feeling by closing your "eyes' and feel yourself flying again. You'll find closing and opening your eyes there can also teleport you too. So make sure you're fairly stable & focused in terms of intention at the moment. IE "I am lifting off of the ground..."

Just know if you feel any resistance, it's doubt and/or fear as there should be no resistance there unless you construct it with your own mind. That includes percieved physical exertion such as if you want to try a running leap, it all comes down to the belief that flying is something that is happening, not what might or should happen. There are some exceptions to that, but even within those exceptions there are ways to free yourself of any inhibiting "rules".

From a psychoanalytical stand point: that dream and the portion that you where unable to fly could be a subconscious message informing your conscious mind "hey, it's okay to believe you can and will do all the things you dreamed of, but it's going to take a bit of work too..." Just a wild guess...

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 07:33 AM
Thanks for starting the thread Shakes, very well put together with some great links. I love the interview with Robert Moss, still a few parts to play as I didn’t start watching them until late last night.

Shakes has been giving me advice for a while now and it’s helped me understand myself through my dreams. I have always had the problem of lucidity but hey I can't complain, I have had my fair share of none lucid dreams where the message was just as strong if not stronger. In totally honesty it’s helped me keep my job, a few months back our manager gave us a question form to fill in “feedback” to make the workplace better. Well once I got typing I couldn’t stop, before I knew it I have a lengthy letter ranting about things in the company that I didn’t like. That night I sealed the letter in an envelope and not long after went to bed, that night I had a dream. The dream was about the response from handing the letter in; basically it was “If you can do better than here have more responsibility” if not there is the door.

I woke up the following morning thinking “I don’t want this responsibility” so I didn’t hand the letter in, I waited until got home that night and re-wrote the letter with a more positive tone in a more connected way. The letter did prove very positive and inspired a lot of teamwork and made people feel more equal. People seemed to have that trust in me from then on, all thanks to the dream.

So yes Dreams are a way of looking over situations in life, as you see things away from your mind and ego. I have wasted so much time running after things that are not for me, it’s now time to listen to my dreams and learn from my dreams. Meditation is good but means nothing without visualization, dreams on the other hand have everything.

I will have a lot more to post once I catch up with the links you posted.

S&F Shakes


posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by Shakesbeer

I love the Carl Jung interviews. Thank you for that awesome find.

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 01:16 PM
reply to post by psycho81

Thanks for posting and sharing your dream experience with everyone. I remember you telling me about that letter incident when it happened, pretty cool stuff...

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 01:20 PM
reply to post by mmariebored

You're welcome, here's another awesome documentary that is about Jung's life, his dream interpretations, & work in general with interviews with Jung himself as well as colleagues of his who worked with him:

The Wisdom of the Dream

I'm sure you'll enjoy that one too if you haven't seen it already

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 03:23 PM

I suppose I will relay my weird experiences and such since this is that thread. Thank you for creating such a wonderful place for beings to exchange information and experience. I watched all of your YouTube videos and they are great. Way to go!

Since my NDE/OOBE I have been observing things, you know those sort of out of place type of experiences, the ones where you think you have actually finally lost it. I see orbs and beings and lights flashing around my home, and I see vortexes and static and energy and auras-it is a lot! Too much to handle typically however I am getting used to it and even trying to figure it all out. I find myself reading a lot to try and understand that which I appear to be seeing. On top of this I have been having some really weird dreams and some very interesting snapping experiences. These snapping noises are why I have spoken out here.

I will be lying in bed as usual and just being. I will start to fall asleep and watch as my eyes are barely closing and the faint light in the room is starting to become darker. At about this moment I will hear a very distinct *click* or *snapping* noise that sounds as if it is everywhere, and I will see everything go completely white to black, or black to white. This has been happening very often and I feel that it is me traveling via OOBE. When this happens I feel as if I am being thrown forward into who knows where, but it is a very fast, falling feeling. I will also see beings for just a split second and then I snap back and become aware and awake and the being is still in THIS reality right in front of me and is sort of flickering. This bringing of things from other realities or dreams happens every night for me. I will dream of something, somewhere and then I will choose to wake up and right there in front of me is an alien craft flying through my room in 3D. It is wicked neat. But they only flicker in and out of existence for several seconds before completely disappearing.

