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Above The Twilight Zone

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posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 04:11 PM
i had this idea that we can all make twilight zone style episodes and post them here.

heres my submission

Above the Twilight Zone- A place where mystery, murder, and conspiracy collide.

Season 1 Episode 1

Knock, Knock

“they say that solitary is the worst form of punishment. You go insane. You can't control it. Insanity comes naturally to a man who is alone for a long enough time. But If he knows hes insane does that make him sane? This is where we find Steve. Alone. Solitary.

Steve was wide awake now. The knocking had come back. 7 states, 340 miles, thousands of houses and yet every night he awoke to the same noise.

Its been 3 years since the New Black Death came. The Genetically Mutated Super Rats brought it. The signs were the same. Black skin. Coughing blood. Death. There was no cure. Scientists hurried but in the end they died like the common beast. Everyone died, humans and animals alike. No one was safe.

Steve is not a medical marvel by any means. Hes in his 40. long shaggy black hair. And appeared to have a 6 o'clock shadow all day. He wasn't skinny and wasn't fat. Wasn't too tall or too short. Average.
Yet why did God choose him to live.

Steve riffled in his bag until he found some coffee beans and a tea pot. He did the same thing every morning. Took 1 bean crushed it and mixed it with water. Tasted like piss but he had to conserve. Not too many places had unspoiled food left.

Hes been walking for 3 years now. Trying to find someone, anyone. In the winter he walked south. In the south he walked north. But always walked west. He was with living with his family in Brooklyn, New York when it happened. First his daughter became infected, then his wife. Neither lived longer then a week.

Now he was somewhere in west Virginia. The knocking started in new jersey. He remembered being on the brink of sleep when he first heard it. It was a soft rustling sound almost like a wind blowing a metal can through a field. Then came the knocking. Tink tink tink. It never lasted more then a few minutes.

Several times he tried to find the source of it. But he never could. As soon as he lifted his head the sound would immediately cease.'

after drinking his piss coffee he walked. He walked past building, which at this point all looked the same, he walked past stores and walked past trees. Not a life form to be found. He found a stream and decided it was best to refuel here. He refilled his bottles with water. And then started a fire. He cooked up some left over Spam and ate all the while thinking. He hasn't spoken in years for who was there to talk to. It was just him and his thoughts... and the knocking. He often assumed he was going insane.

Has the world really come to an end? Or was he just on some kind of new pills? Is he already dead? No he rationalized that the knocking was God telling him to move. God and Steve and no one else.

Night. The knocking resumed. Steve didn't even bother looking. He knew it would leave soon. But it didnt. It stayed all night. Was this God telling him hes closer? Or insanity kicking in?

Day. More piss. More walking.

Night. Knocking. Louder. Longer. Fear.

Day. Rained. Didn't go anywhere.

Night. Still raining yet the knocking was still heard. Louder and louder. The sound of thunder seemed like a small bell at a rock concert compared to the Knocking. On and on. Over and over.

Day. Running. Can't Take it anymore.

Night. 4th night no sleep. Knocking persistent.

Steve loses it. He runs out side and the first time since his wife died cries.

He sits and weeps. For himself. For his family. For humanity. And for god.

“why GOD why!? Have you given me this task? I can't take this burden. It's Too much. You Bless me with life and curse me with this insufferable noise. No it's over. Its done. Good bye.”

Steve pulls out his gun and shoots himself right under the chin.

Inside the house the knocking continues. And finally stops. A small mouse crawls out of Steve's Bag and holds a coffee bean in it's mouth. Victory.

“as we move on further and further into the future and further and further away from earth. We forget to look down and smell the roses. Sometimes when we feel most alone, we are not. We are just not looking hard enough”


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