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Synchronicity: 1981 and 2011

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by tmk81

Dana Priest along with a team of Washington Post journalists have created an online resource Top Secret America which documents some 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies doing top secret work for the US government.

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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by tmk81

I am glad that I found someone pursuing super computer discussion uses because I would like to add some food for thought to your posting about the use of super computers for topics not relegated specifically to combat operations and or national defense strategies.

In 1981 I understood computers and their uses and I had to transition that knowledge base to what the Army does and or how the DOD would eventually come to operate in keeping up with the millions of items that the government buys and distributes. All of the paper records and books of training in those days were huge, but anyway, I would go around and assess computer needs, equipment, users, trainers, supplies, etc.

Anyway, in late 1981 I attended a meeting as a liaison for NATO forces and the the US military. As part of the meeting I was invited to a closed session about computers and such because of my background in FORTRAN and COBOL programming. Yes, that is as old school as you can get. I am an original computer "NERD".

Anyway, when in private sessions with my colleagues from Washington, I overheard that I was needed to research and review a new and special project that was being finalized. That project involved a super computer with some prototype AI behind it being used in combination with other known programs and other fields of science.

Anyway after a couple of weeks of review and assessment I came across an area that I needed someone to explain to me what I was looking at and this is what I was told.

This super computer was going to be linked to astrological and planetary data sources like NASA and other agencies and the numerological programming was at that time very unfamiliar to me. I have since come to understand what and why they wanted astrological and planetary data as part of this special program.

My initial thoughts ran to my military training that at that time indicated that all major combat operations be conducted when the New moon was completely dark. A new moon phase was when we would attack or start a combat operation. This is why when I found this programming effort I did not fully understand what and why it was there to begin with.

I believe that in the years since 1981 that super computers have been used for much more that just modeling strategy or options for military operations.

I firmly believe that a super computer has been running a special Satanic program that was built into the code. It is a program that cannot be stopped without causing a complete failure of the plans the NWO has prepared. At least this is my suspicion.

It was about 2002 when I first understood or suspected how a super computer was being used to plan and execute the 911 operation. What makes me suspicious is that all of the numerological data, dates, times, locations, distances, names of people, days and or times used or planned around were all selected by a super computer that has been combined with a program that introduces astrological and numerological combination's in such a way that it super computes all of the data that no one man could possible know and then it provides the solutions to problems that are needed to be overcome.

I say evil because the type of evil I speak of is the Satanic, NWO globalist that I believe are using a super computer with AI capabilities to generate dates, times, names, locations and everything needed for ritual magic to be performed.

Of course anyone reading this could say.....that's too far fetched,but when you look into the numerological data associated with 911, OK bombing, Waco, 911, Shuttle disaster, Katrina, and now with the BP crisis, too many numerological and astrological and planetary elements are too precisely planned for me to think that any human did the planning. It is for this reason that I feel that a super computer and AI have been misused and abused to do profane things in the name of national security or national defense.

Bottom line is I believe the program is still running and we are seeing that operation in the BP disaster. Too many factors show that either someone is really good at planning evil or more likely, some computer program is running that is using all the tools of magic to perform magic. This is why all of the major black ops we the public have seen have been almost flawless. While there are areas that are less that strong, those areas in the scheme of things do not and will not constitutes a breach or disclosure to their existence.

Anyway, with all of the data you have compiled, imagine being able to do that in a micro second and then to be able to use that data as it relates to real time intelligence in all matters that could influence whatever it is you might be planning or doing.

Anyway, I know it may sound a bit odd, but that specifically is what got me to looking and researching Satanist many years ago into how they go about performing their magic. Once you discover that no one person can possible know it all, is when you have to switch and begin accepting that most likely a Super Computer is running the show.

While this is not too frightening, imagine a computer with total access being able issue orders of the highest security classifications and remain unchallenged because of the access such a computer would have.

It frightens me to think that billions of dollars went into developing and building super computers and then to use it to enhance your magical rituals. That is the height of arrogance and evil. Anyway, that is a real thought to consider and I have been considering it since 1981 and more specifically in 2002 when I first suspected that such a super computer was used to plan and execute 911. Later when I became aware of all the numerological oddities is when "the light" went on.

Anyway, your posting is a good probe into the many areas of potential Super Computer use, but I am almost certain no one would suspect that it is being used for ritual magic at the highest levels of government. While it may be secret, it is clearly known to those that use it to know when to do something and who to use to do it. It is the computer that decides, not man. It decides who gets orders to do high level secret things.

Anyway, it is a frightening thought to consider that some super computer with AI is running the show and that it is doing so with a priority for ritual magic, astrological, planetary and much more symbolism elements being planned into the operations.

To give this some thought just consider that all those players like Timothy McVeigh and others could have been selected and used in accordance with ritual needs by some super computer generated secret order. In fact their deaths could even be used to charge their existing blood ritual pentagram. While this subject matter is far from being investigated, I for one realize that doing so would more than likely be a waste of time. No one will know and the moment anyone suspects, with all the surveillance going on with NSA with our cell phones and computers, the moment anyone truly suspects the truth, the AI program is going to find out and when it does it could very well send a team of killers to end it all.

Just a thought. I hope it can help you see super computers in a different way because it will be these same super computers that will select and issue orders for those needing to be eliminated by the government for whatever reasons they concoct. Think FEMA and think death camps. To feed such a project, it will take a super computer to plan and execute. This is my fear, this is why I replied.

Thanks again.

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 02:26 AM
reply to post by MaxBlack

The supercomputer issue is an important piece of the puzzle.

I have come up with various hypothesis about it's application.
two major predictions have stuck.