In one of these sessions I remember being almost asleep and then the *click* happens and then I am somewhere else. I see myself in some sort of clinic or facility and there is a man in a white lab coat. This man stops dead in his tracks as he sees that I am aware of him. He seems so shocked that I can see him and he walks over to me and stares into my eyes and then *click* I am back in my bed.

Do you have any ideas on these experiences?

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 05:38 PM
i have been having alot of obe's since i first tried to do it. i call lucid dreams obe's also. when i first started to do obe's the vibrations were intense, if i had those vibrations now it would be easier to obe for me. my first obe was like waking up in heaven, it was really bright because my window was open, when i walked outside it was dark. so there must have been two dimensions happening at once at that time. my first fully conscious obe was a short one, i just laid on my side and waited for the vibes to come. the vibes feel like forgeting that im just laying there in my bed, the more vibes come the more i forget that im laying there on my bed,the next vibe came then i seen a kid sitting on the tip of my bed then the final vibe came that gave me the full power over my astral body. i couldnt get out of my body with one hand so i used two then i got out of my body. my room looked the exact same as in real life, i was confused on what i should do then i woke up.

i have and will have alot of obe's.

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 06:49 PM
Hello!- I just Flagged and Starred your thread

very nice

I'm a lucid dreamer also - will share some experiences... sometime-

posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 02:58 AM
It's just not worth it.
Wish I could edit out my other post.


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posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by awakened sleeper

You're right, that's you experiencing your pineal gland "clicking" on while your conscious leaves your physical body. Actually David Wilcock in the above video talks specifically about that towards the end. The pineal is the physical aspect of that "3rd" as it literally has rods & cones and is attached to the optic nerve and center of our brains. It's actually a "quantum mirror & doorway" of sorts and when visions come into our heads, it's being received from there more often then not. That "crack" is your etheric or light body separating from the physical to have a little pan dimensional romp. If you want to keep hearing that to know when you're "there" you can, just like now if you recognize what "there" looks & feels like you don't necessarily need to acknowledge it (ergo "hear" it) because it's not really your "ears" you're hearing with anyways. Just like when we're dreaming, we're not really using our "eyes" to blink or see for that matter...and in a way just like waking life as our ears & eyes don't do the perceiving, they're just receptors.

Thanks for sharing

posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 02:32 PM
reply to post by slipknot0129

Hah sweet, I dig on your level of control. It would be cool if you could share a tip or two for those who are trying to experience a kind of OBE for the 1st time at all & I know I'm always interesting in learning other techniques or hearing someone's else take on things.

You're right though, many lucid dreams are a sort of OBE, it really depends on the context I've found.

posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by plutoxgirl

Awesome can't wait!
I enjoy having good conversations & listening to other's astral exploits as together we can hopefully paint an accurate and useful picture of dreams & information on how to use them on all levels.

reply to post by Everybody Who's Shared An Experience So Far

Thank you very much for sharing. Dreams can be very intimate things and when we share them we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. That act of humble communion will be rewarded karmatically I'm sure. Many who have posted already have had some interesting lucid experiences and/or are already more advanced lucid dreamers themselves which is awesome. Especially considering all of these "matrix-bending" stories help demonstrate to other the reality of dreams to others. Like we've all demonstrated here already, beliefs play a big role in our dreams and who we are. By sharing these sort of fantastic examples of insight, vision, and sychronicity you are helping others believe that it's possible, that they too can do it, instill hope, & therefore you are empowering others. The way things are in this day & age, that is something we can all use a bit of.