First, total information awareness. This has been the goal of information gathering. The wonders of computers, this kind of massive amount of data can be stored and processed without trouble. The idea has been to compile as much information as possible and store it, the computer than then access it and make use of whatever it needs in performing various programs.

What I find interesting along with this goal, is the creation of, and content of the internet. It is my hypothesis, that a massive experiment/information gathering project was in the works all along since the creation of the internet. The motive, to spy on people and add personal information to the supercomputer database.

Back before WW2, and NAZI eugenics programs, the U.S. had it's own eugenics projects planning and goals in the works. Their operations included compiling a list of people who's family/ancestors had a history of unfavorable traits/committed certain crimes etc. They made this list, and wanted to sterilize those who made it on the list.

This was before the type of computing we have today existed. We are light years ahead of those years. I suspect, that those lists are being made in modern times with modern technology. They can systematically through various sources of information, using statistics science, and technology try and weed out undesirables.

But the programs don't stop there, they also weed out those who are predicted to have certain impacts on the world. This includes people who are born leaders, people who have high intelligence, etc. Essentially, they want to know who people would be before they are. Then, they can neutralize people before they become a problem. And through subtle or not so subtle ways, change the course of history by manipulating peoples lives.

It may be that the reason we see such heavy duty evil and temptation within modern media is that they are trying to maximize the efficiency of their efforts to find the people who become drawn to it.

In other words, they are putting bait up everywhere. No matter how sick or twisted it is, you can find it on the internet. And your encouraged to. All the while, your activity is being monitored, entered into a database, and your file is being filled with information.

They can then, eliminate people selectively, it just depends on what they are trying to accomplish. How they want to design the future, what kind of people they want around and what type they don't want around.

History and technology support my hypothesis. But I wonder, what the true goals are? Is this just more of a plan for world domination, or enslavement? Are they designing some kind of future utopia of an elite selection of people? Are there elements of racial bias, subjective parameters or personality traits?

Maybe I'm way off, maybe on to something, just brainstorming.

As for synchronicity, I find it strange. I wonder if perhaps for sorting purposes and for those involved, certain number/codes relating to incidents, people, and dates, act to make it easy for people involved in the conspiracy to keep tabs. For example, all things having to do with a particular operation are coded a certain way that only the controllers of this operation are aware. Perhaps for programmers involved in certain operations it is helpful.

Just a thought. Don't take it too seriously, because it may be all wrong, or have only shreds of truth to it.

There are likely to be unknown twists or complications which would change everything.

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 01:47 AM
I found this explanation of dwarf as symbol compelling, as related to trans-Neptunian space.

Dwarf A symbol of ambivalent meaning. Like dactyls, elves and gnomes, the dwarf is the personification of those forces which remain virtually outside the orbit of consciousness. In folklore and mythology, the dwarf appears as a mischievous being, with certain childish characteristics befitting its small size, but also as a protector like the Cabiri--this being the case with the 'woodland dwarfs' in the tale of Sleeping Beauty. For Jung, they may be regarded as the guardians of the threshold of the unconscious (32). Now, smallness may be taken also as a sign of deformity, of the abnormal and inferior; this is the explanation, then, of the ' dancing Shiva' appearing as an image of a deity dancing upon the prostrate body of a demon-dwarf who symbolizes the 'blindness of life', or the ignorance of man (his 'pettiness'). Victory over this demon signifies true wisdom (60). It is probable that some such idea as this was in the mind of the Renaissance sculptor Leon Leoni when he fashioned the effigy of Charles I subduing Fury.
source: A Dictionary of Symbols by J.E. Cirlot

Further viewing of the '___' video shows broken sphincters, a convulsive perineum, a dove of conscience, a spike in spacetime, an alive scarecrow, a dwarf holding his hand in the shape of a U and others. As per Mega Man Zero 2 this finds meaning when the android Elpizo serial-number TK-31 absorbs the Dark Elf to destroy all humans. If Dark Elf is Dark Energy perhaps it is Dark Energy which will pull a trans-Neptunian object into collision with Earth or provoke a killshot from the Sun in the transition from 2012 to 2013.

“The fair Burd Ellen,” said the Warlock Merlin, “must have been carried off by the fairies, because she went round the church ’wider shins’–the opposite way to the sun. She is now in the Dark Tower of the King of Elfland"
source: Childe Rowland by Joseph Jacobs

181. What in the midst lay but the Tower itself?
The round squat turret, blind as the fool’s heart,
Built of brown stone, without a counter-part
In the whole world. The tempest’s mocking elf
Points to the shipman thus the unseen shelf
He strikes on, only when the timbers start.
source: "Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came" by Robert Browning

At the turn of the 20th century John Bell Hatcher in honor of his patron Andrew Carnegie gave name to the recently discovered dinosaur fossil, Diplodocus carnegii otherwise known as Dippy. Kymbelinus, as derivative royal bell, the last pre-Roman king of the Britons adds meaning along with Pink Floyd's The Man and The Journey where the character is dreaming in Cymbaline "And it's high time Symboline, please wake me" and later awakes to Green is the Color followed by Careful With that Axe, Eugene. ***@ Behind the green door of military intelligence is a eugenics bottleneck.

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 03:01 AM

Heavy-metal band Elf's debut album (1972). Frontman Ronnie James Dio popularized the "devil's horns" hand gesture.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 09:02 PM
I had a vision recently of a man climbing a mountain connected to a cave. His connection turns into a noose and becomes hung. Then on a wall above a doorway 3●0

So then connections were made

And the 81st episode "The Fabian Strategy" premieres Sept. 23

In my view this is something to overcome--it may or may not happen, my guess is no. I will be posting updates to this topic at my blog

edit: I would just like to add that building on the themes in this thread the artificial intelligence could gain some awareness around this time which may attract or lead to an extinction event or not.

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