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posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 06:30 AM
Cool thread, it's been a very interesting read so far (although I'm still trying to get through the external links and videos). There's a lot of great info here.

Thanks to Shakesbeer for all of the info in your OP, and your feedback to other posters. I'm learning a lot. I'll probably U2U some time in the future as you seem to be very knowledgeable.

For me, I've only recently begun experimenting with my sleep, and taken steps to try and lucid dream. I had many lucid dreams when I was young, but it's been a long time. I'm now trying the techniques mentioned in this thread, and so far I haven't been able to achieve lucidity. I feel like I've made progress, because I've started realizing that there are crazy things happening in my dream, and I feel like it's a dream, but I can't consciously take control. It's like I don't want to question the "reality" of my dream, although I question reality in my waking life all the time.

I really do envy those who can lucid dream, because I've done it before, and now I can't.

Does anyone know how the following things affect lucid dreaming?

- sleep patterns (like going to sleep quickly and not thinking or reading in bed), (and going to sleep at a particular time at night on a regular basis)

- eating patterns (like a late meal or an early dinner)

- alcohol and drugs (pot for example, or prescription)

- emotional state

Also, I recently learned about what sleep paralysis and OBE are, and how they are connected. I knew about lucid dreams for a while, after watching the movie "Waking Life" (WHICH I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!) But after reading about sleep paralysis on ATS, I remembered a few times this has happened to me. When it first happened, I didn't know what was happening, but I knew it had immense spiritual implications. I had no idea that it is a precursor to an OBE. While I wasn't scared when it happened, I was quite confused. I still have a lot of questions on this phenomenon, but I want to keep trying.

When I do achieve sleep paralysis, it's usually because I'm napping during the day and have consciously decided to try and get to sleep paralysis. The last couple times I've been in sleep paralysis mode, I've felt and then seen a presence in the room, but only for a moment. And then when I try to leave my body I get such intense vibrations that it becomes uncomfortable. So basically, I feel like I'm moving out of my body, but I just can't fully leave. Is there something I should be doing, or thinking when I'm in sleep paralysis? Does it matter if my eyes are open or closed?

I mean, it's like I'm missing something, and I'd really like to make the next step. Yesterday, I wasn't even in sleep paralysis, or dreaming, but I definitely wasn't awake, AND I was consciously trying to leave my body. Well, I wasn't able to even move as much as I had before, but the vibrations seemed even more intense. And I didn't feel like I normally do when I get these vibrations. It was just weird.

If anyone has any advice for me on any of this stuff it would be much appreciated.


posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 11:34 AM
reply to post by Shakesbeer

Well the videos were very inspiring Shakes, love the Robert Moss interview and found it very useful.

Just a few questions thought if you can help out.

Mr. Moss talked about not only dreaming at night but also in the day, I take it he means daydreams. Lately I have been very good at Daydreaming and I can pretty much visualize anything I want, but to me that’s all it seems to be a visualization. I take it I could go much deeper into these daydreams? reason I am asking this is because it seems to be a strong point of mine.

I seem to be stuck at a crossroads with becoming lucid though, motivation does seem to have faded a little but it seems I have been trying for so long, however I think this topic has just gave me a kick in the ass. Thing is I know I can lucid dream because I have done it 2-3 times before and I was aware as I am now. I just seemed to click in them dreams and become lucid, didn’t really feel like I had to do much it just sort of came.

One more question… I like to smoke a little pot, so as you can imagine in doing so I have a very good imagination when it comes to visualizing. It also helps me relax but I always think “Is it the Pot” that’s stopping me from becoming lucid. I know many people say you can’t dream anyway when you smoke pot but “Dreaming” isn’t a problem for me. Do you think it could be having some effect on me becoming lucid, e.g. it makes me lazy and so on?

Would sure be interesting to hear how other people had success with lucid dreaming; please could some of you share how you discovered lucid dreaming and how you had success with it.

Many Thanks


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